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  1. I like the white dress a lot more than the navy. I am a dropper and I would not buy the white dress. It would take me 15 seconds to ruin the white dress.
  2. Happy Critterversary! I have to go grocery shopping. I don't want to go grocery shopping. The only thing that comes out of grocery shopping is that I have to cook later.
  3. There isn't a single room in my house without an exterior wall. The boys' small bathroom is the only room without a window. It is probably the safest place in the event of a tornado. Tornadoes are not our biggest concern, although they are not unheard of.
  4. The baby puppies are now big enough to escape their swimming pool. When I got up this morning, four of them were free. Things are about to get interesting.
  5. I was awoken by a severe thunderstorm. I feel like a butt because there was no rain predicted when I went to bed, so I opted to leave the big dogs outside. They are in and safe and warm now. I'm a little upset about being awake, but at least this storm is also cancelling the morning soccer game I was supposed to get up for. So I will most likely be able to sleep in a bit. DH and the kids are all sleeping through it. I don't know how. The wind is crazy loud.
  6. Captain Mal sent me away. He said I'm not allowed to watch his practice, so I'm spying from behind some vehicles.
  7. I have not started yet. We are doing 2A in the fall. My plan for scheduling is to use the suggested lineup and work for 30 mins a day. Looking through 2A, it doesn't look like they cover Roman numerals in depth. I think it's just as a teaching tool for place value. I don't know about later in the series.
  8. I bathed a litter of puppies and cleaned out their pool. They were not thrilled.
  9. The children have been properly schooled. Then I cracked the whip; now chores and showers have been completed as well. Weapon X is a 7 year old boy who has been acting very much like a 7 year old boy. It's aggravating me.
  10. I ketchupped. And I did a math review. Weapon X needs more work with money, but seems to have everything else we've covered down well. Time for more school!
  11. Rain is expected. My shnauzer rolled around in a field of sticker burrs. She will be getting a haircut today. Coffee is good.
  12. We are having Whataburger for dinner. I stink at planning meals when I have to be places in the evening.
  13. We are currently on spring break - week 3. I just wanted you to know you are not the only one who's not feeling it right now.
  14. I'm hungry. I'm trying to decide which is worse: trying to cook something in my kitchen (which badly needs to be restocked) or trying to get my kids dressed to go get something. Maybe I'll just starve.
  15. Could you use a computer to highlight the words for you before you print it?
  16. Perhaps you could use the program to do an initial pass. It could catch a lot of things, and you could fine-tune it by hand. That could still save time.
  17. I have three and it's the most I've had since before my first pregnancy.
  18. I think we are going to try it when level 2 becomes available. The booklist makes me swoon.
  19. Rain, rain, come and stay. I don't want to soccer today.
  20. I want to add that during our talk I offered to practice with him at home if he wanted. He agreed and we went together and bought a soccer ball. He actually seemed happy and kind of excited about it again. He just gets discouraged so easily.
  21. I feel like he needs to give it more of a chance. He was really excited to play. At the first practice, the very first time he ever played, he wasn't that great. At every practice since then, he's been off in his little Malcolm world, oblivious to anything Coach says or does. If he gives it a real chance and genuinely does not like the game, that's perfectly fine. But he can't decide that "everyone is better" and "its no use" if he has spent less than an hour actually trying.
  22. Captain Mal broke my heart after soccer practice tonight. He refused to go out there and practice with his team, so we were talking about it afterward. Him: They kick the ball away from me when I'm trying to kick it. Me: That's part of the game, sweetie. Get in there and steal it back. Him: They are better than me. Me: That's why you need to practice. If you practice, you'll get better too. Him: It's no use. I wish he wasn't so much like me.
  23. As far as I know there is only one version unless you're Slache. If you're Slache, you take all the sad parts of the story, and make them out to be 10x worse.
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