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  1. I would go back with the bottle and ask what happened. Although I don't know what happened, I would guess that they didn't do any research into it to figure out WHY what they have is different than what you have. Having the printed label there will likely make them delve deeper to see what actually happened. It may still mean calling the doc, but at least you will know where the mistake was. As for calling the doc, if the label says 1 refill, then it might be possible for the doc to just call it in without having to actually into the office for a visit.
  2. Moving is no fun and I really hope I never have to do it again. If I do, I have like one more move in me and that's it. Well, unless we win the lottery or something.
  3. To be honest, I don't know the details of when his family is leaving, I just know it's sometime towards the end of this week. I do know DD will be travelling around the state for work like 2 or 3 days during the week, but if his family is flying out on a Saturday it probably would work.
  4. I do want to make sure I haven't given the wrong impression. The possibility of marriage is a discussion they are having, but there is for sure no commitment to anything yet. It's really the very beginning of the discussion process on that. It's not something she would fall into lightly or rush into or anything like that.
  5. So I talked to her a little bit ago, she apparently talked with him last night and basically told him, look, this *really* bothers me. She said he apologized and reassured her that he would tell them, but the way she discussed it, it doesn't sound like she has a lot of confidence in that. If he doesn't tell them before they go back home, I know that's going to be a major thing for her that will probably boil up sooner rather than later. If he does tell them but she doesn't get to meet them, that will still bother her, but at this point it would be difficult to make the schedules work right.
  6. I was just trying to be a bit funny was all. I apologize if I came across incorrectly.
  7. Part of what makes this a bit difficult is that, DD doesn't live with or near us. She's fully launched, liveing over 2 hrs away. She actually lives closer to my parents and her BF has met my parents more than he has met us. *sigh* Having adult kids is so complicated. If they DO get married, which is very possible, he would be a GREAT guy to welcome to the family. But it's not up to us and we can't do much beyond advise.
  8. As far as we (DD, DH, me) And based on what we DO know, it's not...............likely. I suppose it's possible, but I don't know enough to answer definitively. I would say the answer is more likely NO, than YES.
  9. Actually, of all things, religion is not the issue. Although the *culture* typically practices arranged marriages, the religion does not. I hope that makes sense. Religiously speaking, they actually *share* the same religion, as well as the same level of lack of practice.
  10. Thank you for this. She's working on understanding his culture. She is working to learn the language and cook the food, both of which she actually finds really fascinating and enjoyable. She told me that once, he walked into her apartment and remarked that it smelled like home and that gave her all the warm feels that a remark like that should. At this point, if they met today, she could introduce herself in his mother's language and he loves her even more for even that much.
  11. Ultimately, it might be a deal breaker for her, which is why she's struggling hard and asked my advice...................which is why I asked here. And, maybe it's an American culture thing, but meeting your ILs the day of your wedding........that's a very hard pill to swallow for her (and really, would be for me too.) You mentioned "elder generation is to be OBEYED" and that's how she feels he's proceeding, but it's very in conflict with....well...our culture, in this regard. Also, to be perfectly honest, my DD may very well be overthinking the whole thing because his family leaves in a week. It feels to her like the last chance to meet them before................proceeding I guess is the word I am looking for. It's not like they can fly out for a holiday or birthday. And in our family, most holidays and birthdays are celebrated family style and boyfriends and such are welcomed. So all of this is very new territory for her, and me and DH.
  12. According to him, yes they know and are happy he plans to immigrate. However, I don't suppose anyone has discussed "who he's expected to marry." Given everything I have been told both by DD and her BF.....I suspect his fears are not quite as founded as he thinks.
  13. One thing I also wanted to say.....we have met him. We really like him and in particular, DH, who plays the part of the overprotective dad REALLY well....REALLY likes him. He's really a great guy. The fact that we were so accepting however, seemed to surprise him, according to DD23. Someone asked about his age....he's older than her....late 20s.
  14. Ultimately I think my DD's biggest thing is that.......if she's going to meet these people it's either going to be this week.................or on her wedding day if that is where it goes. Short of major catastrophe, they aren't coming back to the states for years, and she's not going there for, well, years. Her passport is even expired. Funny enough, she has a co-worker, female, who is from the same culture/country, who has told her very similar. Well, using less polite terms lol. So I did tell DD that if someone with that experience is telling her this, its possible it's not a cultural thing but a mother/son thing. (which I think can be pretty universal sometimes.)
