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  1. Nope. No strings attached school. I have some personal philosophies regarding "paying for school" that I won't discuss here because my ideas tend to freak out or offend people. They worked out well for DD23 so I can't say I will change them, but they are probably counter to your basic concept. However, I remember a discussion once when my oldest graduated high school. My aunt and uncle, big proponents of parents paying for college, were out for my oldest's high school graduation, which also served as a sort of family reunion. They had paid for their own kids college, both of whom went to expensive schools, got degrees they never used and honestly.....just didn't provide a great example of ROI. The morning before my aunt and uncle left, we all went to breakfast. DD23 complained about DH and I not paying ANYTHING for school. And my aunt, maybe out of experience, said to my kid " Your mom is right. This way there are NO strings attached and you can get the degree YOU want. " Don't have the kids switch schools. If you are paying and you are paying what you can afford and this sets your kids on the path they want to be on, then do NOT alter than just because someone else wants to offer cash for puppet strings. This isn't about a luxury gift, it's about your kids and their education and path in adult life. Tell your parents thank you very much for their generosity, but the college students are already too far along to make changes and the ones not there yet, they are already on the path to specific colleges and can't accept funds for schools that don't get them where they want to go.
  2. Ok, so Tuesday is usually Taco Tuesday, I think I had taco casserole on the menu for tomorrow. And Wednesday is usually DD10's pasta day, and I don't remember the pasta dish, but I have stuff to make most pasta dishes. I am pretty sure I had a crockpot meal on the menu for today, which of course that ship has sailed. I don't remember what I had for Thursday, Friday is usually pizza but I don't think that's what I had. And no idea what was for Saturday. Oh, wait.....I think I had ham (leftovers, in the freezer, just need to reheat) carrots, and biscuits on the menu probably on Thursday or Friday.....I think we will have ham tonight.
  3. Just whining. First, I have to say that there is one really good thing that happened today. I got word back from our portfolio reviewer that we are clear to homeschool next year (our state requires either a yearly standardized test or a portfolio review by a certified teacher each year.) I was so nervous about it since this is the first year I have had to do anything like that. But, the rest of the day *sigh* *I woke up with a PMS headache. That headache I get the day or two or three before AF visits. Thankfully not a migraine, but still so annoying. *I have had a rash on my arm for a few days. At first I thought it was just a bug bite but then it kept spreading. And it *hurts* rather than itches. Like not terrible awful, but it does hurt. So, not having a regular doc here yet, I stopped by the little clinic inside Kroger. It's Shingles! I would never have guessed, I thought it was something that wasn't really a risk until I was older. *I am generally all PMS-y. Irritable, restless, snappy, plus tired and just blah. And AF isn't even here yet. *I have lost my meal planner. For a long time, I had been planning menus in an excel spreadsheet, but the last several months, that really just wasn't working for me anymore. So I switched to a paper system in a Mini Happy Planner. I have only been using this a few weeks and really liked it and now it's GONE. I can't find it anywhere. The last place I had it was at the grocery store, since I had my grocery list in there. I checked at the store service desk, no one has turned it in. It's no where at home, didn't find it in the grocery backs when I put the groceries away. The most likely thing that happened to it is that it fell out of my purse into my van somewhere and when I had the kids cleaning out the van after grocery shopping, they accidentally threw it away. I barely got to use it, so what a waste of money, plus, I have no idea what I planned to make this week!
  4. How long are you looking to keep flour? Someone mentioned the freezer, that's a good option for flour storage, if you have the space. Other items work well with other sorts of storage so I think it's just going to depend on what you want to store and for how long.
  5. WOOOOOOO WHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! We are official for next year! The review just emailed me back and said the portfolios are great and that I did a great job with the kids this year. The paper work is in the mail today!!!! I am SO relieved!
  6. When I cook with kids, all kids get a day. So, Wednesday is usually pasta day. Guess what DD10's favorite dish is...pasta. So she gets to help me make the pasta and the sauce, and most of the time, DH, DD10 and I eat it, the youngest two get nuggets those days. THOUGH....DD8 has begun to warm to we are at a point now where mostly, she eats the pasta, but I need to have a stand by available. DS6 only eats about 2 bits before he needs something else. It's really a lot of work. And, I tend to live by a "just do what you gotta do" sort of mantra, but sometimes, really is WORK.
  7. She's a young for her age 10. I mean, she will be 11 in November, but she's a late bloomer type of kid. She's right now at the stage where we can "explain" that the other two have special needs, but that the explanation doesn't really remedy the feelings of "they get what they want, why can't I" stuff is all that helpful to her. Does that make sense? Also, although feeding issue are super big deal for her siblings......overall, her sibling issues have them still at a very high functioning level. Truth is that if I wasn't committed to teaching my kids how to eat healthy, they could probably survive to adulthood on a typical american diet. Eggos for breakfast, Uncrustibles for lunch, nuggets and fries for dinner, my youngest to would scarf that up. Every day and twice on Sundays. Stick a raw broccoli (or cooked) in front of the youngest two, they would run and hide.
