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  1. DH finally texted me back, no need to drive out there. Woo Whoo! DS7 is done for the day. The girls have both done daily math, daily grammar, and spelling (well, DD11 is just finishing it up.) So DD9 still has-phonics, math, reading, and some handwriting DD11 still has-math, reading, and reading comprehension.
  2. I don’t know what our schedule is today. The schedule I wrote out for the kids includes all the same basics as yesterday. But, DH was supposed to bring some papers in to work for HR and he forgot them. He asked me to drive them out to him, it’s about a 45 minute drive. I don’t mind doing it but I asked him if he could just bring them tomorrow. He said he will check with HR and get back with me. I waited 20 minutes then sent a text asking and he just said he was in a meeting and please wait. I told him that was fine, I just wanted to get it scheduled into my day. That was 2.5 hours ago.
  3. Now, I will say... There is a story of my grandmother, the oldest of 8, being left home alone with 4 of her younger siblings, for an ENTIRE WEEK, including charge of the functioning farm, while my great grandparents took the youngest 3 with them to go to a funeral. My great grandparents farm was in southern MI, the funeral was in the Chicago area. At that point in time, my great grandparents had a single vehicle and no telephone service to the farm. The farm was fully functional (it was still fully functional when I first visited it myself around like kindy age). So my grandma was in chage of 4 sibs, the entire farm, including live stock, for an entire the age of 12. The sibs would have been like 10, 9, 7, and 5. With the closest neighbor being a few miles away, no transportation other than her own feet, and no phone service. In this day and age, that sort of thing would have been unthinkable, but I suppose that in the 30s, that was probably fairly common.
  4. Yeah, I think at age 15, I would be totally cool with 4 to 6 hours.....but I struggle to imagine a situation where there would be no adult home for 4 to 6 hours. Even when DH and I were BOTH working full time, we worked opposite shifts and the cross over was never more than 4 hours.
  5. I think part of my struggle with things like "morning routine" etc, is one scampers off to do it. DD9 constantly tells me "well you see, the truth is....I hate making my bed" (or doing spelling, or folding laundry or whatever the task at hand is.) And then there's the 'half a$$ing" Making sure the floor is actually swept and not just had a broom run over the top. Making sure a kid isn't "potty procrastinating" I also struggle to do things like start a load of laundry before breakfast because I often have to wait for DH to finish his shower, or time out showers, dishwasher, laundry etc. When we lived in Indy, that wasn't so much of an issue, but with homes built in the 60s, it's a thing with hot water and such (and since we rent, that won't be fixed)
  6. I have 4 kids. Ages 24, 11, 9, and 7. With DD24, there was no after school care for the middle school, so we started discussing and teaching around age 11 (mid 5th grade for her). We started very slow, like, staying home while I walked the dog around the block, and then worked our way up from there. Big that point, we had a home phone, plus I had a cell phone. So, if anything happened, she could call me or 911, from the land line. By age 13, I felt comfortable leaving her home, to babysit her baby sister, for about an hour or two. At that point, she had her own cell phone, we had a land line, and I had my cell phone. Having said that....4 to 6 hours, I don't know that I ever had an opportunity to have her home, alone or babysitting, for 4 to 6 hours. I think she was actually *working* 4 hour shifts before there was a chance for her to be home alone that long. My next one down at 11....we are just starting the process of having her home alone, learning how to be home with the younger kids....getting *DH* comfortable with the kids home alone lol. I just had a post last week about leaving her home alone with her sibs for an hour-ish vs taking them with while I went to swim class (I ended up not going due to AF) So all that to say, I guess around age 11 or so, we did, and currently are starting the process of learning. When I was a kid, say, 6th grade or so, there was a neighbor across the street that had their only DD as a latchkey kid at age 8. She would get off the bus at like 2:30, and be home alone for like 3 to 4 hours, at age 8. And mostly, she didn't do anything crazy....came home, ate a snack, did half her homework, played nintendo.
