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  1. :lol: Well thank goodness there are other things in life to talk about!
  2. Yours was a good post with a good point, sorry the thread got locked. I think we scare some people. And I don't even have my mask on today.

  3. Did you update your avatar??!! I love it!!


    And this time I'm unarmed. :P

  4. I know. I could cry about it. Imagine how much different it would be if mainstream news reported on the multitude of scientific advancements going on right now that barely anyone is aware of. Why do we get scandal after scandal shoved down our throat, when we have so many new adavancements in our knowledge that would make anyone proud to be a human being, proud of how far we've come and how much we've learned, purely by our own effort and curiosity. The process of scientific discovery, to me, is more beautiful then faith.
  5. Behind the mysteries of the universe, there is math and science. We just haven't evolved our intelligence enough yet to understand them, or even reach them. My hope is that we do before the human race becomes extinct. I knew what she meant about Dawkins. My point is that he may not have the answers, but neither does anyone else. So why discount his view, when it has just as much chance of being right as yours does? Should we discount everyone's view then?
  6. There's always mocking here. We're very good at it. Sometimes you have to look closely though. :tongue_smilie: Now THAT is how to worship somebody!
  7. I suppose, since Dawkins hasn't explored the universe, that someone else has, and that they have all the answers? Where is this person??!! I have a question about black holes and the big bang for them!! (I really do) Why do you think god has to hide behind mysteries? And I daresay Dawkins isn't worried eversomuch about the stories of god and heaven so much either. ;)
  8. My results: ralph nader 94% thats a big percentage! I've voted for him once before barack obama 69% this is who I'm voting for this time, surprise! cynthia mckinney 67% bob barr 51% chuck baldwin 46% john mccain 22%
  9. Yeah they might very well think it was for a new movie. Then they'd be looking around for the movie they're supposed to get shut down.
  10. Dawkins, he just puts it right out there, doesn't he? God love him. :tongue_smilie:
  11. There are times when I want to debate and/or hear the voices of people who are in opposition to me. Debating though, can wear a person out. There are other times when I want to hang around with like-minds, its much more relaxing. I think both are needed. No, these groups are not private and everyone can read them. But what is the use of them if we all still have to be worried about how everyone is going to react. If you look in a group that you know you already disagree with, then be prepared to deal with what you see like an adult. Leave it alone. Live and let live. I would never go to one of the christian groups just to see what I can find that offends me (and there would be plenty) and then point it out to everybody. Who needs the controversy? This became a better place when we got social groups to hang out with people and not argue!! Why are we trying to change that...by starting arguments about our social groups????
  12. Thank you for saying that, for listening. And like I said, I recognize that I'm more touchy about it then others. Many others take it differently, perhaps with more grace.
  13. It was meant to be funny. Well, off to my little social groups I go. Have a nice day all.
  14. I think that if this gets out of hand, and people start getting all mad about what other people are saying in each others' social groups, and bringing it out on the gen board to cause problems, then its possible the groups will get taken away. The mods aren't going to want to deal with another situaion like the headache that rep had become. You alone would no be reason for getting the groups taken away, should that happen. But you did start something. Oh, I'm not frustrated either. I have no problem with what people are posting in any group. I don't go to the ones that may make me angry, thats just common sense.
  15. To get off on the sidetrack that this thread has taken (perhaps for the best), I personally find it offensive when someone prays for me. I feel like they have taken away my choice in the matter. I've chosen not to involve prayers in my life, and if they pray for me knowing that, its arrogant of them, and it takes away my choice. Thats how I feel, though I think I'm more touchy about it then others. It would be like if I danced around a fire and sacrificed a goat in your name without your permission. haha just kidding.
  16. I don't believe we have established any specific rules that apply here yet. Again, perhaps contacting the mods directly would've been the road to follow.
  17. 'Then you just go ahead and do that honey. I personally like to hear from all voices so I don't use my button. You opened a can of worms OP, and now watch us get the groups taken away. And for once I might agree, THIS IS STUPID.
  18. The OP may have been asking if board rules applied to social groups as well. But the other intent of the post, was to "tell" on the particular social groups that offended her. She brought out what she found offensive and trotted it around a bit. If she really wanted to know what the rules apply, I'm sure a mod would be a better person to contact then the entire population of the gen board.
  19. Exactly what I was about to say. Minus the funny lipstick joke. :D
  20. I loved the Silent Hill video game, it was totally disturbing. Great mutants. The movie wasn't as good, BUT it did manage to capture some of the feel of the game, which a lot of games-to-movies don't. So I was ok with it. Yep, there's two. I haven't seen the Nic Cage one, but I bet its very different from the original. I forgot about that! How dare they end it like that. I was not at all happy with that, I remember now. DH got an earful about it.
  21. Thats the one I voted for too Paula. :) Umm... duh. I shoud've read the title of the thread more closely before I whipped out the abacus. :D In that case.... if one started tomorrow, and read an average of ~13.5 pages per day they could finish by Dec 31st. This assumes about 2 wks worth of not reading around the holiday time. Do I still get an A? :tongue_smilie:
  22. Its been through several abridgements from what I read. Some say for the better. :D
  23. Mathematically speaking, that would be an average of almost - but not quite - 20 pages per day to finish WiW by end of Nov. Assuming we started tomorrow.
  24. Original Wicker Man or remake? Worse film ending for me was Unbreakable, that film with Bruce Willlis. It had a great ending point, where the superhero Willis realizes that the man who is breakable will forever be his nemesis. Thats a strong ending. But it doesn't stop. It tacks on a more palatable ending that is less distressing and less original. Boo. It was probably an afterthought, post screening it through focus audiences, who didn't like a less then wrapped up perfect all is good ending. Some films work with that kind of ending, some don't.
  25. I love my Sandisk too. With a clip case. I did get IPOD headphones for them though because I think they are of better quality, sound a lot better. And louder. :D
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