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  1. Since it's your son that is actually concerned, I suppose the question is, would you and he watching mass, particularly combined with the delivery of communion, help to ease his fears, even if you (or your spouse) aren't actually feeling the experience of the mass the same way. Sometimes kids have different perceptions and given the situation, maybe good enough for him is just good enough in general?
  2. Oh, mama! Please, tell him even priests have to take a day off to care for sick people. Let him know that God knows the goodness and intentions in your heart and that God wants him to be very well cared for.
  3. Well, I am no longer a believer, so take this all for what it's worth. However, I do have experience in the Catholic faith. I won't outline it all, but I will say from attending a Catholic school as a child, to having all 4 of my kids, down to DS6 baptized in a Catholic church, I do understand quite a bit of Catholic teachings. I am certainly not perfect, and obviously, don't understand them all. I also moved a lot as a kid. So, this experience was in multiple parishes. I haven't ever encountered a church that had any sort of hard line on this at all. I only have a very small recollection of it being mentioned in my confirmation class. Having said that... There are quite a few televised and live streamed mass options specifically for those who strongly desire to attend mass but for medical or other reasons, cannot. Would that be an option for you? It would not provide for communion every week, but perhaps could be an option given the medical situation? ETA: Does your parish have an option for communion for the elderly and medically fragile?
  4. Right, all of this. As I am sure people can guess based on my previous post, I have curly hair. As Arctic Mama can attest's like *really* curly. My kid shares my curly hair. She and I have different hair types, and therefore use different products. Some of the product she uses come from what is usually titled the "ethnic" hair section of the store. When she lived on campus, a black student who was friends with her roommate saw the product and using words I won't repeat, informed my kid she had no right to use that product because it wasn't for white people. My kid doesn't use it to mock black people or black hair. She uses it because it works well *for her hair.* (and, honestly, there isn't a whole lot of product in the non "ethnic" section for people with hair like ours. And there aren't many stylists who can handle it properly) And while there a a lot of folks who wouldn't care if a white person uses hair product from the "ethnic" section of the store, the truth is, there are also a lot of people who really do care. It is just one more thing that makes the line of appropriation so hard to figure out.
  5. No, not throw it out the window. You said awareness. I am saying be aware that awareness not a one way street, but an intersection with multiple roads coming together. Be aware of where you are coming from, of where you are going, and also be aware of all the other routes, roads, and paths that are part of the whole thing.
  6. And this is really what makes the concept of cultural appropriation so hard. The line IS so different for everyone. And "awareness" can really only do so much. The truth is, most good people (and I believe that most people are good) don't want to hurt other people's feelings. So, most good people try not to offend and therefore, try to avoid cultural appropriation. But, at some point, there's this place where, everything is going to be viewed as offensive by someone. Stella said But, some other people are. There are people who feel things about hairstyles and earrings very strongly. Which ultimately is why the thread exists in the first place. Cultural appropriation is a place where "awareness" intersects with the reality of "you can't please everyone."
  7. At what point though does it stop being an extension of the original problem? Of course, we are talking about canoes here, which aren't exactly something a single culture invented. And it's not like white Europeans had never ever seen such a water craft before the colonial period.
  8. Do you believe that the plastic massed produced canoes of today are direct ripoffs of a specific culture's method of water transportation?
  9. Do you believe that somehow we went from a white European seeing a native person with a canoe to instantaneously mass producing plastic canoes that Bass Pro Shops makes millions off of? I am sure you don't. I am sure you understand how it's hundreds of years of bits and pieces and sharing of ideas and so on. I think what you are suggesting is that the "idea" of the canoe was appropriated. Which, honestly I just can't agree with. Virtually every technological idea and advancement is not a single idea or invention, but rather a conglomeration of hundreds of years of ideas. And no, I just can't see that long term sharing of ideas and such as a bad thing.
  10. It's not necessarily the targeted ads themselves that creep me out. It's the fact that it happened *THAT FAST.* I literally clicked a different tab, accidently clicked a link and then clicked back to the youtube tab and there was the new ad. Today, I am back to Kroger and Wix and Peleton.
  11. One thing you might consider is a slightly earlier start? Maybe start at 8 instead of 8:30? Or even 7:30. But, I will also reiterate, maybe you don't do everything every day. Maybe you do like 6 wks of PE, skip Art. Then, maybe you do 6 weeks of art, no PE. (especially if running round outside is a part of's gonna get cold here soon). Then, maybe you do 6wks of a language, and no art and no PE. Then maybe 6 weeks of music, but no Art, PE or Language. Or maybe instead of doing social studies every day, you alternate social studies on Monday, Science on Tuesday, Social Studies on Wednesday, Science on Thursday, and then neither on Friday. Maybe you skip Bible during the whole week, but make all day Sunday bible day. Or, something similar, you get the idea. There are different ways to cycle through that sort of stuff.
  12. I think cultural appropriation is a weird thing because groups are made of individuals, and individuals have different thoughts and ideas. So, within a group, what one person sees as cultural appropriation another person might see as a sharing of a tradition. Honestly, I wish I could wear braids. Not because of some trend or whatever, but to just keep my hair under control. 🤣 Most days, my hair looks like a bad perm that Bob Ross could have been proud of lol
  13. What is "everything required by the state?" I think that you don't necessarily have to do *everything* every day. Do you have just one kid? How old is he?
  14. Absolutely!!!! 1000% percent! My 23 yr old thinks I am the poster child for extreme cheapskates. “Mom, srsly, you *cannot* buy that, please just spend a little more to get a better one. Mom, please. PLEASE Mom! “
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