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  1. I haven't thought of it that way.. "Also, just because it takes YOU all day doesn't mean it necessarily takes THEM all day. " There is definitely some going back and forth even with just two. I've combined where I can, but on things like language and math they work at their own level. I'll keep an eye on next year's choices to see if we're over doing some of the LA. Thanks. :)
  2. How do you organize your day to cover all you've planned - and not end up teaching/doing school from morning until dinner? One of the main reasons we decided to homeschool was to allow the kids more time to not be at the desk and in school for 6 - 7 hours a day, but I find if I try to fit everything in (definitely not everything all on the same day, every day), we're still at the table at 3pm, even if we start by 8:30am. Of course we have lunch, but... What am I doing wrong? I don't feel like we're doing too much. Heck, I don't feel like we're doing enough as it is. I'm sure part of the prob
  3. We haven't used Elemental or R.E.A.L., but we have done some of the mysteries on Mystery Science and really enjoyed them. I feel you could use it as a thorough curriculum if you brought in some extra books/materials on the topics, and use their extras. We use and enjoy apologia, but since it's topically focused, I bring in other topics by using MS. We're finishing up Astronomy, but I wanted to glance at other topics, so we recently used MS for their Plant Adventures unit. Both of my kids (7 and 9) really enjoyed that. We're moving onto Botany with Apologia next, so we'll probably use MS for
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