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  1. My In-laws rock. We just got their Christmas present. It is a deer head, a very majestic one, with a significant rack of antlers, all mounted. My daughter is alternately thrilled and horrified--it would be thrilling if it were not sitting in the corner of the living room, looking at her over the back of the sofa. As it is staring at her, it is horrifying at the moment. Her belief is that no normal city house would have a mounted deer head on the wall, although personally I think it would actually look pretty good right over our mantle.


    The back story--FIL is an avid hunter and fisherman, and his best friend, sadly has just found out that he has terminal cancer. FIL called DH who expressed interest in some of the friend's animal mounts. (DH does not hunt, but remembers how to do it.) So MIL and FIL visited their DF, and purchased this head, and then drove to Fed Ex to get it boxed up and shipped. DD is crazy about deer, and legendary among all of her nature-oriented friends for finding antlers and deer bones all the time, where no one else can even see them. So deer are special to all of them. I am just along for the ride on this one.


    We waited around for this delivery all day long. The box is almost 5 feet tall, and the deer head was well padded in it but not dwarfed by it. Woah.


    I would like to be able to say that I was consulted on this, and that we had a spot in mind before asking for this lovely present. Neither would be accurate. However, I am sure that it will be an asset to whatever wall space we finally find for it. Even if we have to move to another home to be able to find a good spot.





    When we moved in here we inherited the moose head that great gpa had shot back in the '40's.


    It was mammoth.


    Was. Yes, I asked my hunter Uncle if he might be interested. He came the next day with a trailer. He was thrilled. His wife was not. :auto:

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