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  1. :seeya: Just taking a minute to say "hi" to ya. :)

  2. Ahhhh well that explains that cryptic message you left.


    I thought maybe you just wanted more. :D

  3. Bill the Cat!!!

  4. Cheap Trick on the WTM forum. Who'da thunk it?

  5. Did you update your avatar??!! I love it!!


    And this time I'm unarmed. :P

  6. Do you still think it's weird? :)

  7. FWIW, I completely agree with your tolerance thread. The obnoxious don't like it when mirrors are pointed at them, but don't let them scare you off. There are some great ppl here, some real gems, and its worth wading through all the garbage to find them. Have a great day!

  8. Hello friend! Come join the TEA group here too, don't forget.

  9. Hello Heather. I think you're great! You often surprise me, and I like that. :)

  10. Hello Lolly Lolly Lolly :)




    (get your adverbs here)

  11. Hello RG. I thought it wasn't nearly the train wreck it could've been.

    So for entertainment value, it was rather weak. :tongue_smilie:

    But, I was pleased with my candidate's showing, and look forward to the next debate.

    What did you think?

  12. Hello!!! :seeya: Thanks for asking me! We are in mostly the same social groups!! :D

  13. Hello. I'm approaching with a bomb hidden behind my back. What are you gonna do, Spy? :P Just being silly. :)

  14. Hey Sleeps :) Wazzup? Got some adorable for ya. :001_smile:



  15. Hey! Got the WoW social group going, would love it if you would join. :) Your name gives it away, by the way. :)

  16. Hi Astrid. Seen any post turtles lately?

  17. Hi Brindee. Thanks for stopping by. :) Enjoy your holidays.

  18. Hi Caroline. :) How's your classes going?

  19. Hi Deb. Happy Sunday. :)

  20. Hi Debra! 2.gif


    btw, I got aacked on my moira too. So gross. :D

  21. Hi Donna. I mean Deb. I mean Donna. Who are you? :tongue_smilie:

  22. Hi dragons. I like the lapdesk your kid is using, that looks so comfortable. I'll have to find some of those. :)

  23. Hi fellow LOSTie! :seeya:

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