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  1. PLEASE DON'T QUOTE because I might delete later I found out today that 10 people, all related and ranging in age from 4 to ~70 all tested positive. All are symptomatic, but none are serious yet.
  2. Rock County, WI, where a Trump rally was held about two weeks ago, reported 576 new cases today. The state's 7-day percent positive by person is 25.4% (not counting people tested more than once) and 13.1% for total tests (includes people tested more than once). Today, the state crossed 200,000 cases. It took 7.5 months to reach the first 100,000 cases, and 36 days to reach the second. In the past two months, the 7-day average of new confirmed cases has risen 405%.
  3. BNO News is keeping track of confirmed reinfections and so far, they seem all over the place -- some second cases milder, some more severe, and some about the same.
  4. I really like these book lists -- there are many on those that would fit your parameters. The first one that came to mind was Where the Mountain Meets the Moon.
  5. My sister is using Vintage Poetry for Modern Kids with her six-year-old, and they are having a lot of fun with it. They are doing one poem each week (this is a link to the poems), and then a ton of interest-led reading together. My kids also loved poetry when they were little -- nothing too complex, but the short texts were fun and easy to work with. Now, as middle schoolers, they have moved on to longer, more complex works and love the process of explication.
  6. Regarding Staffing Shortages According to one doctor in the Fox Cities in WI in response to people posting photos of empty hospital beds on social media and claiming that the hospital overwhelm is fabricated: STAFFING SHORTAGES “A staffing shortage is just not a nurse. And a bed is just not an empty space in a room with a bed sitting there. That bed has to be staffed. It has to be staffed by a nurse. It has to have a telemetry monitor. Somebody who’s watching that monitor in your rhythm strips, your heart strips, at all times. Somebody’s got to be able to clean that room, somebod
  7. If you don't already have a recipe in mind, I have made the croissants from the Flour cookbook several times and they always work out. Her directions are really clear and easy to follow. The book has a pain au chocolate recipe as well, although I have never made it. You have to start 2 days ahead of time -- the first day is mixing, the second day is rolling and pressing, and the third day is baking. Also, don't let them rise in a place that is too warm or the butter in the dough will melt and run out.
  8. Yes, but I don't know how much good it will do. It is staffed by volunteers, state employees, and national guard and not primarily by medical professionals. It has high admission standards -- you have to be mostly healthy, meet certain weight requirements, and so on. They will be transporting patients via ambulance from the Fox cities and central WI 120+ miles to the field hospital, and then back a day or two later when they are off oxygen and/or are ready to be released.
  9. I know someone yesterday who said "We're still trying to figure out if people are actually getting sick from this thing or if it's all overblown." It will be a while.
  10. You will be glad to know, then, that in Wisconsin, they just successfully challenged and at least temporarily overturned a mandate to limit restaurant/bar capacity. Several school districts in the hard hit Fox Valley are opening back up and sending kids back to the classrooms after a two week shut down (one district had over 600 signatures in support). Most small districts never closed. They aren't letting the record numbers of cases, deaths, or hospitalizations get in the way of making sure everything in the state stays open. People are having large weddings, parties, funerals, and restaurant
  11. At what point should we become concerned?
  12. You can see what happened in WI after schools opened here. That is with all of the big districts online only, most midsize districts hybrid, and only small districts in-person full time.
  13. I have a shoe rack like this one on the bottom shelf of mine and use it for canned goods. I can do 3 cans high and four deep. It is empty behind it, except on the bottom where the cans go to the back in rows (things like chicken broth and tomato puree that we use in larger quantities). I only have one shelf above it and use it for big, light things like cereal. We keep the open boxes in front and extras behind.
  14. From a doctor in Green Bay: " It’s got very strict admission criteria to get there. You have to be pretty healthy, actually, that may seem weird, to get there. In other words, requiring a low amount of oxygen. Being under a certain weight limit to be accepted down there. So you’re really close to going home when you’re going down there." They will be taking people who are mostly out of the woods, and, according to another article, transporting them 120-150 miles via ambulance from Appleton/Oshkosh/Green Bay or from Wausau, where the hospitals are virtually full, to Milwaukee (where the ho
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