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  1. Yep, Jack and Claire both have the same father. At this point, they have no clue.
  2. There's no question that Jin's was a flashback, they did go out of their way to make that apparent...that is apparent after you got to thinking about it. They didn't want it to be apparent while it was being viewed because that would've taken away the big shocking reveal: that it was indeed a flashback not a flashforward and Jin and Sun are not together. That was a shocker and if we knew it was coming it wouldn't have had any impact. They wanted you to think it was concurrent with Sun's right up to the very end. But the year of the dragon was 2001 or 2000, so that was definitely when Jin's flashback occurred. And I don't think the panda has any real relevance, it is quite a common symbol of good luck in Asian countries. And why would Jin need a constant? He hasn't been slipping around in time and I doubt that he will. No one else on the show needs a constant except Desmond, Minkowski (who didn't find one) and possibly Daniel in a future episode. Barring any unexpected exposure to radiation, no one else on the island currently needs a constant. While I cannot for the life of me figure out how Jack's father could be Jacob, and while I think that this is HIGHLY improbable...the fact remains that Jack's father was the man shown in the chair in Jacob's cabin when Locke was there the first time with Ben. Perhaps it was the smoke monster taking Jack's father's form? If thats the case then one would assume the smoke monster was Jacob, which I don't buy that either. There's going to be more clues regarding the smoke monster and Jacob. Oh, and while I keep thinking more and more that Jin may be alive, I think the idea of a camera in the tombstone type thing is a little far fetched, even for Lost. IMHO. But, when you listen to the words Sun says at the gravestone, they don't preclude his death OR his life. It could go either way. **** writers. :) But, I think there's a good case for Jin being alive back on the island, that the something crazy thats going to happen to get anyone off the island meant that only she could go to keep herself and the baby alive without Jin.
  3. Thats funny, I've got thieves and Civil War deserters in my family too! Hmmmm maybe we're related. :001_huh: Not like there's really any such thing as full blooded anything, just going back a mere 100 years go to @ 1908 gives most people about 32 different ancestors. There's a slight chance they may all be of the same pureblood ethncity. Go back another hundred to 1808 and now you're talking over 1000 different ancestors (give or take a few, we've been a little less ickly about cousins etc marrying in our past), and there is pretty much *no way* ANYONE is a pureblood anything. Generally speaking though, in our recent genealogy, my mom's side of the family is predominantly Scots/Irish, and my dad's side of the family is predominantly German.
  4. Re: the recently passed court decision about homeschooling, could someone actually from CA tell me what kind of effect, if any, this decision will or could have on homeschooling in CA? I've read several different things, and they seem to vary in response to the decision from "oh no, homeschooling in CA is endangered hurry hurry write your representative" to "hey, no problem, we've been homeschooling in CA for a long time, nothing is jeopardized, keep doing what you're doing". I see Ahnold has stepped up in support of homeschoolers, good for him. Just wondering where this is all going, would like to hear from ppl in CA. And I apologize if this subject has already been discussed.
  5. These are great ideas too. I like the Delphic Maxims, especially since there are so many of them that leaving out the ones that aren't secular wouldn't feel like cheating to me. And the Greek alphabet, thats a good idea too, because one comes across Greek letters in several disciplines. Wonderful, now I've got some options. Thanks!
  6. Oh thats not a bad idea. I just ordered Modern Rhymes for Ancient Times: Ancient Africa off of ebay for only a dollar. I will have to go looking for the ancient Greece one too. Thanks!
  7. Hi. I am looking for suggestions for some kind of memory work for a 1st grader that has *something* to do with Ancient Greece. Any ideas? We generally do a chronological list of some kind, but I'm willing to consider good poetry or prose as well. TIA.
  8. The only way Michael could be like Desmond is if he too was exposed to an uber dose of electromagnetism, as Desmond was when he turned the failsafe key. Minkowski also had to have been exposed to electromagnetism, he's the only other character that became unstuck in time. I wonder if we will ever be shown when or where that happened. The other people on the boat are acting weird apparently, but are not unsticking as far as I've seen. Daniel, though, he has been exposed to radiation (isn't all radiation electromagnetic radiation?), so we may see him start to go back and forth in his timeline. I'm glad he has the note to himself that Desmond is his constant, thats really cool. IMHO, neither Michael or Jin will be shown to be unstuck in time. I think Michael remembers exactly who he is.
  9. We don't really know much about Regina the chick with the chains and why she chose to drown herself. I believe the captain alluded to the fact that a bunch of crewmembers were doing crazy things because they were so close to the island. I guess the island and/or the magnetic anomaly on the island is messing with people's brains. She seemed kinda confused, she was "reading" a book upside down. The book? "Survivors of the Chancellor" by Jules Verne, a book about the final voyage of a ship at sea. Gotta love the writers.
