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  1. If she didn't tell him she was feeling contractions until she was on the train, there isn't much they could do until the train came to one of it's intended stops anyway. So it doesn't really sound like the dad was keeping her from getting medical attention as some are implying. It sounds like they started leaving the zoo as soon as they got off the train. I'm not sure what else he could have done? And I've been to that zoo's not like the train ride is extra long that you wouldn't think you could wait until the destination to get off and head to the hospital especially if her contractions didn't start until she was already on it.
  2. This is what I always make for potlucks and everyone always raves about it and asks for the recipe. I'm not a cake person, but I LOVE this cake. I want to make it. LOL!
  3. I don't know if it's the best place to order from, but I've always ordered from BJU Press. I've been happy with their service.
  4. We had pantry moths a few years ago. It was awful. I put bars of Irish Spring in my cupboards and that has kept them at bay once I got rid of the infested foods. It's a trick I learned to keep them away from my wool yarn as well and it works very well for food, too.
  5. I wear the Walmart layering tanks every single day under my other shirts. LOVE them! I like that they are nice and long as well! I've never been a fan of ribbed tank tops either.
  6. No family camps for us. We've never done one before, but that sounds fun! I've only been on organized trail rides so far so I don't really consider that riding. I'm also 35 weeks pregnant so I can't ride now anyway. I'm looking forward to riding in a couple months! We do have two horses....both paint mares. We've only had them less than a month right now though. My almost 12yo dd rides and they are "her" horses. We had planned to only get one, but we ended up with two. LOL!
  7. Dollar General also has their own version of Samoas and Thin Mints. We think they are just as good as the GS version!
  8. I am in the same boat...our stroller is compatible with the Classic Connect Snugride seats. The stroller is still in really good condition and this is our last baby (due in April) so I don't want to get another stroller. I ended up just going with a Graco Snugride Click Connect 30LX. I figured if I really needed to use the stroller that I would just take the baby out of the infant seat and use the stroller only. We really don't use a stroller an awful lot though....only if we're going to be walking a lot. I tend to baby wear for grocery shopping trips, etc because I can't handle a stroller and a cart at the same time. I did really waffle on whether to even get the infant car seat though and just get a convertible, but I really like the the ease of taking the infant seat out for quick runs into the store or for baby to have a safe place to sit inside while I'm unloading groceries, etc.
  9. I really like Sprouts. I find their produce to be cheaper, but of better quality than our local grocery store. They also have good sales on meat and bulk items. Our closest one is 35 minutes away so we don't get there as often as I'd like. I wish it was closer.
  10. I've used a Medela Pump in Style Advanced with 3 babies and it's always worked well for me. It's what I plan to use when my next LO is born in April as well since I still have it even though it is 10 years old! I called my insurance and they said they would only cover pumps for people under 21???? Made no sense to me so I think I need to call and talk to another person. I will say that I have heard wonderful things about the Spectra S2 though so if my insurance paid for a new one, I would be tempted to try it out!
  11. My first baby didn't cooperate at our 16 week u/s nor at one when I was about 28 weeks along. It wasn't until I was 32 weeks until she finally decided to cooperate and we found out she was a girl. Elective u/s were not an option when I was pg with her, but I would totally go for it if you really want to know!!
  12. Yes, I'm guessing it's in trial mode. We've had two of these before and both completed the full nursery rhyme.
  13. Another option, if you have on in your area, is to inquire with the local 4-H group. My daughter took lessons from a senior in the 4-H horsemanship group last year. She was much cheaper than a regular barn and did a fantastic job. She was able to teach her both Western and English styles. It was a good introduction for dd who just loves horses and wanted a chance to ride. Dd went on to compete in a couple 4-H shows and small local shows and did very well after just having 3 months of lessons. Dd really could care less about the shows though. She just wanted a chance to ride and be around horses.
  14. In the house we have 1 dog and 4 parakeets. Outside we have a cat, dog, horse, and cattle (although the cattle aren't pets!)
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