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  1. I'm not there yet, but when I was pregnant with my oldest we did move in with my in-laws for a while. They didn't charge us rent, or really expect anything from us. Of course, as adults, we did our best to pull our own weight. Helping around the house, feeding the animals, pitching in with groceries. I think that as long as your dc is contributing and acting responsibly, home should be a safe haven. Sent from my HTCD200LVW using Tapatalk
  2. Trust your instincts, Mama. My son did not start speaking at all until his 3rd birthday, despite meeting with a wonderful therapist from ECI since he was 2. I remember our first IEP meeting, and feeling so lost. The past few years he has been in a program for children with disabilities due to his language delay. Honestly, the only reason we left him in so long was for the social aspect. We have schooled at home because he is advanced in many areas, but unable to communicate his understanding. Anyway, all that to say that you know your child better than any teacher, counselor, or therapist
  3. This will be our first year homeschooling, so this is a tentative plan. We'll mainly be trying to figure out which methods work best for us. Reading: The Reading Lesson, Progressive Phonics Math: MUS Science: Experiments once a week or so, interest-led Geography: Beginning Geography & GEOpuzzles Plus: lots of read alouds, weekly trips to the library, logic games, Lego simple machines That's what we're starting with. We'll see how it goes from there. Sent from my HTCD200LVW using Tapatalk
  4. I have no experience with the seventh grade kit. I just got their kindergarten kit (customized). As far as scheduling goes, they only include very basic guidelines, not a daily schedule. For instance, it will probably recommend using the engino kit once a week or something vague like that. They emphasize flexibility in their schedules. Sent from my HTCD200LVW using Tapatalk
  5. Another Texan here, so yes. Butter absolutely needs to be refrigerated here. But I think in a cooler climate it would be alright to leave it out. Sent from my HTCD200LVW using Tapatalk
  6. -breakfast -1 chapter from our read aloud -phonics with ds5 -start laundry -call speech therapist -give up on accomplishing anything else today -realize it's not even noon yet and those kids still expect me to be able to function Sent from my HTCD200LVW using Tapatalk
  7. I'm about to start kinder with my DS 5. He knows all his letters and sounds but can't seem to translate that into decoding words on a page. He's very interested in learning, though. So far, my 'plan' is to just make lots of interesting books available and keep reading to him daily. He likes it when I point to the word as I read it, and every now and then I pretend like I'm stuck and we sound it out together. Sent from my HTCD200LVW using Tapatalk
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