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  1. One of the biggest problems with special education is that it encompasses so many differences. The needs of my 10yr old, who has an ASD diagnosis are just so very different than the needs of a child who has perhaps a TBI as a result of an abusive situation where the parents ultimately lost custody. Or the needs of a child with speech delays. Or birth injuries, etc etc etc I once had a kid in the classroom who had a host of diagnosis. He had violent tendencies, even beyond the typical middle school fights. Think throwing desks, punching kids for perceived insults, etc. Kids on t
  2. First, hormones are a thing. Reason number 78,562 that I dislike being female. I swear my brain falls out of my head for about 7 days...2 days before and then the next 5. I find it SO HARD to get things done, to focus etc etc. I sometimes find myself making endless lists....and then making lists of my lists....and rarely execute anything during that time! next, increased screen use is a thing. I notice it in my kids more than I notice it in myself, but I try to manage myself the same way I manage the kids use. We are finally settling into our new normal enough and with decrea
  3. Was there home owners insurance or a mortgage (or both) on the property? I ask because if either of those things are in place, you may not have a choice on how you choose to fix it. Even if there was no mortgage or insurance....if you are wanting to sell it, I still recommend finding a general contractor. Perhaps get in touch with your realtor and see if they can help you in that regard. DH and I had the home that we owned sustain $20k+ worth of water damaged due to a burst pipe while it was vacant (we had the heat on and were doing regular checks, it was just one of those thin
  4. The analyses of the cruise ships have been a huge basis for much of my thought processes for this whole thing. So far, I haven't found much reason to change my stance based on initial analysis of that situation. It isn't a perfect lab condition situation but it's probably the best representation of real world data that we could have asked for.
  5. As I said, I will be playing with this for quite a while. Part time vs full time shifts, no masks vs very likely etc etc. I think the evening will be interesting for me. (presuming of course accuracy in such a calculator. I am willing to fully trust results because of course....we are just debating on a message board, not making rules.)
  6. Yep, that's what I am talking about. Forget trying to sell it, just toss it out there and see if anyone wants to give you money before you do what you were going to do anyway.
  7. So, that was interesting. I entered the typical information for my girl scout meetings. Certainly, some of it was averaged or estimated, but I did the best I could. I got a 1% risk. Remove masks....I got 2%. I then put in my best (and honest best.....this was just quick calculations, I am sure that I could drill down with more effort) estimates for a typical grocery store visit. I got 10% non masked, but 6% setting masks at average. SO, making my best estimation for human behavior, the reduction was 4%. I then put in my best estimates for DH
  8. You could just do this with everything. Give the entire lot away on your lawn. All that means is that every thing you give away on the lawn is one less thing that you have to actually go through the effort of hauling away yourself. Throw it all out on the lawn, post a sign that says everything is free, and don't even bother manning the "sale." The goal is to get rid of it with the least amount of effort possible so who cares if people walk away with crap.
  9. Well, I have said from the beginning, I genuinely want to know....just how much risk is reduced in general day to day situations. How much risk is reduced when I wear a mask for the hour and a half I am in the grocery store. How much less likely are the cashiers there to catch covid if all customers, most of whom are not carrying covid, wear masks? 50% less likely? 15% less likely? ETC ETC. So....I really genuinely want people to TRY to study these things. Second....require specific types of masks. Mask mandates are "any mask is better than no mask" and I think we can all a
  10. Go ahead and do a near zero effort yard sale. I call it "throw it on the lawn and see what happens." If your goal is to get rid of it, it doesn't matter what you sell it for or how you set it up. Your only goal in this sort of sale is to make more than the cost of the gas to take it to the thrift store yourself. The effort to gather it all up to sell it is equal to the effort to gather it all up to take it away, so the only difference a near zero effort sale is tossing it out on the lawn before you toss it in the van and then.......wait a day or two. Only price a fe
  11. I don't even want perfect. I only want better than we have. And by better, I don't mean more strict, I mean better targeted and more reasonable. And it would be fantastic to debate what "better targeted and more reasonable" means without accusations of "human rights infringment" OR "maskholes are evil murderers."
  12. Interestingly, I recall being a passenger in European countries and being terrified due to the lack of lane markings and participation of such lol. Lane markings, signage etc....it's as good as the participation of the public in such regulations, and no better.
  13. It's true that we mandate stopping at stop signs. It's also true that stop signs have been studied at length. Red colors and octagonal shapes didn't occur by accident. The current manifestation of stop signs is a result of many years of testing on effectiveness of the "messaging" for lack of a better word. We haven't had the luxury of studying covid at the same level because...........time. Aside from all that however.... Not all intersections have stop signs. Some have stop lights. But some have only flashing yellow lights. And some, they might have s
  14. I have re-read this statement a few times in the last few days to figure out what I was thinking on it. I think there are a lot of people who aren't saying that *MASKS* don't work. I think what those people are generally, actually saying is that *MASK MADATES* don't have efficacy levels that are substantial enough to warrant blanket mask mandates. Mask mandates are as much (or more) about human behavior as they are about the tech being used. And if human behavior is negating X amount of the efficacy of the tech.....that calls into question the effectiveness of mandate
  15. DH's first symptom was a general malaise. Then, a very mild fever....mild enough that it didn't trip the temp sensors at work. Not that he was trying to go to work feeling sick, he didn't realize he had a fever until later in the day....but again, it was super mild. Upset stomach Because of his lung condition, he already had a cough and shortness of breath. The shortness of breath that increased was probably the last thing before he went into the hospital. For DD10, her first symptom was the swollen sinuses. The sneezing started later that day, and she was
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