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  1. It is 39 degrees here as well. I have not recently been in Colorado, and I am not handling it well. Actually, I am handling it with covers, coffee and slipper boots, so it's pretty cozy. But outside bad.
  2. My cat is weird. She comes when I call her. She thinks she's a dog.
  3. You do have a capsule wardrobe. The base of yours just happens to be jeans.
  4. I pared it down to only things I love and actually wear. I ended up with 44 pieces that all go together to make outfits. I now have: 16 tops 9 bottoms (5 pants, 3 shorts, 1 skirt) 7 jackets/cardigans (this is probably too many considering I live in Texas, but I like options) 2 dresses 10 pairs of shoes
  5. I placed a grocery order for tomorrow, including fried chicken and sides from the deli. Now I don't have to go inside and I also don't have to cook tomorrow. This curbside pickup is my favorite thing ever. I need new sneakers. One of the puppies went Chewy on mine. I also randomly decided to capsule my wardrobe today.
  6. As for the guns and swords, please don't try to check if they're loaded if you don't know how to work them. Make sure they are on safe and lock them away (or, preferably, have your Dad take them somewhere the kids won't be able to get to them). Conditions might not be ideal right now, but you can fix that in time.
  7. For smoke smell removal: Febreeze anything that's fabric twice a day for about a week. Baking soda or carpet powder on the carpets- leave for at least 40 mins before you vacuum it up. You might have to repeat this. Wipe down the walls and baseboards with warm soapy water. And leave open containers of baking soda in every room. I am so happy that you and the board books are safe, and that your Dad is there for you. Stay strong.
  8. I actually enjoy ours. But after about ten to fifteen minutes I'm spent, and I spend the rest of the time spectating.
  9. I don't know what kind of mom I am. I just try really hard to be there when they need me, and Not be there when they don't, even if they think they do.
  10. It's cold and wet. I would like to stay under the covers for a while longer. Today's plan includes speech, a quick trip to the AFSA, canceling park day, picking up a reserved library book, and coming home to drink hot cocoa and cuddle. I might throw some school in there too.
  11. Mary, that's awesome! I'm so glad you finally have answers, and even a workable solution! I'm so happy for you and Riv.
  12. Me: Okay, are you ready to do school? Weapon X: Are we doing school today? Me: Yes, we're doing school today. Why wouldn't we be doing school today? Weapon X: I think you're still sick. You should lay down and rest. I'm sure he's only worried about my health and well-being. 😒
  13. I like early morning kitten cuddles. Her purr is soothing and she does not speak. She also refrains from licking my face. Puppy kisses are good after my 2nd cup of coffee.
  14. Okay. Good morning. Coffee. My Fitbit says I got 6 hours of sleep last night. That's less than ideal, but I'm determined to make today productive. I've let the cruddy sickness keep me lazy the past couple of days, and it's time to get my butt in gear. So today I will: -start laundry -math -phonics -switch laundry -read aloud -history -pick up the house -fold laundry -run to the little store -dishes
  15. Good morning, ITT. I have coffee. My illness is not a cold or the flu. Just a sinus infection caused by allergies. I will not die to death. We have school today, and I am going to try to Zumba again tonight. Maybe some physical activity will help clear up the yuckiness.
  16. I'm officially sick. I've been fighting it for days, and I give up. I'm giving myself permission to be sick today. Tomorrow I will feel better.
  17. You have to press space after 'a'. Then it will suggest a next word instead of trying to complete the one you are currently typing.
  18. I am a... little confused about the whole thing. Yep, that just about sums me up.
  19. :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: For Bookie, AMJ, and anyone else who needs them
  20. Fri-yay! I want to stay in bed all day. But the monsters are up and so am I. time to drink the coffee and do the things.
  21. I zumba-ed (zumbad....) I did the thing. It was hard. Fast food for dinner.
  22. Happy birthday to Maize's DD! I have Weapon X building a robot. He's confused. It is his first time though, so I will walk him through it. I just wanted to see if he could follow the instructions by himself. The answer is no.
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