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  1. I Hi, I use IXL for my son’s independent review. He’s 7th grade working on 2-3 grade level. If you are using the website, he can see the items you’ve starred under the recommended tab (top right). I haven’t found that as useful as it’s supposed to be. What I would really love is for all the starred items to populate within the current recommend wall or better yet on a separate wall. That would be awesome. Also, you may want the starred items to show up in the app (It doesn’t do that right now.) I’ve tried different ways to use the program and end up with the following. I
  2. I had the same idea for google classroom. I haven’t quite figured out how best to use it yet. For one thing, I just figured out that I had to assign a topic before I can reorder it. I guess it’s not a problem for others who assign due dates but I like to just make assignments and have DS pick the 3 oldest ones to do. Also, I don’t like how I can’t see which assignments he’s completed and make modifications to the assignments on the same page. They are in separate places so I can do one or the other but not both in the same place. So right now, it’s a little work for me but DS can go to h
  3. Thanks! Great find. If you enter “highfive” you can get an additional 5% off.
  4. We have been struggling with this a well...with all subjects really. For math, I used to focus on a mastery approach and then have him do review homework. I would have 5 different notebooks where I would write review problems (one word problem, one money, one comparing, etc.) and cycle through them. It worked BUT it took too much time on my part so eventually I stopped. I ended up switching his curriculum to CLE math. I’m just throwing this out there. I know the pain involved in switching curriculum. It took us a little bit to getting used to the format but there’s constant review built
  5. Thanks Lecka and PeterPan, I’ll definately check out those resources. The linguisystem and spotlight books look interesting. My ds definately is more receptive than expressive. Expressively, he’s a 2-3 words kiddo...rarely talks in sentences. I haven’t given up on finding an slp, it’s just the last few haven’t worked out. I spent the past year looking into his anxiety and medication to see if that would help. After a few trials of it not helping or making things worst, we took a break. I’ve been thinking about curriculum because I am planning on joining a charter school next year and I
  6. We haven’t found an slp that has worked out for us. My son has task performance anxieties so that has been difficult. The last slp we tested out asked him questions for the whole 30 mins and any time he wasn’t paying attention she would talk louder. My son doesn’t do well by just asking questions. He needs more modeling and guiding. We decided not to continue. I do his speech “therapy”. I mostly work on his narration skills...being about to talk about events in his days and very short 4-5 sentence stories I make up. We also use various materials for sequencing, directions, sentence str
  7. I was wondering if anyone could suggest a reading comprehension curriculum for my 10y son with ASD and language issues. He can read at a 3rd level but comprehension has been a struggle because of his language issues. I have been just doing more guided reading with picture books. I ask him simple WH-questions while we read and then help him retell the story back to me. I would like to follow a more structured program so I can feel like we’re moving in the right direction. Thanks!
  8. Another resource to look at is Nuturing Narratives by Lauren Franke. I really like the book and am trying to implement it myself.
  9. Have you looked at Hoffman academy? https://www.hoffmanacademy.com My son does the free lessons online. I know the subscription is more interactive but I haven’t tried it.
  10. I haven't used Semple but I have found success in memorizing math facts using XtraMath. The website it free. We purchased the app because it was more convient for us. My learning challenged son was able to memorize all his addition facts in a month. (I spent a year trying to teach him math strategies). We're on to subtraction now. When you log in, the kids do an assessment. They have 10 seconds to answer each problem but the goal is to answer it in under 3 seconds. After the assessment, they practice answering a set of questions they still need work on. These have to be done under 3 s
  11. My son had really good succes with keyboarding without tears if you want to look into that. Finger placement is achieved initially by having kids hold down j with the right hand while he learns how to type with the left. It starts from level k but you can start at higher Levels. The program helps him practice sight words as well. I always find other programs progress really fast. He does the program independently now. This is from a kiddo who typically breaks down using computer programs. I also bought some colored keybarding stickers to help with finger alignment.
  12. Thanks Lecka! This is very helpful.
  13. Hi I am fairly new to this group. I have a 8yo DS that I have been homeschooling since K. I was wondering what other homeschoolers do for review? This applies to almost all subjects but I'll use counting coins as an example. We will work on it until he's got it, then move onto the next topic. When I come back to counting coins (let's say a week later), I find out that he's forgotten it and I have to reteach it. I know I have to set up some kind of review system and am thinking about ways to do that.
  14. My DS 8 suffers from this fear of failure anxiety. He starts to panic when he sees a problem he doesn't understand. It makes schooling really hard because When he gets something wrong, he'll be in a mood and school is done for the rest of the day. I try really hard to make sure learning is just right for him but it is hard some times to judge. I haven't found a solution yet but I am trying to teach him about having a growth mindset and that challenges help you learn and grow. He has some language issues so teaching this has been a little difficult.
  15. Hi All, I am so glad to have found this site. I have been homeschooling my DS 8 yrs with ASD, limited language, anxiety since Pre-K. We have been tied to a charter the past years but I'm thinking about going independent for 3rd grade. The flexibility sounds really nice right now. We are currently using AAR/AAS, Keyboarding Without Tears, Hoffman Piano. I am looking into Math on Level. For Science, we do units based in Sid the Science Kid and Treeschoolers. We definately struggle with langauge and comprehension. Can't wait to start looking through the wealth of information on here.
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