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  1. That's his favorite thing to do, perch on the back of the couch or a chair. :)) Glad you enjoyed.

  2. Merry Christmas to you too!

  3. Way too cute cartoo. Thanks. Hope ou had a great holiday too.

  4. you sound just like me!!! I've got major arthritis and I "rust" when I get too cold. :) It was a really good day, the baby even took a 2nd nap. They all finished their school work by noon. We were able to spend time in the sewing room being crafty. And best of all--dinnner is in the oven. :)

  5. :) the girls and I stained the inside & outside of our new (huge) backyard fence. It took us 8 hours and we all loved doing it. I'd rather be doing that kind of work too. Today is a better day for me physically and that makes a huge difference for us all. The kids are working hard and I've got a bit more hope today that I can do this again. We implemented a new way to do chores around here and after a couple days I'm noticing that the kids appear to be taking some ownership rather than trying to run away from their chores. Realistically I know the ups and followed by downs. Today is up and I'm glad.

  6. alas I think it's because we've had too much partying going on that life is down in the dumps. Halloween, Parties, and Vacation time . . .

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