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  1. What sort of dental surgery? I had a tooth pulled a week ago. It was truly one of the worst extractions I have ever had (and this was number 7 or 8). The dentist said he was one of the most difficult he has ever had as well. And now, I am recovering from a dry socket. Yes, my face is super irked at me right now. Extraction was on the right side and other than crunchy stuff (chips, crusty bread, etc) most foods are ok, as long as I chew on the right side since the extraction was on the left. Things with little bits, like rice and such, those are actually pretty annoying (and by annoying I mean sudden acute pain that brings tears) because it gets stuck in the socket and that's so painful. Not eating anything with nuts right now, it would send me to bed for an hour or more. Again, no chips. Fried chicken is a no, but baked is ok. Basic ham is probably ok...I plan to eat ham on Sunday. Cheese cubes are good....crackers to go with, not so much. Mashed potatoes are always ok. Pasta is good because it's soft. I won't be eating corn...little kernels in the socket, no bueno Deviled looking forward to those.
  2. Because they are special sets and no longer made, I suggest keeping them for now. My mom has a giant tub of legos she kept as all of us got older. Mostly, they were my brother's but everyone played with them. And as us kids grew, my nephews played with them, and now, my own kids. BUT....they weren't special sets. And pieces get lost regularly. Occasionally mom buys a basic set to fill in the tub. Honestly, I am not a big fan of the "sets," and am trying to avoid buying them for my kids. I don't think they really bolster the creativity that basic legos do. But since you already have them and they are already put together, then, yes, I think that for now, you keep them. It's not like a Harry Potter or Star Wars set is going to be difficult to get rid of ten years from now, if he still wants to be rid of them.
  3. You say he might go to visit but that there's little time available with work stuff. So I suggest taking care of the practicalities that you can surrounding that. If he's planning to go visit after work, have everything ready like a meal on the go or a snack for the car ride. Book the rental car or hotel room if he needs it, that kind of stuff. Basically, taking the details off his plate.
  4. Listen. Prepare to handle whatever practicalities you can. By that I mean things like making sure he has appropriate clothing ready for whatever funeral/wake/memorial service might be held. Learn about the legal processes regarding the estate law might apply or might not. (note, I am not suggesting that you work to insert yourself into the estate affairs, rather, gather knowledge so you can help him if problems come up.) Are his parents actually divorced? And yes, make his favorite mac and cheese, bring good coffee, etc.
  5. My DH was in the national guard when I met him and his full time job was as a correctional office. Not quite the same but close. And he hated it, though, honestly he was good at those things. He's now a mechanical engineer. How did he get to that point? Well, it started with me basically just asking him a lot of questions about what he really wanted to do. What did he enjoy, what things were fun, etc etc. Then started in college with a architectural major but switched up almost halfway through. It originally took him nine years to finish his bachelor's but he started out part time, hadn't been in school for over a decade and a half, AND...we were having our 3 younger kids all during his schooling.
  6. So...grrr... DH just told me that he is taking Monday off so that he has a 4 day weekend. Which, fine for him, but it's dang near impossible to get school done when DH is home. I really wanted to hit the ground running on Monday. And, I was looking at next week, I forgot, DD10 has a dentist appointment on Wednesday. It's first thing in the morning, 7:45am. And she's going to be sedated because she's having a tooth pulled. Which means pretty much no school for her Wednesday, and I am not sure about the rest of the week either. All of which means I am not sure how I am going to manage next week. I really wanted to be gung ho about getting our last "grading period" done. *sigh* I dunno
  7. We don't go huge on baskets and they have always been full of candy. When DD23 was a teen my mom (who is the egg hunt person) created the egg hunt as a scavenger hunt with a larger prize at the end. The prize was usually something like a gift card and a fancy chocolate bunny, Or something she had been looking at like video game or movie (with the fancy chocolate lol.) For us, I always just stayed with candy for her, because like I said, we don't go super huge on baskets. Our baskets are nearly all candy. The little kids usually get some bubbles, a kite and some sidewalk chalk from the dollar store. So I usually gave DD23 a $5 bill or a GC instead of those things. Once she was moved out and frequently wasn't here for Easter Sunday, just some fancy chocolate.
