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  1. I use It Cosmetics No. 50 Primer Serum. It's $48/ounce so no better in price. I do also have the Nivea aftershave as well, and it does work fine. It works better than a lot of drugstore primers, well worth the $5 or so.
  2. I was going to say the same. Secret Santas are great since you can get a much more personalized and special gift when you're not trying to buy for everyone.
  3. Not us! We wait as long as possible to turn on the heat, or even the AC during the summer. I don't like that spike in my utilities!
  4. I have one child, so I imagine we have very different days. For us we are only reading, doing some map work, small projects here and there, and movies for history. Fo science we are pretty much sticking with experiments and games. I don't feel like they need to know too many definitions and specifics in these subjects. My goals for history are for DD9 to learn what era things happened in and why humans behave the way they do (i.e., why history tends to repeat itself and what trends humans like to recreate). So I read a few chapters from historical fiction, or she reads a few. Then once every week we will do a small project like a recipe or hairdo, then once or twice each week we'll watch a movie, documentary or show about what we are studying. We watch the shows in the evening with DH. For science, my goal is to instill a sense of wonder and a love of science. She doesn't NEED to drill facts IMO. So we do 1-2 experiments each week depending on how long they take. She also gets to do an experiment or project in her co-op each week. HTH!
  5. I would check out Udemy and search for courses. They run frequent sales as well.
  6. DD9 did scratch for a little while, but for next year she asked if she could learn to code for Minecraft (Java). So we are purchasing some self paced classes for building Minecraft mods and then a Minecraft server. After that, whatever she's interested in.
  7. Over the summer we will be testing out BA and TT for math to decide which one she prefers to use for 4th grade (I'd put money on BA). She has a book list for 4th grade that she'll begin to work on over the summer and we have a solar science unit planned. For fun planned things DD9 has soccer, cheerleading (year round), learning to hike 14ers, and general relaxing and being bored with other kids. For 4th grade starting in August: Math: either BA or TT with lots of games for reinforcement Spelling: Sequential Spelling - finish book 1 and move on to book 2 LA: lots of books, interactive notebooks and task cards that I purchased from TPT Science/health: Homemade units on Chemistry, evolution, genetics, cardiovascular system, digestive system, and immune system History/art: Lots of books from the library and interest led projects on modern American history Social Studies/Civics: Basic world geography, US geography, a unit on presidential elections, learning about the history of Washington DC (DD9's request), and a Colorado unit study with planning a trip around CO for the summer Communication: Giving oral and visual presentations at the end of her units to mom and dad or on video Technology: Minecraft mod and server coding, photo and video editing (by request) and possibly building her own desktop computer with DH Spanish and Music are at her options program on Fridays along with extra science projects, LA practice and PE She'll also be continuing with Girl Scouts next year
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