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  1. I love that the Whole30 folks focus on the quality of the food they recommend, but on a tight budget it's just not possible for some of us.

    I do my best to eat the *type* of food they recommend, but I disregard the instruction to buy grass-fed, wild-caught, cage-free, etc. I just can't afford it.


    I use a lot of frozen veggies, rather than fresh. Eggs are a staple for breakfast, and our protein choices at dinner are often chicken and ground beef.


    You might find some inspiration from these blogs:

    Paleo on a Budget

    Paleo Cents


    Also, Whole9 addresses the topic. Something here may be helpful: Paleo Poor

  2. Hi Jean!

    Hope your Monday went well! It's a holiday from PS for Hunter, so I was able to finish a bathroom remodel (with tremendous help from my dad), get my Seahawks work under control and focus on the couple of essays and the gigantic history day project Hunter is working on. His social studies and language arts classes don't do as much writing as I wish they would, so we do some after-schooling.

    Great day!

  3. We were without our kitchen for several weeks during our remodel a few years ago. We made extensive use of the grill for dinner. Grilled meat, veggies heated on the side burner and a green salad.

    If you don't have a side burner, you could use veggies that roast well on the grill.

    Baked potatoes on a slow grill would also be good.

  4. We took similar but slightly different paths for both of our boys. The older started at the local PS in 10th grade, but the younger was ready in 8th. We continued to after-school the older son through HS, and are doing the same with the younger son. We focused on Latin and writing with the older son. Our younger boy prefers to take Spanish, so we're after-schooling some extra Spanish study (he takes a class at the local middle school) and we do plenty of extra writing.

  5. In addition to keeping his own bedroom clean and his bed made, my son helps with the sorting and washing of laundry, vacuuming floors, setting and clearing the dinner table, rinsing dishes and loading the dishwasher, cleaning counters and the stove top, and feeding and cleaning up after the dog.

    We don't have assigned chores for our guys, but when something needs to be done, I often ask for help.


    My husband enjoys yard work so our boys don't often mow or pull weeds.

  6. Wear a rubber band on each wrist (the kind for pony tails). Use it to secure your sleeves higher when you push them up. THis from someone who is always hot...especially when in the kitchen.


    This is what I do.

    I usually wear a light sweater every day (we keep the house at 64 degrees)


    I put a rubber band about an inch from the end of the sleeve, then roll the sleeve so there is a small cuff. Push them up and they stay.

  7. I'm Catholic and although I was an active member in our Newman Club on campus, I went to visit IV a few times and enjoyed it. However, I went to a Bible study once and the leader of our group started ripping into a number of different denominations and why they were all wrong-including my beloved Catholicism!


    Another campus I was at had a kickoff IV meeting one night and they mentioned how we need to become friends with others so that we can share our faith with them. The next day one of the youth leaders called me about being study buddies. She was nice, but I was a bit offended that her alterior motive was really to "save me".


    So as this poster said, if you are evangelical, your son will really enjoy it. If he's not, he'll probably still enjoy it, but may question some things or not feel quite on the same page at times.


    Mixed feelings here. I went to IV meetings and events off and on for a couple of years. I enjoyed some aspects and found some people to be quite judgmental.


    Thank you both!

    It will be great for my son to have all of this information when he's meeting people and making decisions about where he wants to be.

  8. Both dh and I had a fabulous experience with IVCF at a large state university. It was a well-organized chapter. We found the emotional and spiritual support absolutely key to our college experience. Dh was in a fraternity and I lived in the dorms. Both of us had plenty of non-Christian friends and acquaintances, but both of us felt that the friendships and support we received from our small group Bible studies and other IVCF offerings were instrumental in helping us stay steady in our faith. To this day we remain connected with IVCF friends and are also really glad for the opportunity to go back to an IVCF campground each year for Family Camp.


    The core of IVCF are small group Bible studies that meet weekly. IVCF trains Bible study leaders carefully to teach strictly from Bible text rather than from a specific denominational perspective, though IVCF definitely is evangelical in nature. (I have personally known Catholics and other liturgical faiths to attend IVCF as well, though.) The point is that IVCF tries hard to be non-denominational.


    IVCF also has weekly large group meetings for all members to attend. Those meetings consist of worship, prayer, and a speaker.


    It's common for individuals within IVCF to hook up as prayer partners or to read/study Christian books together.


    On my campus there were also various prayer meeting opportunities.


    I had a very large, well-organized chapter, so there was LOTS of opportunities for involvement and support.


    Another highlight of the year was going to Chapter Camp after Spring Semester was over. Bible study leaders are trained there; the executive board (students) plan the year there; and all others are welcome for Bible study and fun as well. Some of my best college memories are from fun times at camp.


    I'd be happy to answer any specific questions or even to put you in touch with a staff worker if you like.


    Thank you!!


    We're visiting Hofstra University in April. I would LOVE it if my son could meet a few folks during our short time there so he can ask a few questions and maybe get acquainted with a student or two. If he decides he likes the organization, and that group in particular, it would be wonderful for him to know a couple of people when he starts school in the fall.

    He's also going to need some help finding a church. But... one thing at a time. ;)

  9. It's her niche on Food Network. It's what people watch her show to see. Her viewers don't want her changing her style of cooking....it's what they like.


    She can't change her brand, now.


    That's what I was thinking.


    I don't quite agree with this. The people I know who love Paula Deen, LOVE Paula Deen. It's about her personality. They buy what she is selling because they adore HER. I think she could absolutely take her 'friends' on the journey of cleaning up their diets together, controlling their health issues and still enjoy their time together in the kitchen.

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