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    Things I enjoy: running and reading. Things I do because I must: laundry and toilets.
  1. Middle school age? Of course! But I would check the laws in your state first just to make sure it's on your side. In my state, it is legal to leave children in the car unattended as long as the car is not running and the weather is not inclement. (Too hot OR too cold). But for goodness sake, my middle school age child babysits for me at home- why wouldn't he be able to sit in a locked car alone for a few minutes?
  2. I'm heartbroken for you, Rosie. I am so very sorry. Words aren't enough.
  3. I have three. They're all large and visible- that's not a problem for me. They were all original art drawn for me by the artist (well, one is a quote so I guess it's not art) and well thought out. I didn't start getting tattoo'd until after I was 30. I am saving for my fourth, which will either be a rose half sleeve or two large roses on my shoulder and arm. All are black and grey. I love mine. They are part of a metamorphosis to me-- it's all very personal so I don't tend to tell people the "meanings" behind my tattoos. It's enough that they are meaningful to me, IFYWIM.
  4. I got my first paycheck in 11 years yesterday. :) Wasn't very big- but man did it feel good to have earned it!
  5. Well, typically it'd be a vodka sprite or a glass of wine… but tonight? I just spiked my eggnog. ;)
  6. But she didn't say that someone caring for her child had been drinking. She said that some of the adults were drinking. Not the mom who was watching her son. Her concern wasn't that the person caring for her son was impaired. Her concern was that her son would see an alcoholic drink in the hand of an adult.
  7. Yes, we waited quite a bit to tell with #4 and #5. With #5 I had my dh tell family members I knew would have less than enthusiastic or rude reactions. ;) As far as waiting because of the risk of miscarriage- pregnancy news spreads like wildfire, and having to tell a vague acquaintance you just ran into in the grocery store who is loudly congratulating you on your pregnancy that you, in fact, lost the baby just adds to the pain of the loss. After that experience I always told a very few close friends or family members with the stipulation that it be kept on the DL until I was further along.
  8. With the variance of replies from Canadians on here, I wonder if this has more to do with locality than with the system itself. I have lived in areas where this would be the case in the US- low quality doctors, inferior care, long wait times, etc. I have lived in areas where I have amazing doctors- thorough, caring, get you in quickly and work to develop a good relationship. Same system, same coverage- vast difference in care. Thoughts?
  9. Yes, but here in the US we pay our taxes, AND our monthly insurance premiums, AND our deductibles, AND whatever percentage of treatment isn't covered by insurance, AND for procedures that are not covered by insurance… I would venture to guess that after adding all of that up we are paying much more in the US for far less coverage. This is a really interesting thread. Loving all the info. Makes me want to move the 300 or so miles up to Canada, frankly. ;)
  10. Facebook has many ways you can control your input/output. You can hide anyone you want to so they don't show up on your timeline. You'll never see their updates unless you purposely go to their page and look. I use that one for particularly political people. ;) You can also utilize the "restricted list". Anyone you add to this list will not be able to see any of your updates unless you post them using a "public" privacy setting. I use this for particularly political people as well. ;) You can "block" anyone who is particularly troublesome. They won't see that you even have an account- unless you participate in the same "groups". Personally, I don't do groups. I am also an introvert and I don't like the dynamic in most groups I've been invited to. HTH! ETA- I ignore friend requests all the time. And I'm ok with unfriending people who are rude, toxic, etc. Even if I'm related to them. :p
  11. Yes to the bolded and that's one of the most frustrating things about having a child with severe/possibly life threatening allergies. My son has been diagnosed with a latex allergy based on reactions and exposures but his test (blood) was negative. We carry Epi and proceed as though that is the allergen at the advice of the Dr. but there is always a fear in the back of your mind that you're avoiding the wrong thing. :(
  12. iPhones and iPods actually have really good parental controls. I know for my 12 year old's iPod touch I own the passcodes (he isn't allowed to know them) so I control all downloads and content controls. Right now, because he's not really very internet savvy (he's just not really interested in surfing the web and never has been) I also have the internet and Youtube turned off and the content controls turned on. As he gets older and more conversations happen I'm sure we will reevaluate allowing internet on with controls. I think the technology is great and I have no problem letting my older kids take advantage of it-- but you HAVE to pay attention. Know what your kid's phone/ipod is capable of. Be familiar with how to use the technology and how to keep a close eye on activities.
  13. I would do it in a heartbeat and plan to... someday. I've had 5 kids, lost all the weight and I feel fantastic. But the skin on my tummy is "wrinkled" and I'd LOVE to get it taken care of. And yes, if I had the tummy tuck I'd have the girls lifted a bit too.
  14. Ugh. I hit my plateau a couple of weeks ago. Cannot lose despite running and really watching calories. I lost 7.9 lbs in two weeks and then just stopped. Granted, I'm within a healthy BMI-- but I'd REALLY like to lose 10 or so more lbs. I had to be on a progesterone supplement for a few months for some "female problems" and I put on 15 lbs!!!! :confused1: :glare: :cursing:
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