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  1. The Tinker Crates are fun, but very easy. They are pretty much fool-proof -- I think the point is that you can give them to your kids and they can do them with no help from you. My parents give these to my kids every year, and they are moving up to the Eureka (DS12) and the Maker crates (DD10) this year. I haven't seen them yet, but if your DS likes making things and is good at it, then the Tinker crates will probably be pretty easy. Also, we found that the best ones tended to be earliest in the subscription.
  2. They did one two or three months ago, I think, but found that relatively few people had had it. I am sure it would be a very different picture now.
  3. In WI, it is unique individuals. They are (supposedly) being very careful to check the data to make sure they are not counting people twice. WI is right around 1 in 20 confirmed individual cases.
  4. I rarely post, but regularly follow threads, and have particularly appreciate the Covid threads. They have provided some of the most useful, balanced, and informed discussion I have come across regarding the virus, and the information I have gained here has helped to keep my family healthy and has given the the knowledge and confidence to proceed with our choices, even in the face of judgment and assorted challenges. They have also helped me understand a wide variety of perspectives. Is it possible to have a similarly informative discussion about the vaccine? I would love to central place
  5. According to a local news source: "To offer some perspective, Wisconsin confirmed more COVID-19 cases in the last 18 days than it had in the first 231 days since the virus reached Wisconsin (105,932 cases, February 5 - Sept. 23) and more than the entire month of October (103,072). Wisconsin is currently averaging 6,564 new cases every day."
  6. The number of deaths has doubled in the past 6 weeks. It took until the end of September to get to around 60, and until now to get to around 120 (this is not a big metro area). I think that a lot of people are of the mind that the threat has been overblown because not that many people have died, most people have had mild cases, and they keep sounding alarms about the hospitals, but they have managed thus far. The medical personnel, on the other hand, are at the ends of their ropes and are pleading with people, but it falls on deaf ears.
  7. A school district in one of the top 20 hardest hit metro areas in the country announced today that they are reopening schools for in-person instruction beginning the week after Thanksgiving. That area had a record number of cases this week and a 40% positivity rate that has held steady for weeks. The school board voted 4-1 to open despite the fact that they are meeting only one of the six gating criteria that they themselves established. They are starting winter sports next week -- it's all about the mental health of the students, they claim.
  8. North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, and Wisconsin have all reached 1 in 20. The Dakotas will get to 1 in 10, if the current rates continue, within a week or two. The US as a whole will hit 1 in 30 today (according to the data on Worldometer and a spreadsheet DH has maintained)
  9. It isn't a curriculum, but we are really enjoying the k12 American Odyssey text. We started out with Haikm's History of US, but shelved it for a variety of reasons. We are mixing it up with American poetry, some novels, and Zinn's Young People's History of the US (which I think is overly simplified, but my kids are in no way ready for the regular version of the text). You could just have him do reading, maybe some outlining or lightweight note taking (such as write down five interesting things you learned), and perhaps throw in some documentaries.
  10. From what I have seen, cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias are extremely powerful, and I am beginning to think that for some people, the only thing that is going to change their minds is having close relatives (or themselves) get very, very sick or die. There are a few people I know very well who denied it completely though September, then when things started to explode, began to ask whether or not people were actually getting sick from it (as the hospitals began to fill up). Then, the only people they know who have gotten the virus (so far) have had mild cases, so they continue to be c
  11. In WI, they have been bringing in traveling nurses to help out, but as numbers in other states rise, that won't be able to continue. Today, statewide, the hospitals are at 90% capacity, which is the highest it has been. The big problem is that each hospital system has hundreds of staff out sick or quarantined. As far as I know, they have not yet cancelled elective surgeries (I know someone who has one scheduled for the 20th). I am honestly a little amazed at how long and how well the hospitals have been able to manage -- and I fear that the fact that they have been able to do so has made peopl
  12. Make these cinnamon rolls. They are the best use a quart of milk that you will find (I cut the frosting recipe in half, though, and its still more than enough). They also freeze really well once baked.
  13. Except for the death of a distant family friend, all of the cases I know of have been fairly mild so far. Hopefully it will stay that way...
  14. You aren't alone -- we are right there with you (albeit in a different city, most likely). The fact that there is no end in sight and no willingness to work together for a communal response on a national, state, local, neighborhood, or in so many cases, family level is so disheartening and sad. I keep wondering how bad it has to get before things begin to change. Our county level is now well over 40% positive and has been for weeks, and we are still not there yet. Maybe we should get together ourselves -- we are probably two of the only "safe" families in the entire state!
  15. This book, 12 Assignments Every Middle School Student Should Write, has a lot of good ideas. It is short, but offers guidance for both the teacher and the student, and covers a variety of different genres.
  16. What about doing something for the winter solstice -- maybe making or doing things that focus on nature/light/bringing joy the darkest time of year? Perhaps this could involve making bird feeders, ice sculptures (freeze colored water in a variety of different containers and then stack/build with them outside), tin can luminaries (fill empty cans with water, freeze, and make designs on them with a hammer and nail, let ice thaw, add a votive holder), hot cocoa, new pajamas, planting indoor herbs or something your can watch grow over the winter, and things like that. And then maybe do something s
  17. PLEASE DON'T QUOTE because I might delete later I found out today that 10 people, all related and ranging in age from 4 to ~70 all tested positive. All are symptomatic, but none are serious yet.
  18. Rock County, WI, where a Trump rally was held about two weeks ago, reported 576 new cases today. The state's 7-day percent positive by person is 25.4% (not counting people tested more than once) and 13.1% for total tests (includes people tested more than once). Today, the state crossed 200,000 cases. It took 7.5 months to reach the first 100,000 cases, and 36 days to reach the second. In the past two months, the 7-day average of new confirmed cases has risen 405%.
  19. BNO News is keeping track of confirmed reinfections and so far, they seem all over the place -- some second cases milder, some more severe, and some about the same.
  20. I really like these book lists -- there are many on those that would fit your parameters. The first one that came to mind was Where the Mountain Meets the Moon.
  21. My sister is using Vintage Poetry for Modern Kids with her six-year-old, and they are having a lot of fun with it. They are doing one poem each week (this is a link to the poems), and then a ton of interest-led reading together. My kids also loved poetry when they were little -- nothing too complex, but the short texts were fun and easy to work with. Now, as middle schoolers, they have moved on to longer, more complex works and love the process of explication.
  22. Regarding Staffing Shortages According to one doctor in the Fox Cities in WI in response to people posting photos of empty hospital beds on social media and claiming that the hospital overwhelm is fabricated: STAFFING SHORTAGES “A staffing shortage is just not a nurse. And a bed is just not an empty space in a room with a bed sitting there. That bed has to be staffed. It has to be staffed by a nurse. It has to have a telemetry monitor. Somebody who’s watching that monitor in your rhythm strips, your heart strips, at all times. Somebody’s got to be able to clean that room, somebod
  23. If you don't already have a recipe in mind, I have made the croissants from the Flour cookbook several times and they always work out. Her directions are really clear and easy to follow. The book has a pain au chocolate recipe as well, although I have never made it. You have to start 2 days ahead of time -- the first day is mixing, the second day is rolling and pressing, and the third day is baking. Also, don't let them rise in a place that is too warm or the butter in the dough will melt and run out.
  24. Yes, but I don't know how much good it will do. It is staffed by volunteers, state employees, and national guard and not primarily by medical professionals. It has high admission standards -- you have to be mostly healthy, meet certain weight requirements, and so on. They will be transporting patients via ambulance from the Fox cities and central WI 120+ miles to the field hospital, and then back a day or two later when they are off oxygen and/or are ready to be released.
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