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  1. What are the rules for each case? She will almost be an adult. You can be almost anything you want to be.
  2. My kid took one through the school. When I asked if it was beneficial, she said "ahhhhhh, ummmmm, yeah." It did help her with some things but nothing monumental and did not improve her scores.
  3. Thanks! Especially to April for the explanation. I run into similar issues but unfortunately cannot remember what some of the parts of speech are so looking up the answers for myself proves difficult. For example, I have not heard "verb phrase" in a long time. I like to use "Grammer Girl". It has some great stuff but difficult to search. And there's so much improper usage of the English language that sadly, it is becoming accepted as correct. How scary is that!
  4. Sorry, but this is driving me crazy. I can't seem to find the proper usage. For example: "You really aren't looking very hard." vs. "You aren't really looking very hard." The first sentence seems correct to be but I really want to know why. I'm finding other similar types of verbiage - especially from this book I'm reading that was originally published in 1935. TIA!
  5. It is internal but it's in design documents. I'm a programmer and technical documents must be exact. There is no room for ambiguity. When I'm "coding" something off certain specifications, I cannot assume or guess what the request is for. That's my primary concern.
  6. I thought it was being used incorrectly. Now, I'm spending a whole bunch of my time trying to explain to some people that 1) it's wrong and 2) convincing them to stop using it. The ambiguity it is creating is frustrating. The real sad thing is there are a bunch of people "throwing it around like a frisbee" but when I ask them what it means, they say "I don't know". :confused:
  7. It drives me crazy when people use a word in the wrong way - especially when one person uses it (incorrectly) and 50 people jump on-board and continue to use it improperly. Of course, when I'm wrong, that stinks too. So, hopefully, "you" can help. The word is being used in a technical document (computers) as an adjective, adverb, noun and proper noun - red flags right there. What I want to know is can the word be used they way they are implying. Seems to me most of my experience with this word, or when I see it most, is in the medical field. Here are some examples: "Systemic - requ
  8. He has been scheduled for a 3 1-hour tests to evaluate a whole host of things. He was diagnosed with a learning disability when he was younger. We are re-doing all tests including tests to identify his learning style. Hopefully, all will go well and we can tailor his classes to meet his needs. Thanks for the input!
  9. He has completed American History. That is a good point about 2 credits for college. I need to look into that. I need to research this one but I agree, it would be very useful. I have already begun looking into these. I think it will take a bit of time for the right "fit" for both of us. Both of us play hockey every Sunday so we get to interact with others, exercise and spend time together. Thanks! I know it will be challenging but hopefully, very rewarding.
  10. He's horrible at reading and writing. He hates to read and his handwriting is worse than a doctor's. The plan was for improvement. Maybe one semester would be enough to get him going and more motivated to "do it" right the first time. Healing. What an amazingly descriptive word! As an adult male, I can reflect on my years in public education with an objective and analytical "eye". I hated school and my son's pain is my pain. I re-live so many of the issues he talks about almost daily. I was was a "D" student always but that all changed when I got to college. I graduated with a 3.5 GPA and
  11. We take the leap June 1st and this is what we have come up with for my son: * Chemistry I - Florida Virtual School (supplement with CHEM C2000) * Algebra I - Florida Virtual School * Spanish I - Florida Virtual School * English III - Florida Virtual School * Writing - Igniting Your Writings I & II (Sandy Larson) * Reading (led by me) * Art - Easy elective (led by me) * Ground School - Flight training (led by me) * PSAT/ACT workbooks * Gym - Easy elective Anything glaringly wrong? I know he's behind in some of his classes - he is going to college - but he's hated school for
  12. Hi, my son and I have taken the leap and we start home-schooling June 1. He's currently a Sophomore (soon to be a Junior) in high school. He hates school and his grades have eroded to virtually nothing. We hope the home-schooling process will help both of us turn his life around. This forum looks like it has lots of information so I'll read as much as I can. I'm sure I'll have plenty of questions as we are both new to this process. I'm looking for schooling resources. Are there any good links?
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