  10. Oh no, I'm not saying there ARE two time lines, I was just exploring the possibility of two time lines. There is a definite time anomaly component to the story, and thats just how Lost is, it keeps you guessing, and considering different routes. In all likelyhood, there is only one timeline. For awhile there, there was a bigger possibility of two time lines because there were two planes: one that crashed on the island, and the one found at the bottom of the Sundra trench. The one in the trench led to a lot of questions, and it was either going to be a matter of a huge coverup which wouldn't be possible in real life, or there were two time lines. I remember back in season one, there was the possibility that there were two boardings of flight 815, because in some scenes people were sitting in different places, the plane looked different, or different things happened. In particular one scene showed Charlie stowing his guitar in the overhead compartment and in a different scene on a different episode he was shown checking his guitar. So the two time line theory has been around for awhile. The captain though seemed to shoot it in the foot this last episode when he said it was an extensive cover up. But we've been told not to trust the captain, so we'll see. And...it may yet still turn out to be two time lines, its still possible. Desmond did go back and possibly that created two time lines. And there's still the discrepancy between 48 survivors and Jack's 8 survivor story. But that could very well turn out to be a cover up too because it looks like something CRAZY is going to happen before anyone gets off the island. Its a great big guessing game isn't it????
  11. OMG!! LOST FANS!!! I find them everywhere!! I did not know that Jin's date of death on the tombstone was the same day as the crash. Thats a trip. And he's definitely dead because Sun completely mourned for him. So how does that synchronize with the fact that we've seen Jin alive after the crash, on the island? Another time line? Does this Sun in this time line not have any memories of Jin on the island while maybe Sun in another time line does? Or, the story Jack told at Kate's trial, maybe he wasn't lying, maybe thats how the story went, in that particular time line. Maybe there's some time line in which there really only were 8 survivors. And another time line, that we are more familiar with, were there were 48 survivors. As for the captain on the boat, I'm not yet ready to believe anything he says. So I take the information he shared so willingly as being a possibility not a cannon fact. And wasn't the name of that boat Kahana? ETA: It can't be two timelines when it comes to Sun, because had Jin's baby in both time lines and that wouldn't be possible if he died in the crash. He had to be alive on the island if she is to have his baby. So maybe, Jin is really dead, but he was alive after the crash. So, he either died after being rescued and he is one of the Oceanic 6, or he is not one of the Oceanic 6 and he dies on island and the date is same as crash to go along with Jack's trial story which isn't true. Or, he is not dead on the island at all, Sun is mourning him because she left him on island, and the tombstone has the crash date to, again, go along with Jack's trial story which isn't true. This is why Lost is soooo good.....guessing and theorizing and trying to mesh it all up so it makes sense! And, yeah, I may be obsessed.
  12. Yep, I know my kids are not ready for it, I'm just thinking ahead. Again. And BTW, I see from YOUR signature that you have a Douglas Adams quote. He was a great and funny guy, wasn't he? I think that although the HO levels don't match up exactly, I think they will lend themselves well enough that I will be able to teach history to all my children at once, which is what I need to be able to do.....4 years from now! But actually its not thinking that far ahead because if we are going to use the series I would start my oldest on it next fall. Thanks for your input ladies.
  13. Hi. I was wondering if anyone knew how compatible level one courses are with level two courses? I was hoping that it would be fairly easy to combine my children, using level one Ancients for my younger kids and using level two Ancients for my older child, for example. Does anyone know?
  14. My son is the opposite, he wants to draw for every single notebook page we do. Actually, he loves to draw even in his free time, the output from this kid amazes me. Anyway, I agree with Beth, if he doesn't want to draw, don't make him. Especially since he is so young. If you're looking for ways of learning that might be considered fun, maybe you could do other kinds of art stuff with him that he may be interested in doing, such as making a giant collage from magazine pictures, pictures printed off the internet, etc. of the time period or culture you are working on in history. We did that with the continents when we were learning about them. There are also activity books for all kinds of subjects, both from science and history. And, if he just doesn't want to do anything else, then I wouldn't worry about it. If you're working on narration pages, and he's doing that well, then he's learning history or science and writing, and thats pretty good!
  15. Thanks Dawn. Yes, OPGTTR doesn't work for everyone, does it?? I taught my first child to read without any books at all, so why I thought I needed one for second child I don't know. Must have been some kind of curriculum buying frenzy! So, I don't love it, but it's working for dd, she's making great progress with it and why fix what isn't broken? But, she's also a child after mine own heart in that she loves workbooks...and I thought Primary Phonics looked great, and I know she'd like the storybooks that go with it as well as the workbooks. Beth, isn't Phonics Pathways something like OPGTTR in that its a book for the parent to work through with the child, no writing and not a workbook type book? Thanks for your input!!
  16. Has anyone used these two together? I'm thinking of buying Primary Phonics, and we already use OPGTTR. I am just wondering if they would work well together. Opinions anyone??
  17. That looks pretty reasonable to me. Actually it looks a little similar to what my first grader and I are doing now for first grade! I wouldn't drop Growing With Grammar, its very doable, my 1st grader has no problem with it and he's learned a lot from it. We tried MUS as our first math curriculum, and my son absolutely hated it. It was very boring, and very much the same thing over and over before we moved on....and then even when we moved on it was STILL the same thing over and over again. I guess mastery approach just was not for us! R.E.A.L. Science is great fun, my son is very scientific and we are really getting a lot out of it. Looking forward to next year when we will do the Earth and Space book. Its great curriculum, perfect for a first grader. Have fun with it all!
  18. Kansas here too, right in the middle of KCK.
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