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  1. This is a good summary of what I actually feel about the flag itself (vs the people who like it/use it.) It is the flag of a failed rebellion. The confederate states tried to fracture the United States, and they LOST. They were traitors to the ideals of the United States. They failed, they lost, and I think if more people had any real understanding of that, they would find it just as bizarre to proclaim pride in something that failed and does not exist.
  2. When my DH got a motorcycle, he had this fantasy in his head that he was like Jax on Sons of Anarchy. In reality, he was an overweight engineer father of 4, in flyover country. In his head, when he got on the bike, he was some outlaw bad@SS who was oh so misunderstood lol
  3. Right. I think sometimes people underestimate the naïveté of others. I also think sometimes people overestimate the political intensity of others.
  4. dukes of hazzard. Yes. People who have this secret fantasy that they are Luke or Bo.
  5. I voted other because I automatically roll my eyes and wanna shout “the South LOST dumb@$$” Most people IME, tend to like it because they fancy themselves some sort of rebel Or they are proud of their hillbilly obnoxiousness. It’s a kind of like a pride in being obnoxious, and goes along with shooting of giant fireworks when it’s illegal, drinking the cheapest beer out there, wearing white tank tops all weekend.
  6. I have only ever tipped one set of movers. The first time we paid people, it was our move from Indy to Dayton. We packed, the guys loaded. They were super ultra fantastic. They showed up early, they looked over everything and figured out the most efficient way to load and unload, they had no qualms about the heaviest thing we owned...they were great. We didn't tip them in cash but we did provide lunch and then when it was all said and done, we had a pile of things that we couldn't take that were perfectly good and they were like hey....are you getting rid of that grill/stove/bed/etc? The
  7. Because that sort of thing can help give a therapist insight into the person she is. It gives a starting point. No, Jenny can't back to homeschooling. But it gives the therapist the ability hear that that was something gave her great fulfillment, why did it give her that? What parts of it were great? The purpose of the exercise isn't to give the therapist ideas as to what she could do in the future. The purpose is to give the therapist ideas as to what makes her tick. It's not a "tell me how to fix you" task, its a "help me get to know you in this way" task.
  8. What used to give your life purpose that doesn't anymore? List that.
  9. For her 17th birthday, we paid for her tattoo.
  10. When my DD25 turned 18, I paid for a few hours of a limo, gave her a large gift card to a restaurant downtown, and another large gift card to a movie theater and then told her to invite whoever she wanted to go with. She and her friends were big movie buffs and she worked at a theater so got many movies for free, but nothing first run. I don't even remember what they went to see, but she was thrilled. Bonus.....because I had paid for X hours, I knew exactly what time she was home.
  11. She already got a different job so NBD. I just know that for me (and it would have been true for DH as well) when someone says "partner" instead of husband/wife/fiance/boyfriend/girlfriend, I tend to automatically presume it's a same sex relationship. It's not because I care, it's just because it's unusual to me to hear that term used outside of a same sex relationship. I am crossing my fingers that, now that she has a new job, the term "finance" can become the official reference soon.
  12. DD25 used the term "partner" in reference to her boyfriend in a job interview. The question was about her move from IN to CA and she said that her partner got a new job out in CA. I said...."you know they probably though your BF is actually your GF. She insisted that "partner" is super common in her generation. I said "yeah, but it's not in mine.....how old were they?" And yeah, they were my age. She didn't get that job and I sometimes wonder if that was why.
  13. If it's just the last straw wrt the job, I suggest separating the two issues. You can send the kids to camp AND quit the job, especially since camp doesn't solve your childcare issue anyway.
  14. If the kids were looking forward to it, I would give them the choice. The 6yr old might not really understand but the 9yr old would probably get that if she wants to do camp, she has to deal with the test.
  15. How badly do the kids want to go to camp?
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