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  1. Originally, I assumed stuffing meant it went in the bird and dressing is a side dish. Since most people make it as a side dish because of food safety... it seems that stuffing is usually crumbs and dressing is usually cubes. I use the terms interchangeably.
  2. #1, a scarf or winter hat, mini silicone spatula set (I bought these months ago for christmas gifts when I saw on sale. I love the size, so handy), special food stuff like local homemade jams or syrups or raw honey, maybe a fun board game or card game. Feather quill pen, or fancy pen set, or nice tall mug. I'm thinking of exchange ideas too. We are thinking of trying a gift exchange where you pick a number and can steal gifts at our family party. However, it will be a mix of kids and adults. Not sure if this idea will be fun or a flop. Not sure if we should make it a gag exchange. We'll decide on Thanksgiving.
  3. Ah, that makes it hard if school work is on the tablet. I guess, I would try to have a few different things that are put up so seem "new" when you get them out. Wiki sticks are fun. We got those out last week during a time of boredom. Even just the difference between play dough and clay can be enough to capture interest here. I also sometimes let him play with a game, but you'd know if this would work and you wouldn't lose pieces. Blokus works well. He will put the game pieces on like a puzzle. Can your older kids take breaks from school work and play with your PK for 10 min? That happens naturally here (where are you? Go back to the table!), but does probably help with my PK's day.
  4. I meant is the trail guide part of Trail Guide to Learning? I think it must be different things with similar names
  5. How old is he? Big difference between just 4 and almost 5. My nearly 5 yr old has about a 15-20 min violin practice, which is just lots of exercises because he isn't playing yet. We are doing LOE which is maybe 15-20 min but not every day. He does some sort of math game, like counting on the abacus or rolling dice and saying amounts or saying which die is larger or making patterns. So all of this school stuff is less than an hour. He loves legos and spends most of his time with them for which I am grateful. Also he builds with wood blocks or archiblock, knex, etc. He loves to get a job. He can empty the dishwasher basket of utensil in the drawer. Sometimes he straightens the shoes, sometimes he sorts out all the socks in the clean laundry. He listens when I read Life of Fred especially but sometimes to history and other books. He watches Mystery Science lessons. When I have a break between kids, I try to read him a picture book. I do have boxes of stuff in the closet that I will get down when he needs something new, like a box of dominoes and lining them up will amuse him for awhile. He also likes doing memory cards. He really likes the Seemore, Can You See What I See books. I will read the items, and he'll work on finding them, then I'll read the next few. He loves these books. Sometimes just changing things up a little helps. If he usually crayons, get out some watercolor paints, or even markers. Sticker projects can be exciting as stickers are usually kept put away here. He also likes to just cut up paper. Today he folded something and cut the edges and said it was a book. Generally, I assume it's snowflakes but I just let him play and then sweep up the mess. I do NOT allow tablets at home. They are used when another child has to go to a music lesson or a sporting event. This is a maximum of 2.5 hrs per week, though usually at the sport he plays much of the time with other kids his age, so it's more like 1.5 hrs per week at music lessons. I also do not allow day time movies. Very rarely (only twice since we started fall school), if he is restless and I'm very busy, I let him watch Cedarmont Kids which is just singing in different settings so I consider it ear training and not over stimulating. I would put up the tablets and say the new rule is they are not allowed in the house. I think it's unhealthy especially for very small children. The age makes a big difference though. My guy is so much better than last year.
  6. Is that part of Trail Guide to Learning? The other books look interesting. I'll have to check if my library has them. My daughter really liked Hungry Planet. It has some nudity.
  7. Totally different style but cottage press had great diagramming.
  8. I would buy it and submit it and see what they do. Our school covered Cottage press which included Aesop Fables and a few Bible Parables. The Bible included was considered literature. I think when it's included as lit and not directive then it is generally considered ok. I know someone in another school and they covered Classical Conversations if you can believe that. She said their teacher reviewed it and looked through the timeline and said "well, that's just history." I was pretty surprised but I've never seen a hard copy of CC materials to know how religious it looks.