  8. I don't want to be the mom cooking 5 different meals for 5 different family members. The problem is that I have one child with an ASD diagnosis and another who might qualify. Their biggest issues are language and feeding and of course, there are many times where these two don't eat the same things. I have spent YEARS working with their feeding issues. Lots of food chaining. Lots of incremental exposures. OT for feeding issues. Cooking with kids and having them choose menus. Truth is we spend a lot of time focused on food and eating. And for the most part, really, this HAS paid off. We ARE making progress and I get that this is not a sprint but a marathon. Tonight, DH is grilling ribs for us, chicken for the kids. Also corn on the cob and some potatos for us, the kids will get some random sides according to what they eat. Meaning that DD8 will probably have a banana DS will probably have a serving of goldfish, maybe a yogurt. Here's where the "I don't want to be a short order cook" comes in. DD10 eats nearly everything we are serving. She will eat the ribs OR the chicken legs. She will eat corn on the cob. And although she doesn't eat potatoes, she will eat just about any raw veggie or fruit in the fridge, which of course are easy. She found hot dogs in the fridge and wants those instead. It's very obvious that all this food dance that we have to do with these other two is affecting her in such a way that she's learning to NOT eat everything like she has. My oldest is one who had no medical related feeding issues and I raised in such a way to expose her to as much of a variety as possible. I started feeding DD10 this way and it also worked well. It wasn't until I was hit with ASD feeding issue that have kids throwing up at the mere thought of putting a veggie in their mouth and preferring to eat drywall instead that I had to make food a "big deal." I don't know how to tell DD10 that no, we aren't making you a special dish just because you want it, when she sees us make the other two special dishes because they WON'T eat something else. And for the record....there are VERY FEW dishes that everyone in the family will eat. I think we are at 3-Tacos, Pizza, and Fried Chicken. Even then, all of them don't eat those the same way, so there are different toppings or sides. I don't want to force feed my kids food they hate. At the same time, I don't want them to think that they can make demands of the cook any time the menu isn't to their specific whims at the time. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas we haven't already tried/aren't already doing? I don't want to make food a fight but at some point, spending hours in the kitchen/at the grill, timing out each individual person's specific dish is just too much. And at this point, the "make it yourself option" just isn't there yet, unless I want to feed my kids chicken nuggets and PB sandwiches day in and day out. ETA: in case it's not clear I have 4 kids. They are ages 23, 10, 8, and 6. DD8 has an ASD diagnosis. DS6 probably would qualify but we haven't received one yet. DD23 is a fully launched adult that I no longer cook for and has a very diverse palate.
  9. Portfolio has been received, got the email today! She says 1 to 2 days to review. My nervousness is totally kicking into overdrive. I will feel such relief once I get the response that she's sending the paperwork back in the mail. I mean, we are doing work. I know my kids have made progress through the year and that's what I think I have shown. It's kind of like being nervous before you get your SAT scores lol. Since it was received yesterday obviously, I am hoping that at 1 to 2 days, she can have it in Tuesday's mail, with an email to me on Monday evening telling me it's all good. AND THEN, I will feel totally clear to finish planning the summer and start planning the rest of next school year.
  10. Went to the picnic, it was not terrible. First, they set up the bounce houses inside the barn (the picnic is at the fair grounds.) Second, they had a LOT more things for the kids to do this year, like a mini putt putt (mini mini golf?) and giant jenga. Also, one of the bounce houses this time was like a ninja warrior style set up, the kids LOVED that. And finally, the door prizes....they were drawing throughout the picnic instead of waiting until the very end. The fact that it wasn't BLAZING HOT helped too. We might go swimming today, or not. The pool has updated that they DO plan to open but aren't sure how long they will stay open. And with it being Father's Day, DH really just kinda wants to sit around, drink beer, watch fishing videos and grill ribs. I hope to get our school paperwork back this week. She said she returns paperwork within 10 days of receipt. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  11. Well, please be aware I am a huge fan of disney stuff, so this list will include a lot of that. Ohana from Lilo and Stitch crap, I didn't mean that to be so big. I am not sure how to provide a link without youtube putting the video in. Anyway, that would be more of a lunch time song, IMO. Also from Lilo and Stitch, Hawaiian Roller Coaster ride, probably also for lunch time. For quite time in the morning, I recommend Somewhere Over the Rainbow, but the Israel Kamakawiwoʻole version version. Hakuna Matata from Lion King for lunch You Got a Friend In Me from Toy Story In terms of video game music, the old mario brothers music is pretty fun 🙂
  12. So the original plan for today was: Go to the pool for swim lessons, eat lunch there, then spend and hour or two swimming, then run a couple of errands and then home for the day, with chores and sorting to occur in the afternoon. I forgot the mower was coming, so we went for swim lessons (it was downright *cold* lol) then came back home. Mower guy came and it took way longer than usual because he ran out of gas halfway through and had to go to the gas station and fill up a can. He just left a little bit ago. It's already 2:30 in the afternoon. I don't know if we will be swimming today or not. The kids were blue lipped when they got out after a half hour of lessons. It's not even 75* out today and yesterday, temps didn't get above 60, overnight we were down to the 40s. Plus it rained a cold rain all day yesterday, the water is chilly, and the air is not warm. The kids haven't asked about swimming either. I guess we will go run the one errand we need to run and then see where we are after that. Tomorrow, DH's company has their summer picnic. I don't generally enjoy it, but I will go for DH. I am not sure that DH actually enjoys it either, but he seems to feel like he *has* to look good to his boss or something? I am not sure. They usually have bounce houses set up outside for the kids, so the kids usually have a good time. Of course, it's supposed to be storming tomorrow so I don't think they will have the bounce houses up.
  13. I have posted these things before. And it might be approaching commonplace. But, I am going to share anyway. I sent the kids to bed. We have done no reading today because of the field trip. I haven't mentioned doing any reading all day. I went to grab something from my bedroom and walked past the kids room. DD10 is on her bed, reading a library book. And, I JUST LOVE IT. Seriously. In January, she was telling people she hates reading. And now, she just............................does it. I love it.
  14. With DD10, we used these printable base ten blocks I printed them out on card stock
  15. Ok, sorting isn't happening before we leave. But, morning chores are done. That's good enough.
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