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  1. Do you need to take SAT's , ACT's or any other tests before applying to College Plus?


    Not from what I understood. And once you earn those college credits via CLEP, AP or Dantes tests you don't need to take the SAT or ACT because you've already demonstrated that you can do college work.



    At least that's how I understood what they were saying in the recorded conference spiel. :D


    There is a required study skills thingy though that teaches speed reading and study habits that I think was required.

  2. Pretty sure our dd is going to use CollegePlus! The cost is WELL worth it to me---I am T-I-R-E-D of being planner and counselor of everything!!! I want my dd to have someone else to consult with and help her plan her route. If it cost more---I would pay that too. In fact, dd can work and pay a lot on her own. She really likes this option because it frees her up---she will not be stuck in a classroom, sharing a room with someone she does not know, or stuck in one location to finish up her degree. The CollegePlus! phone interview was SO enlightening. Absolute respect for parents, homeschoolers and the student is a HUMAN and not a number. Yes---I know they are selling their plan. But so is the local state college----and my dd is simply a test score to them. I just really like the plan of CollegePlus! because they really try to hone in on exactly what field the student is interested in with life planning and we love the idea of the speed reading/study skills courses too.

    Thank you for this review. Just curious about the curriclum---do you use your own choices or do they have their own or is there a recommendation for a specific curriculum?

  3. The Ashley Furniture store in our area has closed. How about in your area? While we never found anything in there we wanted to buy, I am sad 'cause I do believe they were a good company.


    Check out your local Furniture for Less type companies. i walked into one and found all my recent Ashley Furniture purchases there -- for less! Truly bummed. But I was able to finally buy the wall unit we'd put off. Now to move that sucker to the new house. :D

  4. Has anyone successfully used CollegePlus? A friend recommended it to us, but I don’t see how this is much different than studying and taking the test without them. The program is supposed to help students earn their bachelor’s degree for less money and less time. Do colleges really accept these as transfer credits? It was my understanding that anyone could ‘CLEP' out of a class,’ but that no credit would be given. The purpose would be to start at a higher level class.

    They recommend then going to Thomas Edison, who not only “accepts a large percentage of credits through transfer.†So does that mean they don’t accept all the Collegeplus credits?

    The collegeplus site says it’s not a college or university and therefore not accredited.

    Thomas Edison is accredited through the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. How can we verify that this is a respected crediting agency?

    Thomas Edison almost seems like a diploma mill school, where you can buy a degree. They offer credit for ‘acquired college-level knowledge—without attending college.’ Isn’t that exactly what these diploma mills offer?


    I'm resurrecting this thread because now I'm ready to understand and digest it. If you're using this program would you care to share you thoughts & experiences? Also are there other similar programs (similar in cost and credibility)




  5. Howdy!


    I think we've spoken before. . . sorry for the repeat questions if so.


    Our move to LaCrosse (Holmen) is coming in 2011 I think or early 2012.


    Are there homeschool groups or contacts you could direct me to?





    Whew were in town over the holiday weekend scoping out the next move and we're focusing on West Salem instead.

  6. We follow a modified Feingold, meaning if you can not pronuce it, it does not come in the house. No food dyes, peservatives, things like that.


    IMO, it just makes sense for *everyone* to eat like that :)


    I have many on-line friends that either do like we do, or do Feingold 100%. It works :)


    Here too. It works. The holidays are the hardest because everyone gives the kids cheap candy treats. It takes longer for us to detox and get back to a working level after the holidays. DD 10 (ADHD w/ oppositional definance) is medication free. But there are lapses (2-3 weeks long) around the holidays.



    This is our 6th year of HSing using TWTM and I have never been able to wrap my brain around the best way to do and use a timeline. Honestly, I think it is my OCD that gets in the way. What if the years are not spaced out properly, what if I forget a year? How do I add in music and Art dates and they do not always correspond th the dates we are studying in history?





    I would really like to try a time limeline this year but I need someone to hold my hand. :001_huh: Where do I start?

    me too! :auto:

  8. Is anyone in/near La Crosse?




    I think we've spoken before. . . sorry for the repeat questions if so.


    Our move to LaCrosse (Holmen) is coming in 2001 I think or early 2012.


    Are there homeschool groups or contacts you could direct me to?




  9. He's not going to make it.


    His nurses told the family it's time to start saying their goodbyes. He's not expected to make it through the night.


    They weaned him off the respirator today but he's not able to breathe well on his own. There's no brain activity.


    So sudden. So sad. I wish I could be there and hold vigil with the rest of the family tonight.


    We're check out local hotel rates and clearing our schedule for the weekend.


    Thank you for your prayers for him.

  10. Our basement is unfinished and we use that for the indoor playground during the winter. DH suggested that we need a "new" toy for the basement to keep their interest.


    We have a tire swing hung from the rafters in one corner (with mats underneath). Little tykes climing thingy for the little people. And they use their scooters and roller blades to go around the "track" around the stair case.


    Anyone have a cool idea?


    My suggestion was to hang some of the faux white board from Menards on one wall for with dry erase markers.


    I am also scouring craigslist for some outdoor toys that might spice things up a bit.

  11. maybe, but the first thing that entered my mind when I read your OP was, "I'll bet they're going in, giving treats to the dog to keep it quiet, and then later, the dog's system reacts to the treats (my dogs do this, especially my greyhound) and it ends with a mess in the house."


    Your sister is denying everything because either she's too scared to admit the truth or it's just easier. Either way, she took enough precautions that I think she's at least safer now. Poor thing!



  12. Curious too....


    Absolutely no resolution.


    She doesn't want to talk about it either. If she didn't have the tape she'd be apt to say that it was all in her head. But there's the tape. With the very clear voices. Sometimes she will say that she wonders if it was just the dog stretching and yawning or clicking nails on the wood floor. But then there is that recording of a clear conversation.


    The police department didn't find anything and they didn't really have anything to go on other than that tape. There have been a number of burglaries in her neighborhood but no one has been caught yet.


    -She's got a new house alarm.

    -A panic button for her bedside.

    -A lock on the inside of her bedroom door to use when her dd is away at her ex's.

    -She changed the locks on all her doors.

    -Her dog is crated at night in her bedroom so the night time messes have stopped. Poor doggie who was supposed to be a guard doggie but really is chicken.


    Thanks for checking back.

  13. He made it through the night but he's still not breathing on his own. He wasn't stable enough for them to do the heart cath. or any surgery. They're doing hypothermia treament for 24 hours and then see where they're at.


    Much brain damage according to the ER doc. Hopefully the hypothermia will prevent more and bring the brain swelling down.


    They advised my Aunt to think about his wishes for further care. Evidently he refused a stress test (until after deer hunting season) just last week. He'd been experiencing heart burn and shortness of breath.

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