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  1. We're currently using both Singapore and MM. I prefer MM over Singapore. I like that everything is in one place. Also, I feel there are plenty of problems in MM without having to add extra. With Singapore, I wouldn't feel that there is enough review without adding the CWP or IP workbooks. Dd is really grasping the concepts in MM quickly and enjoys doing the work. I think we may end up dropping Singapore all together.
  2. Sorry you're having issues. I haven't had any problems printing....we have the download version.
  3. I'm not sure if you prefer Christian or secular material, but Biblioplan uses the SOTW books.
  4. Thanks for sharing! I totally forgot to order as well and was upset with myself. Now I feel better ;)
  5. Not yet. I'll be going to the convention in KC in April though. I assume MFW will be there again so hopefully I can take a look at it.
  6. Thanks for the insight ladies. I checked out the links to MFW 1st. I know dd would be able to read that passage without any issues and then she would be able to orally narrate to me. We haven't done formal written narrations so that might be an issue in Adventures. I'll have to really think on if I want to do MFW 1st or just do something totally on our own for next year and then head straight into Adventures the following year.
  7. Can anyone tell me exactly how much writing is involved in MFW Adventures? I'm trying to find a program that I can use with my 5yo dd. I know MFW Adv is supposed to be for 2nd - 3rd grade, but my dd is already reading well and she can write short sentences. I feel that MFW 1st would be a waste since we covered biblical history this year with HOD's LHFHG. Plus, we wouldn't really get much use out of the phonics portion of MFW since she is beyond that already. I love the looks of Adventures, but I don't want to get it only to find out it's way too much writing for my 5yo. Or if there is
  8. We finished up our 8th unit of LHFHG today. So far we are really liking it. Dd enjoys school and looks forward to it every day. I really enjoy the layout of the teacher's guide and it's helped me keep on task. Prior to starting HOD, I used a variety of curriculum and didn't get a whole lot accomplished. Dd and my almost 2yo love, love, love the rhymes in motion. They both always beg me to go back and do some of the old rhymes. I really appreciate this part of the manual since I am so uncreative to come up with stuff like that on my own! We are using McRuffy Phonics & Reading p
  9. A Reason for Handwriting uses a tree house to teach letters.
  10. We switched to A Reason for Handwriting K this year after my dd went through an entire year of preschool learning D'Nealian. It wasn't much of a problem to switch. She would form the letters correctly right away when working in her handwriting workbook, but on other things it took her a few weeks before she stopped putting the little "swoops" on her letters. It might take a little time to transition, but I would think with only 4 weeks under her belt with the other style won't cause too much of a problem.
  11. We're using the big paper with A Reason for Handwriting K and it's working. I'm sure we could go smaller without a problem, but there are no issues with the larger lined paper so I haven't even tried it.
  12. I don't particularly enjoy the Burgess books either, but my dd LOVES them. She can't wait for me to read her a chapter each day. I'd definitely give them a shot to see what your ds thinks. He'll probably love them!
  13. I'm genuinely curious as to why some feel the math is "light". HOD schedules Singapore math which from what I understand is more advanced than other math programs. It seems to be one of the most popular choices on this board for math. I totally understand if you just don't like Singapore, but I'm confused as to why it's not enough for HOD users.
  14. Which parts are you not liking? I'm curious as I have not yet seen the Beyond manual. We are doing LHFHG and are really enjoying it. I do think some of the activities seem babyish and have skipped a few. However, I've found that my dd enjoys almost all of the activities even though I think some of the activities are too young for her. So I'm trying to get over my feelings of some of the program and just go with it because it's working and she likes it. Overall though, I am VERY happy with the program and love how it is laid out. I'm not creative so it's really helped in that area as
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