  8. There's a drone image here from above which shows the whole interior on fire. And they are now saying they may not be able to save it at all. So sad. Thankfully, it seems no injuries or fatalities. And it seems that most if not all of the art and relics have been saved. I hope that whatever started the fire was out of human control at all. It would be awful if it was intentional, though it seems they don't believe that to be the case at this time. It would be almost as awful if it were unintentional but caused but outright carelessness, such as someone improperly disposing of a cigarette or similar. And I just couldn't imagine if it was something completely accidental by a totally unintentional mistake...being the person to have made that mistake.
  9. Taxes are finished. I called the city, they said to prorate the line I was confused about. Hope that works, the W2 won't match, but they said pro rate it so I did. I am also positive that I messed up the state taxes, but the "right" way is showing absolutely no tax liability and I know that can't be right. But since I am sure we are due some sort of refund for ohio, I will just send it in and let them figure out the mistake. Good luck getting all that done!
  10. We are doing spring break this week. No School! I have to get taxes finished today. I did the city taxes, we owe $233 to the city. But there's no form for part year residents and there is a part that is confusing because there's no accounting for the partial year residency in that line. *sigh* I think I am going to call them and ask about it before I go drop them off. Tomorrow I am taking DD10 to spend the night with my mom, and then picking her up on Wednesday. And, lots of cleaning and planning this week.
  11. Seriously. Yes, please teach my KID....please do not teach her diagnosis.
  12. Here's the thing. I knew a "Jake." He was my 10yr old's best friend. Before we moved here, his mom expressed some of her struggle because DD10 was his ONLY best friend, and she, genuinely, actually likedhim. He wasn't different to her, they got along fantastically. I found him annoying, but DD actually didn't. He was impulsive, loud and highly active. DD10 loved him. LOVED him. In contrast, is my DD8. My DD8 is actually almost the opposite of our "Jake." She's incredibly social. In a concentrated school activity, she's likely better at it than DD10. She melts down maybe once a year. She's NEVER mean and in fact is almost hyper sensitive to other's feelings and wants them to feel better. Truth is, if my DD8 didn't have such a severe language deficit, I am not sure anyone would see her as someone who has an ASD diagnosis. And yet, she and "Jake" have the same diagnosis. Yet, it's so different. SO SO SO different. But any people hear ASD and assume that DD8 is like Jake when in fact, her things are so very different and if a person can have a LOT of general patience and listen to her words, they will find that she is very much not like "Jake." But because she has the same diagnosis, it's assumed that she is. Some of that is likely that girls present differently than boys in an ASD diagnosis. However, I suspect some is a lack of understanding of a person vs a disorder.
  13. Not a homeschool moment, but a good neighborhood moment to add... The weather is getting nice again. We moved here last July and it was SO hot that most folks, including us, spent lots of time inside. And then it got cold and again, lots of time inside. So the last week or so, 60s and 70s, and our kids have been outside a LOT. They are starting to require nearly daily showers lol. But the best part, they have been out front riding bikes, scooters, skating, etc etc. And the neighbor kids are coming out to play. Much of our neighborhood is older folks, but it happens that our next door neighbors have small kids, as do the neighbors across the street. And the neighbors across the street brought their kids over today so that everyone could ride bikes together and such. The other day, the neighbors next door had the little one (she's like 4) out with sidewalk chalk and stuff and all the kids were playing together. "Do you like hot wheels?" "I have lots of hot wheels" "I do too!" "Get your hot wheels!!!!" There are some kids down the street too, I am hoping we can draw them out as well this spring.
  14. I dunno, I have read about people losing their paid for homes to their HOA. I don't know all the details though. Also though, judgements/liens do show up on your credit report, so that could affect the ability to get other types of loans.
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