  7. Not sure what other label might be more appropriate. DD11 is afraid to give a wrong answer. She would rather give no answer than the wrong one. A few weeks ago, we had her in a rec center "kids home alone" sort of class. When DH went to pick her up the instructor pulled him aside with concerns that DD couldn't keep up, had to be redirected to write down answers, etc. I thought maybe this was due to this being her first "classroom" sort of experience since 1st grade, but then, last weekend, her GS troop did a cooking badge. Now, I have posted here before, we have done quite a bit of cooking together at home. And my kids aren't going to win Chopped Junior or Kids Baking Championship, but we have done quite a bit of simple and less simple meals. DD11 even received a "MasterChef" cooking set for Christmas, that she uses. In particular, we have done much of this cooking with minimal measuring cups and spoons so we have done a lot of "ok, this is a 1/4 cup, we need a half of a cup for the recipe, how many" And AT HOME, she can answer. At the scout meeting, nothing. I know she knows the answer, but she's afraid to give it. She's TERRIFIED of being wrong. I realized she wasn't writing anything down in the book because she was afraid she would get it wrong and couldn't get confirmation from the teacher before she wrote it. Today, our first week back after break, I tried to keep an eye on this. So working on spelling, the lesson was on differentiating between suffixes. Prisoner is a person who is in jail because of a crime, but greater is a comparison between two things. And sure enough, for most of the words (20 in all ) she needed me to reassure her that she had the right answer before she would write it down. And most of the time, she really did know the answer, she was just afraid to write it until she had confirmation that she was right. Going back to the scout meeting, the leader asked at the end what each kid learned. DD11 was all freaked out, felt put on the spot and could only answer "I learned how to make noodles." Well, thing is, she has been making noodles for a while now. And once things were relaxed, and it was "open discussion" she could talk about how she makes spaghetti all the time and how she liked the chicken and hasn't made that yet, and a bunch of other things. But yeah, as soon as she feels like there is a right or wrong answer, she freezes. Anyone have any suggestions for dealing with this?
  8. Nothing that feels like it sticks is EXACTLY it. We did SO MUCH cleaning last week, while off, and today at almost 5pm, the house looks the same. I often joke that you can tell I clean because every time you see my mess, it looks different. *sigh* It's only funny because it's so very true. When I went to pick the girls up from scouts on Saturday, I mentioned to one of the leaders that we had spent the whole week off cleaning. She said "awww, well that's no fun." No, no it's not, but it needed to be done.....I suppose the consolation is that if it hadn't been done, the house would be in worse shape than it is.
  9. I woke up to my alarm at 5:30 this morning. I am working towards a 5:15 wake up time to be able to get out to the pool before everyone else gets up. It's quarter after 4. So far today I have gotten myself dressed and fed, dragged the kids out of bed, managed showers for all 3 (though I apparently didn't manage it well....DD11 clearly missed her pits.) managed other morning personal care things (srsly DS7, brush teeth means WITH toothpaste lol). Made scrambled eggs or cream of wheat for breakfast, managed school for all....which we still didn't get to ALL of school, DD9 didn't get to math. Also managed to make a deposit of GS cookie money, contacted multiple tax people to find out what they were doing with the crap I faxed them (which, is apparently nothing because they are not showing it as having been received so I have to take all the stuff back to UPS store tomorrow). Also emailed some scanned in papers to DH, after spending time trying to figure out why the printer wouldn't scan to a PDF (never figured it out, sent Jpeg per DH request-as I was typing this, received a forwarded email that they can't do anything with Jpeg and would like him to bring the originals) Also managed regular chores for the kids (please don't forget to unload the dishwasher...DD9, did you remember the dining room table?) And I feel like I have accomplished nothing. I still have a pile of books in my front room that came from the kids rooms that needs to be sorted-some are library, some go in our book case, some are too young and need to be donated, some are so worn out that they need to be pitched (yes, pitched-covers ripped, pages missing....the kids like to read in bed, it happens.) The kids rooms still aren't clean. We had last week off, spend most of the week cleaning.....and still the bedrooms and playrooms look awful, laundry is still backed up, BLAH! And..............I have to start dinner. By the time I get dinner finished, served, and eaten, it's going to be bed time. There are just only so many hours in a day!
