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  1. Peek, I would prefer it if you didn't use my words to prove any of your points, whatever they may be. Thank you. As for the siggy itself, it was in response to another user's siggy line that came before mine, was rather snarky, and was not removed either (last time I noticed). Its never a good thing to assume you know the whole story. Exactly. Now back to the subject at hand. Sorry guys.
  2. Wow, then I'm *totally* disappointed. :P

  3. Cheap Trick on the WTM forum. Who'da thunk it?

  4. Another non-expert here, but I am familiar with and feel I can contribute to discussions on Right Start Math (lvls A B and C so far) Spelling Workout (lvls A B and C so far) R.E.A.L. Science (both Life and Earth and Space, not sure if we will continue the series when the new books come out) Happy Phonics Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading (we're on lesson 91) We use other curricula, and there are some we just started recently, but those are the ones we've used for awhile and maybe every once in a blue moon I may have something useful to say about them. ETA: oh and I just wanted to add...like Jessica, I can google like a pro! :)
  5. I believe it's my turn to provide the adorable? :001_smile:




    And don't blame me..... thank me! Now we have hotties on our profile pages. ;)

  6. Hm. Guess I'll post in this thread too. :) All I want from a homeschool group is opportunities for friendships for my children. If I make a friend, thats a plus. I personally want an informal, unstructured, flexible, play it by ear if we need to group that just exists for the kids to play and enjoy each others company. I think a group would have to be a certain size to pull off co-ops or have any need for structured meetings.
  7. Here's what I did: I put an add on homeschoolclassifieds.com I hung some bulletins in some local places. I put a free online add in our city's newspaper. What worked best though, was an add on craigslist. It took me 6 months for me to get 4 families together. I had a good amount of responders, but most did not follow through. Which always left me wondering....why even bother contacting me? Quite a few left the group or didn't even join it because my world view was not the same as theirs. I put in the adds that EVERYONE was welcome. Anyway, it took a fair amount of time to pull this together, and it just in the past few months it utterly fell apart. I left each of them the responsibility of contacting the others ( I started out doing all the contacting every week) when it was their turn to host. Apparently this was too much to ask. Why can't people be more proactive?
  8. My mom did yoga for many years, they offered it through her work. Which is very cool. Thats the main concern I have with doing it at home, that I would end up doing it all wrong. Its not really an option to go to an instructor, I have too much on the table as it is. So I guess I can just do my best and hope for the best, right? Thanks for all the suggestions, esp the videos. I'm sure OP will be happy to come back and see your helpful input.
  9. That is what I did. We bought some baby food to use, some of the things I couldn't make at home so the baby had variety. We used the jars when they were empty for what I made at home, some of which I froze so I always had a supply of food. I also had friends with babies save their jars. I ended up with *a lot* of jars!! I wish I still had them so I could send them to you.
  10. I'm about at the age where they're recommended. I have every intention of doing them. My grandma died of breat cancer, it spread through her whole body. This was back in the 70s before they were able to detect these things. If they had mammograms back then maybe she could've lived longer. And obviously, cancer is in my genetic make up, so I will be at that machine having odd things done to my mammary glands as often as recommended. I agree with Deidre, early detection can be a life saver. Just my 2 cents.
  11. I agree, same reason as the PPs. But also because we're healthy people, and I don't think we need it. If we get the flu, we'll suffer through it but we'll be fine. There will be other people for whom this is not the case and I'd rather they got the shot.
  12. HIIII TWINNY!!!! Haven't seen each other around much lately. Busy busy busy we must be. Or at least I know am, bet you are too. Hope yourself and the Things are doing well. :)

  13. Oh I understand the eyeball thing. This is about the time of year I start freaking out about how much progress we've made because the winter holidays are coming already, and I start evaluating the curriculum we're using. This year I'm re-thinking the way we approach history. I'd like to make it more organic and less rigidly defined by curriculum

    Anyway, hope your eyeballs see light again soon!

  14. Just stopping by one of my fellow TEA peeps to say... Hi Gretchen! :)

  15. Bill the Cat!!!

  16. Very colorful, isn't it? I'm hoping, after all the events, that it will send some sort of subliminal message to certain others. Its probably equally as useful as a reminder to myself. And its purty. :)

  17. I tell you what, I'm not your kind of proud then. I'm not "my country right or wrong" proud. I've cringed, I've been embarassed, I've been angry at America's choices in the past. Not just in the last 8 yrs, but ever since I've been paying attention. And conversely, I've also been happy and proud of choices made by the gov't in the name of the people. I also spend a lot of time perplexed... But right now, I'm proud and it's not because "I got my way". I'm an adult now, you see. I'm proud on many levels. We've elected a black man to be president. That alone gives me goosebumps, I'm so happy with my fellow Americans for that big step. And we've elected a man whose going to do some wonderful things for the country, which has absolutely nothing to do with race. Not a darn thing. We've made a good choice, we've made it overwhelmingly, and I really hope that when Obama and the democrats reach across the aisle and actually MOVE to get things done, that there's people reaching back. That would be another reason to be very proud of the country.
  18. FWIW, I completely agree with your tolerance thread. The obnoxious don't like it when mirrors are pointed at them, but don't let them scare you off. There are some great ppl here, some real gems, and its worth wading through all the garbage to find them. Have a great day!

  19. Yeah, he wrote all the earlier GOOD episodes. After he quit writing them, it turned into a big soap opera. Blah.
  20. I'm so sad. He was among my fave sci fi writers. He'll be missed.
  21. This avvie, Api? I had three of them in the space of a day, so is this the one you were talking about? :)

  22. Racism is still alive, sadly. I think though, that with each passing generation it will become less and less alive. The fact that the world is becoming more global to its citizens every day is making a huge difference. Today's generation of the young has the world at their fingertips in an almost literal sense, and when they are exposed to such a wide variety of people and lives, they are less inclined to be intolerant of them. Its not as easy to brainwash the young when they can google. America did a great thing last night. No, it didn't solve the racial divide, it didn't heal all wounds. But its still a great and wonderful progression for us and we should be very very proud that we're at this point now. We'll eventually get to a place where race is irrelevant, but lets celebrate the smaller victories on the way to that place too.
  23. You rock! I *love* your new thread!!!

  24. Just in case there are people not in the know, the thread entitled "Here we go..." is targetted at the members of the secular social group and the nonchristian social groups. The majority of the posters in this "Here we go" thread were in the Green Conservative social group that has recently been disbanded because the members have moved to their own forum. They cried "attack!" to the mods several times due to content in the secular social groups, which was subsequently removed. They felt the content was too intolerant and offensive and put down their group and their views. The content had nothing to do with their group at all. They're not particulary adept with their satire, and it won't be glarinly obvious to everyone, unless you've been reading the secular social group, the nonchristian social group, and even the crockpot social group started by a nonchristian. Which apparantly they have.... So, here they are in the gen board, out in front of everyone, doing exactly the things they were crying about when the seculars were doing it. Only they're doing it for all to see. Its probably something they cooked up on their own private forum. I don't why they feel its necessary to bring it here, they have their new board and they can mock and stroke each others' egos all they want. I guess, the only reason they'd bring it here was if they wanted to cause trouble. But surely, they wouldn't do that because thats one of the things they complained the secular people were doing. I'm failing to see what they are proving here, except for demonstrating a little hypocrasy and a little fear that their candidate is losing.
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