  9. I overcame my hesitation of the expense of the Ivy kits, and ordered 2 of them last night. While I was browsing, my son came to look and was fairly interested. He wanted the Safari kit because it has a jeep, so I ordered that one. And I ordered Blueberries for Sal because I love that book (and don't have it) and the activities look so cute. The activities differ between these kits so he'll have a nice variety. I've decided to just order these for now. If they are a hit, I can use the funding to buy more. If not, I'll go ahead and buy some books, etc. The two kits were $71 with a 10% off code and free shipping. So I'll have about $140 left in his funding. I don't know why they are so strict about preschool materials. That seems the age to just buy the kids toys for learning. I am doubtful they would go for legos. He loves legos but we have a ton any way. 4 of the long under bed bins full. Its everyone's favorite toy, but I keep telling my husband not to buy anymore. No more than 1 lego set per kid this Christmas.
  10. Oooh, so I just searched "enrichment package" on RR, and found a couple new-to-me package options that may work! We don't have any of the books in this package. We have the Usborne Animals in this, but nothing else, nice because it's less expensive so room to buy the Ivy kits. I'm still searching. Also got him a flags of the world sticker book, which will make him happy since the two older kids each have one. Also Eeboo manners flashcards.
  11. Sticker books is a great idea! I think that could work, especially if educational stickers and purchased from Rainbow Resource. Something like flags of the world stickers. I was already thinking of Usborne. I love so many of their books. I have the physics (it's awesome but not for a young child) but not the chem book. I don't know if they'll accept that for preschool, but I would prefer to try for stuff we will use for awhile. We just have so much younger age stuff since he is the third child. I think it probably best for me to just handpick some Usborne and other books... I just hate shopping and would prefer a package. I've not seen the paper dolls so will take a look. I have several art curricula already and I think it's unlikely to be reimbursable anyway. I just sent a request to our teacher to ask for more specifics about preschool purchases.
  12. Art supplies don't qualify. I was told it's basically books only. Ivy kids was approved I guess because it's like a curriculum and has a book as a starting point. He is also nearly 5 (in a couple weeks). He is pretty precocious and independent and not a touchy feely type kid. He spends most of his time with legos and blocks and recently playing more with puppets. I'd love to just buy him something like the Memoria enrichment kit so he had a box of his own new books, but we've already read many of them. I thought about the Bookshark preschool kit. We only have a few of those but them I'm paying for the curriculum plan and books I already have and it exceeds my funding and I don't really need to spend extra money. I dont see myself using more than 2 of the ivy kits since I dont like crafting and would be spacing out the crafts. He would probably like them though especially because it would be special, just for him.
  13. We have had some issues, not as severe as yours but did need to use miralax. Fiber is only good if there is enough water. I nag about water all the time Also, I make the child sit on the toilet for 10 min after lunch. He says he doesnt have to go, and I just say, it doesnt matter, sit until the timer goes off. He always goes. I think his problem was too little water and not taking the time to sit, relax and go. Popcorn and watermelon are both helpful for this and kid friendly. Your post is a good reminder for me to keep paying attention to this. From what I understand, long term constipation can stretch the bowel and then recur. But pushing water is probably the most important thing you can do.
  14. That is nice. I have thought about doing this, especially as there is talk about possible tax credits/vouchers for school choice. As it is, I get significant funding for school materials. The funding is helpful. And I guess it keeps me on task though I don't like being confined to boxes as you put it. How are you doing this? Just find an interesting biography, read it, then discuss the region? I guess I forgot geography. We do geography mixed with history. Mostly it is geography songs (Troxel) for the region we are discussing in history. We also do map work and globe finding for related areas. I am so excited to begin the map drawing. Anyway, it is not a stand a lone subject. I don't have to provide progress reports and work samples and grades, just doing. My progress reports need to be written with number of hours on a subject, number of lessons completed and with hard copies of work samples. I do also describe the concepts covered, but I have to meet the requirements.
  15. I have a bit of funding left designated for my preschooler. Purchases must be secular. It can't be used for toys and crafts, only curriculum/books. Ivy kids kits were also approved so I was thinking of getting a couple kits. I have a ton of books and we always have a full library basket. I feel we have or have read most of the picture books in the enrichment kits. What would you buy? I'd like to make use of the funding. He is doing LOE and RS manipulatives.
  16. I only use Tide free and downy free unscented detergents. I cannot tolerate fragrances and cannot get smells out of used clothing when I've shopped ebay for clothes. I've tried multiple vinegar soaks and washes and can always still smell that weird smell that turns my stomach. I had bought a cute little jacket for one of my kids and soaked it so much in vinegar, the zipper fell off. I have given up trying to buy used clothing (or even the new with tags stuff on ebay). I primarily shop online, and just buy things on sale or with a coupon.
