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  1. Wow I just looked back at the posts I posted in this thread and I was. such. a. total. noob.





    I can call myself that. I would *never* call anyone else that unless in jest. We all started at the beginning so get off your high horse and help out instead of being an asshat. :D


    Can't wait for Cata!!!!

  2. Hi. I'm still playing Wow, as Mystic knows. I /w with her every now and then.


    Still thinking of making a horde toon on Misha? I've got my hunter there now, just to transfer some BoA gear to my Misha alliance lol. Let me know if you ever do, I can level an alt with you, or help out in any way.


    I've got 3 80s, and a 4th at 74. Was raiding ICC on my mage Mtheory, but her guild broke up, it was a strict 10 man and most knew each other IRL and when one decided to stop playing WoW and start playing StarCraft, the rest followed. But, I've decided to kinda ease one of my other 80s into being my main.


    I've been experimenting with playing on an RP realm too, anyone want to join me on that one? Just started, am learning the ropes there. If so, I've got horde toons on Wyrmrest Accord server, send an in game mail to Jonsha and we'll do some playing. I'm always looking for people to quest with, I've done those quests soooo many times.


    Anyway, happy hunting all. :D

  3. You can google about spec'ing, give ya lots of answers. It will tell you the benefits and drawbacks of each build. There's no right or wrong way to spec, just decide how you want to play the toon. For hunters, the Beast Mastery build gives the best dps, but you have to know how to handle your pet to be effective. And beware things that get past the pet. You don't have to spec them all in only one tree either. I think most of my characters are not fully spec'ed in one tree, though generally its about 90% one tree. It varies, I have (ahem) 10 characters. I may be as obssessed as you are. I can only play after the kids go to bed though. Every. Single. Night.


    I spec'd my hunter out in predominantly beast mastery, with a few others thrown, in hopes of making her stronger against the mobs that do make it past my pet.

    My lock is mostly affliction.

    My shaman is entirely (so far) restoration, I want her to be a healer.

    My mage is frost.

    Thats all I remember off-hand, other then the rogues.


    I have mostly gathering professions, it makes the most money for lower to mid levels. Especially herbalism. I also do some of the production profs because its fun and interesting, and will lead to big money later. I mail a lot of gathered items to my other toons that need them for production too. And they all have first aid, that skill rocks.

    Its all about what you want to do.


    I got my horde rogue's lockpicking up to 95.

  4. I ran a horde rogue over to alliance territory last night to get her a defias mask!


    DH took his rogue with mine. Took us almost 2 hrs (including travel time) to get them, drop rate is not high. Worth it!


    I love my rogues, I have one horde, one alliance. Spec'ing one out assassination, the other subtlety. They just might be my favorite class to play.

  5. The Outlander books are *so* great! Gabaldon did meticulous research, you can tell that from the details. They're just great books, with great characters.


    They've come up here several times recently. The second one, that you're about to read, will have you crying through darn near the whole thing. Very emotional. At least it was for me. The first one is the best, but the other ones are really really good too.


    I hope you enjoy them.


    BTW, did I tell you I like your avatar?

  6. Cream soup mix


    2 c. nonfat dry milk

    3/4 c. cornstarch

    2 TB dried onion

    1/2 tsp pepper

    1 tsp. dried basil

    1/8 c. instant chicken bouillon

    1/8 c. instant beef bouillion


    to reconstitute

    in saucepan combine 1/3 c. of the mix above and 1 1/4 c. cold water. Stir over low heat until thickened. Equivalent to 1 c. condensed soup.


    I use this with potato soup allt the time.

    Use 2/3 cup of the mix.

    2 1/2 c milk

    6 potatoes, peeled and cut into chunks

    3 carrots , peeled and cut into chunks


    cook potatoes and carrots in a coverd pot of water until tender. Set aside.

    Combine the cream soup mix and milk, cook over low heat stirring constantly until thickened.

    Add potatoes and carrots and 1 c. of the water they were cooked in. Heat thoroughly.

  7. Most of the work at home jobs out there ARE a scam. I was lucky enough to find on that I did for a year, then was able to "retire" to SAHM status.


    It was through a local business, not something 8704 miles away. The had a legitimate add in the paper looking for ppl to do data entry from their homes. They even supplied the computer so we didn't have to use our own. It was really great for our situation.


    I would be very careful while looking, and no real job is going to ask YOU for money. So thats a big giveaway right there. But legit jobs are out there, they are few and far between so you may have to look for a while.


    Do you have skills to market yourself? There are some areas of the job field that are more open to work at home situations then others. Good luck.

  8. Did you decide to do NaNoWriMo? How's it going?


    No I'm one of those that would love to do it, but I just can't commit to that kind of time. I am, though, thinking that maybe next year...we could just take the entire month of Nov off, start earlier instead. I have an idea for a story so we'll see.

    I'm waiting to start it until later so that I remember details and points for the discussion in Jan. I may not do so if I start now.


    I like hearing all the opinions on the book so far. :)

  9. no, not Bob Marley :)









    our school blog (latest update: 9-24)

    Pickens Plan

    Avatars don't matter.... Obama's still president! America chose left!!!!!



    anyway, enough of politics: what was the original question?


    Peek, I would prefer it if you didn't use my words to prove any of your points, whatever they may be. Thank you.

    As for the siggy itself, it was in response to another user's siggy line that came before mine, was rather snarky, and was not removed either (last time I noticed).

    Its never a good thing to assume you know the whole story.


    you mean like purposefully passively aggressively hijacking a perfectly legitimate homeschooling topic to revive the political fight and make some sort of statement against another member of the board you may or may not be angry with at the moment?


    I agree with you completely, Peek. It's definitely a lack of manners.




    Now back to the subject at hand. Sorry guys.

  10. Jill I have the same problem. If I start reading on a book before bed, its over. "One more chapter" until dawn. So, since I am also in a current responsible state I just don't get in bed with a book. S'all there is to it. :)

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