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  1. Games- we already have "dino-opoly" Which we are going to be playing this weekend if I can get all the "property" cards sorted/printed (bought at a yard sale....need to create some cards. Books-I welcome any dino or hot wheel type of 2nd grade level book ideas. He likes to read, but I don't know what to introduce. Puzzles-not a puzzle kid at all. DD10 is, but DS is not.
  2. I didn't grow up in one spot. I moved like 5 or 6 times before I was 11. Then, I *was* in the same place from 11 till adulthood. At the age of 11 we moved from Central Ohio to Central Indiana. And I *hated* it. Central Indiana grew on me as I adopted the area, handled my teen years there, even got married and had kids there as an adult. But you know what....I am not even in the same part of Ohio that we moved from. But....here.....I am home. Everything that I enjoy about the place we live right now....it is everything I hated leaving when I was 11. And again, it's not even the
  3. I am going through tonight's to do list and am realizing....... I am taking a group of girls camping in 3 weeks...and am not dreading it. I *hate* camping. I did it enough as a kid scout to know that I just don't like it. I have taken girls camping before....both when DD24 was a scout and this go around with my younger two girls This time....we are in a lodge and I know the lodge....I helped book it. I am also camping with one other adult, who I know better than other scout parents in the past. I also have both of my girls with me, in the lodge and know how DD10, who
  4. My own son. I know my son and am not necessarily out of ideas for him. It's just....this time of year, with the size of my family there are so many people to multiply by gift giving opportunities He told me he wants a particular Nintendo Switch game which is will be over anyone's price range, except perhaps Santa. He also mentioned another game, that I think is less expensive. Also a lego to build an ankylosaurus (his favorite) and some super mario hot wheels. Basically, the kid loves hot wheels and dinosaurs. And he has lots of hot wheels and dinosaurs already.
  5. Although you certainly know your area better than we would, and I am not discounting that knowledge in the least....I am still going to suggest not to completely count that out. DH and I were completely shocked that our previous landlords didn't do a credit check. We completely expected them to, believing, like you, that it was incredibly difficult to get approved to rent. And, there were at least 3 people who applied for the house we got. In fact, on our walk through, another family was finishing up as we arrived....competition was high for that house. In this place, we *knew* i
  6. Convenience food for the win! Tonight's dinner was supposed to be a crockpot meal. And I didn't get it in the crockpot this morning. So tomorrow's dinner was a chicken dish. That I didn't feel like cooking. I pulled the chicken out anyway. Convenience-Costco packs of chicken thighs.....1 pack equals enough chicken to feed each of us, PLUS have one thigh left for DH to take to work the next day. Dumped that in some water to thaw enough to separate. Then put it in a dish and topped with some Kraft Poppy Seed Dressing. That was actually......REALLY good. Sides-Taylor F
  7. I am going to suggest that you do not presume he can't rent some place without a credit score. My DD had absolutely no credit when she rented her first apartment (which catered to college students.) She needed no co-signer either. Then, she was able to use that record to get the apartment she is in now. When DH and I had to move out of the home we owned, we rented a place from a sole proprietor land lord. We were able to explain exactly what our situation was and the landlord gave us the place without even doing a credit check. (which I know for sure because I was keeping an eye o
  8. Well, if it were me, I would tell them they had to become "pee outdoors" types of guys before I kept a portable toilet in my car.
  9. You know what happy mom.....you should find a really good stand up comedian act. I can suggest a lot, but not all the comedians I enjoy are clean. Jim Gaffagin or Jeff Dunham come to mind as fairly clean. (if not so clean or somewhat political are ok, I can PM you a couple others I like.) A really good stand up comedian act can really bring one out of the dumps.
  10. Well.....if you are the only female, I would think of something for you, and then just have the guys pee on a tree in a park or something.
  11. Oh I don't think they make smiley faces with curls. And certainly not curls that crazy and out of control as mine.
  12. We did Jamestown today for history. My kids could *NOT* understand why the settlers would grow tobacco if they couldn't eat it.
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