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  1. Did you really register on a classical education forum just to set us straight on stretching ?
  2. Do check with your bowling center to ask if shoes are included. That was not the case at our center, and it cost me $24 each time I took four children.
  3. I ended up buying an iPod Touch for my son, and I liked what I saw so much that I bought one for myself as well. I don't listen to a lot of music, but I love having access to my Google Calendar, carrying a bundle of educational apps for my younger son and keeping my To-Do and shopping lists in my pocket. My favorite feature by far is the Kindle software for the iPod. I read in that fabulous little device every day. I love that it is smaller and lighter than a Nook or a Kindle. As I was donating blood this morning, I was able to read and turn pages with one hand.
  4. I don't think I could choose just one for either of my boys at this point. My younger son plays baseball and the violin. He happens to be really good at both, and more importantly, he *loves* the time he spends on each of his activities. My older son still does volunteer work at the local public library, and is a member of the Teen Advisory Board. Additionally he is involved with a couple of clubs at the high school (math and debate). Like his younger brother, his after-school activities are very important to him.
  5. Whew, thanks for the save Crissy. Not an actual kid!

  6. Oh, wow. I picked up the essay in bound form at my library last month. I simply found it to be an interesting position on our methods of math education. But then I'm not as invested in teaching mathematics as some...
  7. You might be interested in this essay, A Mathematician's Lament.
  8. Yay!! May I ask you to think about it just *one* more time? Did you like it?
  9. Having a glass of wine while I visit here. My boys are finishing a week-long game of Risk which I lost several days ago. When someone finally wins we will have dinner then watch a movie together. I hope they are done early enough that the movie ends with plenty of time for me to read my book (Olive Kitterage) before I fall asleep.
  10. Because we don't see the point. We have fixed costs each month (mortgage, cable, phone, utilities, etc.) and we are conservative with our other expenses (groceries, gas, etc.). I don't budget regularly for clothing because we don't buy clothing on a regular basis. Same goes for technology, gifts, etc. In general, we pay our bills, we buy only what we need, we make our investments and we save the remainder. That is as complicated as our budget gets.
  11. If I had a serious medical condition and the resources to travel to the best doctors for treatment, I would make the same choice.
  12. My initial reaction would be that each of them are exaggerating their story in some way, trying to 'one-up' the other moms. If that is the case, no one is going to approach the school board based on an assumption, gossip, or a single case that has been over-blown.
  13. Nice work! If you wanted to bake up a batch of these for a big gathering (I think they'd be fun for our Super Bowl party), how would you present them?
  14. It depends on the amount of work I have to do that day. When I'm busy my boys are responsible for their own lunch. Today I am free, so I will be making pot stickers (their favorite). We also like quesadillas, panini sandwiches, panko breaded chicken with a dipping sauce, quiche, etc. I generally serve the main dish and a salad. When the boys are on their own the menu includes pb&j, warmed leftovers and such. Instead of a salad they eat a piece of fruit
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