  10. DD11 brought me her math and asked me what I wanted her to do so I showed her. She will get all finished. Wooo Whoo!
  11. Math Spelling Phonics Reading DD9 Daily Math Daily Grammar Phonics Math Spelling Handwriting Reading DD11 Daily Math Daily Grammar Math Spelling Reading Reading Comprehension That is where we are at right now. I dunno if math is getting done. I really really want it to but it's 3pm and I am tired of dragging this school ship through the mud for today. We have other stuff to do. I think I can pull DD9 through handwriting. Yay for first day back from break! *sigh* It almost makes me wonder if taking the break is worth it. I did also spend quite a bit of time today on non school stuff- Had to make the bank deposit for GS Called Tax People Called different Tax People (and left a message, they haven't called me back) Had to email some scans of paperwork to DH (this form for a work benefit said to MAIL it in, but DH's HR says they have to submit it. I am not sure I trust them, but that's what it is) Scans were not working so I spent time researching how to correct the problem (was never able to, had to send as is. We will see how this goes.) Filled out another form that DH emailed to me, I will send the paper form back with him tomorrow. So, that's all done, but cleaning isn't. It's rainy and grey today, though "warmer." I missed swimming last Thursday, due to not feeling well due to AF. I am wishing I hadn't. I am going tomorrow though. DH is saying he might have a meeting *sigh*, but I am gonna go.
  12. Good Morning! So far, we have gotten work done. DS7 is done for the day Math Spelling Phonics Reading DD9 Daily Math Daily Grammar Phonics Math Spelling Handwriting Reading DD11 Daily Math Daily Grammar Math Spelling Reading Reading Comprehension I have to go to the bank today to make a GS deposit. And it's supposed to start raining any minute now. I want to try to get out and get back before it gets gross. After we get finished with school, basic chores. And after chores, sorting library books that are all over the front room floor (in a pile specifically to be sorted) and then.....finish the kids bedrooms. Blah.
  13. Have you taken the shuttle and race out to clean out any lint? Alternatively, do you have an old spool of thread? I was having a similar problem once, but once I changed the thread AND bobbin, it solved itself. I think the problem was that the thread was getting caught on plastic bits like spurs along the old spool (or bobbin) and snagging there and that caused the breaking. ETA: I have a computerized Brother machine so my suggestions could be way off lol
  14. What types of things do you want to do? What types of things do you, your mom, and your kids want to do? My mom is 65 (ish) My daughters are 24, 11, and 9. One thing we have all done for years is a garage sale road trip. Some years, we have done one, some years we have done 2. One in May (US 40) and one in August (US 127). This is something we have really enjoyed, we operate on our own schedule, there's some walking but it's a lot of in and out of the car and whoever doesn't feel like getting out..........doesn't. When we get tired, we find the hotel, grab some food (hit a drive through, go to a restaurant, whatever we feel like) eat at the hotel usually, swim, etc. For my younger girls, anything with a hotel with a pool is fun. For my mom, at 65 (ish) she's pretty up for quite a bit, she's pretty healthy for her age. She's good with a beach, a 5k, (which we are all doing this May) a road trip, a casino (obviously not for the younger set) etc etc. So what options you might want to take are going to depend on what sorts of things you all want to do.
  15. Oh goodness gracious, don't feel bad about stuff like that. That stuff is small, and has done it's job. You can't reuse a marker that's dried up. You can't refill old whiteout (at least, not without throwing out the refill container. This stuff is just.....stuff of life. The only way to avoid it is to never use white out, never use a pen or a marker, etc etc. So don't feel guilty about using up something that you can't avoid using unless you are actually willing to go through all the effort of NOT using such a thing....and for a marker, that's really kind of a silly exercise.
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