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  1. I suspect that purchasing things illegally is the most likely thing. Drugs, human trafficking, firearms, etc. There's probably some code built into the listing or the shops that those who are interested in such things know about.
  2. My only goals are that the kids don't grow up to be obnoxious about it (ie don't intentionally be loud, make a show of the whole thing, etc etc) and to say excuse me. My dad makes this whole show of the entire thing that just makes me roll my eyes (which is why he does it...it makes people roll their eyes.) He's gotta change positions all dramatic like, he's gotta announce the impending doom ("uh oh...UH OH.....here it comes......") and often makes sure to offer commentary on smell or how he feels better.....or for goodness sake how there's one more. I don't want dramatic shows l
  3. I never paid specific attention or anything. But it does appear that most folks at least pay lip service to the mandates, even if they aren't perfect. At least down in the southeast corner where I was.. The mandate is specifically "indoor, or outdoor when social distancing is not possible." So that means that generally, when outside, you aren't going to see masks. But at the grocery stores, hitting the fast food drive thru etc. Beyond DH's work, which was super strict on it, and our tiny little girl scout troop that was half my girls and I, we didn't do much else.....we don't
  4. Kettering rec center is not free to residents but does offer reduced rates to residents. It’s a *really nice* rec center though. Kettering, Beavercreek, Oakwood, Sugarcreek Township, Bellbrook, Miamisburg, Centerville are all áreas I would have considered buying in, with Kettering and Centerville being my top choices, Miamisburg being the bottom Huber Heights, Trotwood, really most of the North/northwest side are areas I would not have. Because we rented, I can’t comment on property taxes. But I can say that Kettering city income taxes were at the higher end for th
  5. Within my family such a thing would be handled by a serious come to Jesus talk... 'Look, I cannot imagine what you are going through with this. It must be the hardest thing you have ever had to do. But, I cannot allow you to hurt my child this way. She loves you and what you are doing is hurting her. You are saying that her very existence is offensive to you...can you see how painful that would be for her?'
  6. Your sister is being unreasonable. It would be as if I was trying to tell my sister that she couldn't have her DH around me for family events. It's non-sensical. Your DD might be a child, but she is a person, and should still be treated as such. Claiming that it's too painful to be around her puts your dd in the position of being an object that can be present or dismissed at will. It's not appropriate for your sister to behave in such a manner.
  7. Oooohh, could you guys sew some up together? I know with DD10 and her feeding issues, having her help me cook helps in the foods department....could having your DD23 help you make a mask (or if she knows how to so, maybe she could do it) make it more likely that she would wear it? The whole pride of "I made this" maybe might have her wanting to show it off.
  8. One other alternative might be to just give up the masks and accept that her medical diagnosis might just mean that she's one of those masking exceptions. DH always wore his mask but the truth is that the lung condition he was diagnosed with was one of those that would have easily qualified for a masking exception. (it was a restrictive lung disease that made actually taking a breath in difficult, so further restricting the inflow of air was tough.) Your adult child does have a medical condition. It is one that presents differently in all those who are diagnosed with it and for many, i
  9. I am sorry you feel so defeated and humliated. My DD10 has an ASD diagnosis. She's very high functioning, but she is also younger than your DD and in addition, her speech patterns make it obvious that there are some issues. I have a couple of suggestions, if I may. First, consider some alternative mask solutions. It's winter time, will she wear a scarf? Not sure what part of the country you are in but if you aren't in an area where it's warm, a scarf could function as an alternate and it could be "marketed" to her as being about keeping warm. Or, a ski mask?
  10. At 1 minute and 12 seconds, I have a really hard time believing that the result would have been different if the police hadn't given pursuit. The cops tried to pull them over and took off. I have a hard time imagining that the teens would have instantly slowed down to normal speeds after taking off at high speed after a cop tried to pull them over. Teenagers who are running around at 2am with loaded guns and stealing cars are not going to suddenly make a great choice the instant the cop slows down.
  11. Ocean beach. Mountains are pretty to look at but I am afraid of heights and therefore hate being up in the mountains. But a beach, I love to swim so the beach is pretty and useful. I prefer ocean to lake because I prefer sand to mud.
  12. There's a scenario that the poll doesn't account for. The kids and I have already had covid, without complications, so that factors into the decision making as well. Since there is about as much data on natural immunity, long term, as there is on the vaccine, long term, I don't need to really put much of a priority on the vaccine decision making. Prior to having had it I would have put off getting the vaccine, specifically because I don't really feel comfortable with new vaccines....I did not get the chicken pox vaccine for DD25, but all the younger kids had it, and we don't do flu shots.
  13. For years we had a queen sleep number. I *loved* it and couldn't feel any movement when DH moved around. DH kept his side super soft and eventually grew to hate the thing.....but refused to adjust the firmness. When FIL passed we inherited the king sized bed and bought a new mattress for it (cause we had no idea how old the ILs mattress was) We got a traditional mattress with a large memory foam topper. The size difference was amazingly awesome. But I didn't like the mattress when we bought it and I still don't. If I could justify the expense of replacing with a king sleep num
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