  15. Yes. However...Her BF's brother went off an "eloped" for lack of a better word and ultimately, though the DIL is not well liked.....she is accepted and participates in family events on such.
  16. Do people who aren't actually meeting with QE2 offended if these procedures aren't used?
  17. My oldest is 23 and dating someone from another culture. They are...more than semi serious. By that I mean, discussions of the future have happened, rings or dates. Here's DD23's stumbling block. Her boyfriend is concerned about his parent's reaction to him dating an American white girl. His entire family still lives in his country of origin and has no intention of moving to the US. However, he came here on a student visa, is converting that to a working visa, and ultimately intends to gain citizenship. This process is long and drawn out but ultimately, he doesn't intend to ever move back to his country of origin, which means that regardless of who he dates/carries on a relationship/marries...his family simply won't be closely directly involved in his life. Right now, his family is here in the states. They came for his college masters degree graduation (a program with BS and MS together.) They have been here for 3 weeks and will be here another week. He hasn't told them he has a girlfriend. And he's really afraid to, specifically because his girlfriend is an American white girl. But, DD is feeling like he's ashamed of her. In addition, she doesn't want to get started with his family on the wrong foot if things do continue to progress. She has talked to him about this, but he is totally and completely freaked out about the idea of telling his parents. One of her biggest concerns is that if things continue to progress, she may be stuck meeting an unapproving MIL on her wedding day ( dd thinks ahead, but yes...these are discussions.) So...for those who have dated outside their culture, even married outside their culture of origin, how are these things handled? It's outside my experience so I don't quite know how to advise "caution" if that makes sense...
  18. Minimums of 2 buns per person. Having said that, when you start to get up over like 35 or so people, assuming there are other food options, you run into people filling up on different options. Do you have families? Do they have little kids? Are there other food options like hot dogs or ribs or something? Oh, wait, you said barbecue sandwiches. Bring like 250 buns. Even people who don't eat burgers or barbecue are probably going to take buns.
  19. My sister hosted a passion party once. She invited our mom, our other sister, my brother's wife, my SIL, her SIL' was a bit of a bust. All of us were like, thank you, no, not discussing your brother's/son's/DAD'S sex life with YOU! lol I think she felt bad, but I felt more like....I slept in the room directly under my parents bedroom for like 3 yrs. I really truly do NOT need to know more about my parent's tEa parties lol.
  20. Please and thank you! lol. If it makes you happy....great. If there's a problem you are looking for general advice on, I will offer what I can in my somewhat limited experience, and if I can't, I will suggest a better option for advice, if I have one. But to just generally discuss.....honestly, I already know that most folks on earth engage in the act. I just don't need to discuss with others, don't want to hear about others, just for the sake of the discussion.
  21. Generally speaking, no. I am just not a person that discusses private things or bodily functions. I have no problems with general references, or things like 'kids are gone, so we are going to enjoy the evening.' or similar. And if I have a specific problem, I might ask some things in an anonymous situation. But generally speaking, I just prefer to keep things private. But I don't like the implication that people who don't want to discuss it with those outside the people they are engaged in the act with are "repressed." DH and I can discuss it and we are open with each other. Not being open with others about something that is really pretty initimate is doesn't equate to "repressed." Everyone has their things they are private about. I am completely open about many other aspects of my life. What I do with my spouse in our bed just isn't one of those things. And that's ok....not "repressed."
  22. I am struggling to read the website to really understand what's on the diet?
  23. My DD8 has an ASD diagnosis, but I haven't even bothered to TRY any sort of specialized diet. Both she and her younger brother, who doesn't have a diagnosis will just not eat if the food available isn't something they eat. Now, by just not eat, I don't just mean "not eat" I mean that after a bite or two of vegetable they actually will throw it back up all over the table. I am not sure if you are dealing with that level of feeding issue or not, have they ever done any feeding therapy with your grandson?
  24. McDonalds Iced Tea is great if it's fresh. And if you don't want southern style sweet tea, you have to be extra sure that you specify that when you order. And still check it before you pull away from the drive through. There are only a few teas I specifically buy in tea bags, and that's only because I haven't seen them in loose format. I but the Tazo Herbal Passion Tea in bags and this chocolate toffee tea from Greenfields. I get the Greenfields tea at an international market where it's only like $3.50 for a 25ct box. I generally prefer loose leaf tea because I feel like I get more tea out of it. In loose leave I have a lot of stuff from Elmwood Inn. I get those at the same international market I get the Greenfields Chocolate, and that's usually a buck or two cheaper than what I find online.
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