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  1. happysmileylady

    Hate crime hoaxes

    Ok, I can see what you are saying regarding punishment of hate crimes vs not. I don't know that I agree, but I do understand what what you are saying. And I do totally agree with the idea of "non crime hate incidents."
  2. happysmileylady

    Hate crime hoaxes

    Somewhat off topic but DH and I watch both FYRE documentaries as soon as they were out and you are so right, the lengths people will go Back on topic, I really feel that people who basically create (falsify) a crime..of ANY kind...should really receive some severe punishments. Whether it's a hate crime, or a sexual assault, or a crime to defraud an insurance company, It really really is a special kind of awfulness IMO. Years ago, in Indiana, a couple and their friend stage an arson for insurance fraud. They set up the house for a natural gas leak, then rigged....I think it was the light the gas. I believe the intention was to simply set the house on fire. But it exploded. It exploded with such force that a neighboring house collapsed, killing the couple that lived there. Dozens of homes in the neighborhood were damaged enough to require demolition. And 6 years later, if you look at google maps, there are still empty lots in the neighborhood where homes had to be demolished. And a short time after the explosion, the owner of the home (who is now in prison for life) was on the news, crying "I am the victim here!" People died, millions of dollars of damage, a lifetime of scars, all because someone wanted to defraud an insurance company of money. I am not sure that "hate crimes" are much more awful than ....I guess non hate crimes? terms of awfulness. But then I suppose I tend to think that murder is murder, regardless of the names a murderer yells at their victim. So, I dunno.
  3. happysmileylady

    Giant Emoji's

  4. happysmileylady

    Giant Emoji's

    Nope. Dang it. I tried a same emoji just to see if it was the emojis luck I am sad. No giant emojis for me!
  5. happysmileylady

    Giant Emoji's

  6. happysmileylady

    Giant Emoji's

    hmmm, maybe it's only specifically smileys....
  7. happysmileylady

    Giant Emoji's

    I am trying all of it! lol I really like giant smileys! And in fact, your laughing smiley looks small now....
  8. happysmileylady

    Giant Emoji's

    Clearly, I am a giant smiley failure
  9. happysmileylady

    Giant Emoji's

  10. happysmileylady

    Giant Emoji's

    It totally looks small to me, on my phone or my laptop. But, it also looks prettier as a smaller one Hmmmm
  11. happysmileylady

    Giant Emoji's

    How did you make it so big?!?
  12. happysmileylady

    Giant Emoji's

    Dang it why can’t I make giant smileys?!?!
  13. happysmileylady

    Giant Emoji's

  14. happysmileylady

    Giant Emoji's

    I am totally hoping that my smiley will be giant 🦄
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    Most often, rebounds end up really being about being in a relationship.....and not being in a relationship *with that person.* And many times, neither person realizes that's what is going on. When the people in the relationship don't realize that, one or both can get hurt. ETA: I wanted to say that it's not necessarily that "rebound relationships are bad." I think it's more that people are more likely to end up hurt because the relationship is often not sustainable because it ends up being more about the relationship than the people in it. And I think they are a normal part of learning to navigate the relationship world, because they help young people learn the difference between wanting a relationship vs wanting a relationship *with that person.*