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  1. I think I have a sinus infection. My slight congestion has turned into swollen lymph nodes and an earache. I am already getting the hydrogen peroxide.
  2. I have not talked to him, except last night when I explained that we really needed to work today because of previous interruptions. Honestly, I'm pretty relaxed about our school work. I mean, it's only 1st grade and we can always catch up later. But this whole school year has been one interruption after another, so it needs to be a priority, kwim? Anyway, we ended up getting mostly everything done today. I will speak with DH tonight about advance planning in the future.
  3. The funny part is if he would choose Wednesday instead, it wouldn't mess with my schedule at all. Or if he would tell me sooner so I could spread the work out between Wednesday and Friday, that would be fine. But no. I even told him last night that we needed to do school today, and he said,"I'll be outside most of the day. I won't bother you." And he has been. The only times he's come in is right in the middle of each lesson so he can interrupt.
  4. DH keeps taking Thursday off. This is the third week in a row he randomly decided to take a day to work around the house. This is fine with his job considering the amount of overtime he's been putting in. It is, however, seriously affecting my homeschool. Especially since he doesn't plan it ahead, he just decides the night before. I can't rearrange lessons with zero notice when the week is already nearly over.
  5. They exist. Both of my brother's live in houses where the bedrooms are all close together. My house has the master bedroom separated from the other rooms.
  6. I think I stole all of your motivation. I woke up unusually perky, got dressed and even put on some makeup. The kids' hair even got fixed before we had to leave for speech. That never happens.
  7. Honestly, what would end up happening here is: I would plan to divide the activities, and then on the second day I wouldn't actually do anything. So, if they all are to actually get done, do them all on Saturday.
  8. I want a screened-in wraparound porch, a cozy reading nook, and a shaded patio outside with a fire pit. And as long as we're dreaming, I want a housekeeper, chef, and landscaper.
  9. Hooray! I wanted to do the clapping emoji but I can't find it on my phone.
  10. Its not alarming to me, if that makes you feel better. But I am and always have been frustratingly irregular. I am not normal.
  11. I'm moving slow this morning. I have a major case of Lackawanna
  12. I think anyone who cares enough about their child's education to do something as radical as homeschool, and then care enough about that to spend their free time on these boards to learn and better themselves, is not neglectful. So, yes, there are cases of homeschool educational neglect. But I think in many of those cases, the neglect and disinterest was always there. Maybe they chose to homeschool in an effort to hide the abuse, or maybe hoping for a magical unicorn that would 'fix' the child(ren). I do not believe anyone on this board is purposefully neglecting their child's education
  13. Well, of course he isn't. Who could sleep when they're doing all of these new and exciting things?
  14. I will not be participating in any marathons. I doubled down on my potty training efforts today. Actual conversations with the 4yo. Me: Let's go potty! Mal: I don't want to! I don't have to! Me: if you use the potty, I will give you a cookie. Mal: oh, ok. *pees easily and immediately* An hour later, Me: Mal, do you have to potty? Mal: No. But I could use another cookie.
  15. I slept in until 9. Then I let the dogs out and fixed the boys breakfast. Now I have coffee. I have nothing planned for today. Sure, there's stuff on the neverending to do list, but I am only going to do things if I feel like it. Captain Mal seems fine this morning. It's almost as if he never got sick at all.
  16. We all sat down to watch a movie together. Captain Mal announced, "I'm not even tired." He then proceeded to fall asleep on me. I was quite enjoying it until fifteen minutes later when he woke up and vomited. Into my hand. So he's been showered and I'm hoping there are no repeats. And I missed important plot points.
  17. I still don't know what's for dinner. I should probably get on that.
  18. I sort of get that. Last time we went, Weapon X asked for 'Wolverine hair' (with the side spikes). I was cool with it, but I completely understood when the stylist checked with me first. Today, Captain Mal wanted a very normal spiky little boy cut, and Weapon X opted for an extremely modest side part. I think irate and overprotective mothers probably have a lot to do with it. But how are my children supposed to learn that their voice matters if no one will speak to them? On the other hand, I guess it is still a life lesson. After all, if you want people to listen, a lot of times you h
  19. Why is it so difficult for adults to speak to children? I took the boys for haircuts and the barber kept asking me questions. So I would direct the question at the kid and let him answer. Over and over again. You would think he would've started asking them directly, but no. It's so strange.
  20. I started to type a recap of the past few days and somehow lost it. I'm not retyping it, so...... :seeya: :seeya:
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