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  1. That's his favorite thing to do, perch on the back of the couch or a chair. :)) Glad you enjoyed.

  2. Not from what I understood. And once you earn those college credits via CLEP, AP or Dantes tests you don't need to take the SAT or ACT because you've already demonstrated that you can do college work. At least that's how I understood what they were saying in the recorded conference spiel. :D There is a required study skills thingy though that teaches speed reading and study habits that I think was required.
  3. Thank you for this review. Just curious about the curriclum---do you use your own choices or do they have their own or is there a recommendation for a specific curriculum?
  4. Check out your local Furniture for Less type companies. i walked into one and found all my recent Ashley Furniture purchases there -- for less! Truly bummed. But I was able to finally buy the wall unit we'd put off. Now to move that sucker to the new house. :D
  5. I'm resurrecting this thread because now I'm ready to understand and digest it. If you're using this program would you care to share you thoughts & experiences? Also are there other similar programs (similar in cost and credibility) Thanks! :lurk5:
  6. Family is there too. Green Bay is lovely, GO Packers!
  7. Whew were in town over the holiday weekend scoping out the next move and we're focusing on West Salem instead.
  8. Looks like we'll be move out of state this year 2011.
  9. Howdy! I think we've spoken before. . . sorry for the repeat questions if so. Our move to LaCrosse (Holmen) is coming in 2001 I think or early 2012. Are there homeschool groups or contacts you could direct me to? Thanks! CalicoKat
  10. Take him out for pie and milk, sit and listen to what's important to him, smile, go for a walk together and then hug him and tell him what a wonderful amazing young man he is. That will reset things a bit. And then everytime he really starts to irritate stop and take time to read a book together, hug him, tell him you love him, bake some cookies and eat all the dough together, play a game together. We tend to push away people who irritates and aggravate. But our kids really need our love and affirmation no matter what. When things get bad here I know it's because I've been
  11. YES! My 4 yo ds did this repeatedly throughout his 30 min swim lessons. We learned to give him a teaspoon of zyrtec just before we left the house for his lesson. Without it he wasn't getting any swimming done because of the icicles that just kept coming. Usually he just gets hives with some kinds of pool water. Sneezing was new for us this year. Very frustrating.
  12. :D He was in doggy jail and bail was owed. :D NEXT time it will be double. The spca had to give him all his immunizations just in case he wasn't up-to-date. $80 is a steal on all those doggy vaccinations. My sister has a wayward black lab that's been in the doggie pokey 3 times. They all know that the black lab dragging her leash belongs to my sis now.
  13. My sister still denies the whole mid-life crisis thingy. :D And before she signed she swore up and down that she wouldn't be sent overseas at her age either and our concerns were totally unfounded. Now she's talking more realistically about deployment and thankfully preparing her kids to have a skype-relationshiop with her while she's gone. She won't admit that she was wrong, and but she's not denying that she's probably going soon.
  14. I ordered my mac mini on Saturday. Today I find out my order has been upgraded to include the newly configed. mac mini because I had a pending order. Plus, the representive I spoke with contacted me by email to say that ordering a mac mini with the educational discount DOES indeed include the ipod Touch rebate!!! (originally I'ld been told it wasn't) I don't have my products yet in hand, but I'm doing a happy dance. :D
  15. OH Man, total deja vu. My sister joined the Army last year a month before the 42 cutoff. She's an Army Nurse. She'll finish her officer's training in August and get her orders (which she now realizes will be not in the USA). Most likely she's headed to Afghanistan. She has 3 daughters, 16, 14, and 9. IMO the Army is totally preying on mid-life crisis folks.
  16. Is there something else like this out there but with more up-to-date available books? Thanks!
  17. I grew up in Africa, Third World Third Culture Kid. Every child will have a different experience--even within the same family. I have three older sisters (we're 3 yrs apart -- twins in the middle). 1 of my sisters is very intellectual about her experience and still works mainly in that part of the world. Another sister is completely submerged in the USA suburan lifestyle without ever looking back. Another sister is utterly bitter about her experience growing up and is busy blaming my parents for her every perceived disadvantage. Life is what YOU make it.
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