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  1. This, I have some agreement and some disagreement with. I said earlier, I probably would have just taken my kid to the bank after lunch, or stopped by her work while running errands to get the cash out before I threatened to cancel. I suspect that that one small thing would have avoided the son's freak out. But, I don't think it's the parent's "job" to ensure the adult son doesn't go crazy just because he's p!$$@d that mom wants the money he promised her. He didn't follow through on his promise and then didn't think about anyone else but himself when his not following through actually had consequences. That's immature selfish butthole behavior. Even from a 22yr old.
  2. Totally agree with that! I am very big on the person causing the disappointment being the person who informs the kids of what's going on. There are times its unavoidable. And it feels terrible. But yes, if the trip (or party or whatever event) is to be cancelled, the person doing the cancelling does the informing.
  3. Sure, but an adult sibling intentionally causing such disappointment in their younger's a real butt nugget move.
  4. And, quoting myself, I would be BEYOND p!$$@d if my DD23 did that to one of my younger kids. Quite honestly, I would probably lose my 💩 on her over the phone.
  5. Again, when someone is really p!$$@d off and is justifibly so, they sometimes get a bit over the top.
  6. Well, no father "owes" their kid a birthday trip, any more than a sibling owes his siblings. But, when an adult sibling tells a young/minor sibling, that he/she is going to take the younger sib somewhere, then flakes out, and then goes on his/her own, yes, that really is a huge sting to the younger sibling. This isn't a situation where everyone is an adult here. The 16 yr old is coming close, but a 14 yr old is still very much a kid. A teen, yes, but a young one. And they absolutely feel that disappointment very keenly.
  7. I am curious what sorts of reactions people would expect if it was "I think my husband behaved selfishly when he cancelled our kid's birthday trip because he got irked off that I asked him to pay the CC bill....then he went on the trip all by himself and didn't tell our kid." Would we expect anyone to type a sentence like that? I think everyone would be ok with someone saying "my husband is being a selfish @$$hole because he cancelled our kids birthday trip when I asked him to pay the CC...........And then the SOB went all by himself!"
  8. I don't disagree, but I also think that sometimes, when people are really p!$$@d off, the words they use aren't really what they mean to express themselves properly. I mean, I don't know the OP, maybe she really does feel such things about her son overall as a person. But, maybe she's just using imprecise language due to the intensity of the emotion (an intensity which is justified.)
  9. I think perhaps one of the reasons that the OP was using such negative terminology is because she's really p!$$@d off at him about this, and justifiably so. If this had been a good friend, or a guy she was dating, I suspect most of us would have advised to dump that friend/SO. And, if this had been her DH, most posts probably would have been full of recommendations to see a marriage counselor. And terminology like disrespectful, selfish, and opportunistic would totally be used to describe any other adult who did this to her that was not her own offspring.
  10. Total side question... Is herbal teas ok? They don't contain any caffeine at all since they aren't technically made from actual tea leaves.
  11. Breakfast get everyone dressed wash dishes drop a load of laundry in Field Trip Switch laundryFlash CardsChoresSort learning aids (got it started yesterday, didn't get if finished)Ask ask more questions for social studies and science. We got lots of earth science type questions yesterday, I want to get some history questionswork on menu and school planning. We got to the hanger that the museum/exhibit is in. There was a small kindergarten class there and the guys that work there were giving them this little talk. The kids were *not* paying attention at all lol. We waited politely till the group was done so has not to infringe on their lesson. I did hear that the plan was going to fly on Thursday. We got our brochures stamped, then went out to lok at the plane, one of the guys that was giving the kindy talk seemed really excited to see more kids, so he gave us our own personal tour. He answered the kids questions, and they did have some. He let them touch the plane, try on the flight goggles and was really great. We are going to go back on Thursday in the morning because there will be a couple of actual flights, so the kids will get to see it prep and take off.
  12. Yeah, I would probably avoid the ceremony for a betazoid wedding also lol. I would probably go to the reception though provided the bride um.............................changed lol.
  13. Morning all! Today, I have down for a field trip. Should be a quick one, just visiting a replica plane set up in an older hanger and an older, but still working airport. This will give us our last stamp, so that later in the week, we can go get our Wilbears. Also, I have down to do state flash cards and the kids love flash carts, so I suppose I better print them off. In fact, as I typed that, I thought "just do it" so that's at the printer now. SO Breakfast get everyone dressed wash dishes drop a load of laundry in Field Trip Switch laundry Flash Cards Chores Sort learning aids (got it started yesterday, didn't get if finished) Ask ask more questions for social studies and science. We got lots of earth science type questions yesterday, I want to get some history questions work on menu and school planning.
  14. Truthfully, I think that unless there are other serious issues related to all that, i think really, it's probably a good thing for you DS2 to be working through it. It may be that he always has a preference for being comforted by male figures, and really, that's ok. But, this is also a situation where, as you can keep on keeping on, he can learn that you can be a safe female source of comfort as well. So I think, work to meet his needs, as well as the needs of the other kids, but take comfort in knowing that even though none of it is easy for anyone, you and your DH are doing your best and the kids will learn and grow from it. You are doing a good job dealing with it. Your DS2, and the other two kids, are in very good hands. They will come out of this ok, even if it's not a perfect journey.
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