  17. You're right! I just rewatched that! I recant that she is a liar. I'm sorry😳 He did say he never heard of her. Maybe I mixed them up. This is why more than one witness is needed. People hear different things. That completely changed my perspective. 😳 But really not interested in the debate so leaving the thread again.
  18. While I do a lot with my kids, they have plenty of free time. At least 3-4 hours daily. My daughter spends most of her free time reading and crafting. As soon as my husband arrives home, my son works on carving (I will not oversee knives during the day, so this is only with his dad). They spend the afternoons (from about 3) and evenings playing. They also play throughout the day. Honestly, if I were better organized and spent the 20 minutes of planning mentioned in the video, I could be doing more. I know you are critical of extra curricular. Most of my children's extra curricular time is for music, each has a weekly lesson. Music is our depth subject. I invest the most time in it. I believe it teaches other things--math, listening, language, character. Unfortunately for our schedule, one lesson couldn't be scheduled on the same day. So we have a half hour lesson about a 7 min drive from our house. My daughter has an hour sewing club once a week which is absolutely a creative exploration for her. She loves it. I don't sew or have any interest and she loves to go. One day we have a violin lesson, cello lesson and Spanish lesson. It is our minimal other school day (with only math, spelling and Latin required, anything else is a bonus). One day, my daughter has an hour ballet lesson because she needs to improve her posture. Incidentally, she loves it. It also provides some scheduled exercise, though they run around the yard every afternoon. One day, we have nothing, since I decided Lego league attendance was too much. On Fridays, we alternate weeks with either a 1.5 hr art class or spending an hour at the gym. My son has a sport 3 times a week, two evenings and Saturday for an hour each. They love their activities and it's working well for us. I only wish that the single lesson could be moved to the day I have the others because I don't like where it interrupts midday, though leaving and returning is less than an hour. I prefer to have one "out day" for lessons. The other things are all for fun. I think we will agree to disagree on extra curriculars. They are not "run ragged". Academic subjects are math, writing, spelling, history, science (minimal), Latin (for 10 yr old). I am adding in sentence diagramming workbooks for grammar. My contemplation of Multum non multa is regarding academic subjects, not what my kids are doing as extra curricular and fun.
  19. I understand and appreciate this but it is hard to align this with our courses as we are enrolled in a public homeschool. I have been distressed for over a month because I'm not teaching grammar as a subject. I think my daughter is probably getting enough from Latin and she is writing really well with IEW, but... I have progress reports due this week and I'm feeling lacking. In general, I'm really happy with what we are doing. Often, I feel like doing more. But, after watching this vid, I am taking the Greek Code Cracker out of my cart... I guess I don't need to start that right now! I also wonder how science and history fit into this LCC philosophy. I know I read (or a least well skimmed) the book, but I can't keep all these methods sorted. Our science (Mystery Science) is minimal and fun. They just pick the videos they want to watch. We do SOTW and it's also well liked so do not want to change that. Are you enrolled in a school? If so, how do you define your courses?
  20. So for language arts, you only teach writing? No grammar and spelling? Or is it just as it happens to crop up?
  21. This is exactly what I'm grappling with after that video. Multum non multa.
  22. The first couple minutes, I thought this would be a terrible bore. Wow. There is so much in that video.
  23. My kids were bored this afternoon and my 4 yr old wanted to make a paper airplane. Folding paper reminded me of the blob map. So we blobbed the world for the first time (10 and 4 yr olds)! The 4 yr old loved it. I think the 10 yr old loved it but didn't want to admit it. I think she was irked that she was tricked into doing school on a Sunday. I think we will do blobbing a lot before moving on, especially to build confidence with my 8 yr old. This is so exciting!
  24. I have a KA Induction slide in range. We replaced a free standing range with this and added a backguard/backsplash box that we had fabricated and textured at a sheet metal shop. You can make some slide in ranges substitute for freestanding and it may expand your options. I think induction options were limited or non existent in freestanding when I bought this range. I love the controls, the speed of heat/no heat on the cooktop. There is a bridge burner where I can use a griddle. The oven is huge and there is a warming/baking drawer (I think it goes to 350 deg but I only use it for warming). It has a proof, keep warm, steam bake, and convection oven options.
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