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  1. I remember they had some word dice too. I don't believe in sight words so I wouldn't get that. Some may have been story builders like story cubes but I cant quite recall. I think the books were pretty good, better than RS. I also have the RS book and don't care much for it. The Box cars books have the game score sheets. I wonder if they sell a training video. I would call the company and ask. Maybe they will be at a convention in your area and you could go to the workshop.
  2. Actually, our advising teacher told me once that the elementary schools typically do not teach history, which I think is horrible. I'll check the hour requirement. The school is actually rather flexible with families. I don't schedule the day. I just move on as things get done. Scheduling has never really worked but maybe I'll try again.
  3. Maybe I could. I guess I usually do have more math lessons submitted because math is always done 5 days a week and other subjects may be 4 days because we have a day for lessons. They do have hour benchmarks we are supposed to meet, but I have never had issues with meeting that and do not recall what they are. I don't know that an extreme difference in progress would be tolerated. It would be difficult for my own mind. I am a bit obsessive and I get stressed if I feel behind. Right now, I'm stressed though I'm not technically behind because the school year hasn't officially started; but I'm behind where I wanted to be, and so I'm getting nervous.
  4. Here is a YouTube channel with some game demos
  5. Yes, this is good to keep in mind, comparing other schoolwork to practice. I started my 10 yr old in BA 4A. She is through the first chapter, well almost. She says there is a game that I have to play with her before she can move on. Maybe she isn't too terribly behind then. We've missed quite a few days with camp, etc. I did not get as much done this summer as I had hoped. We did do school but I was distracted, like doing Sentence Family and LOF instead of what I planned for the school year. And I never started SOTW because I didn't want to pack it to travel and didn't want to start and stop it. I thought I would use BA guides as supplements if we didn't like the practice books, but I hadn't thought of that with MCT. That's a great idea. My 10 yr old is already intrigued by them because they are new and shiny, but I haven't let her read them.
  6. Yes, we do loop a bit. But I do try to do the big 5 (music, math, lang arts, history, and science) every day. Science occasionally gets looped, as do things like geography and spelling. I am part of a public homeschool so have to submit quarterly progress reports with numbers of lessons completed and hours of work. I need to be consistent to submit my reports (I also like the reports because they keep me consistent). Looping too often seems like it will ruin my lesson totals. I can't have 50 math lessons completed and only 25 science and 25 history lessons.
  7. Thanks for your workbook suggestions. I'll take a look at these. Last year, we would usually get music , math, language arts, and Latin done in the morning. Afternoons were science and history. If we ever get science and/or history done before lunch, it is so amazing. Everyone is happy, but it hardly ever happens. The kids have to be super diligent and focused to make this happen. I guess another issue with both MCT and BA is that they do not have clear lesson guidelines. So far with BA, I consistently feel that we do not do enough each day.
  8. Actually, that is what I try to do. I eat first, then read while they are eating. Because we are in a different time zone for awhile here, they might naturally wake up earlier than usual when we get home. I might need to start getting them up at 6:30 to stretch the day a little. We'll see what happens when we get home. It is so hard to give up my morning.
  9. Music takes a lot of energy from me and from the kids. I have to do it when we are all fresh. It is an big improvement splitting my daughter's longer practice time. She does review and exercises the first half hour, has a break during my son's practice, then works on new pieces.
  10. I've been typing that last post on and off forever and didn't see these responses before posting. I spend so much money on music, I feel I can't waste time. Yes, everything slips if they do it themselves and i think they would make half as much progress. Last week they were at music camp and out of their normal repertoire and it's painful getting them back in shape just after that week. I can't imagine letting things slide all year long.
  11. Music is a priority. We do Suzuki, which is very parent inclusive. I have to practice with them to maintain proper posture, etc. I really have to do it in the morning or it will not get done or is miserable in the afternoon. I love the idea of doing morning time but it seems to make our day so late when I do it. I get up at 5 to have my own morning time and I guess I need to get the kids up earlier... I just hate to give up my morning quietness. I can sometimes multi task. With my 10 yr old violinist, I will fold laundry during her practice or will have her come in the kitchen and I will clean or prep cooking. I can't do that with my cellist, and he can't deal with that much distraction. I meant to add in piano last year, but didn't get to it and I don't know how to get it in the day. They have enough interest in piano that I just need to get them the basics and let them do it independently. IEW SWI is going to be with the video lessons. I am also doing the TWSS but am only through the first DVD. I like the idea of her watching the video during practice but I wanted to see them too. Maybe I can watch them the night before. I'm so excited for my daughter to do this. I think/hope she'll love it. Oh to be clear, we are nearly done with Sentence Family and will be done before we go home and start regular English (MCT or not). This was another rabbit trail for me. With our former Abeka math, I always taught math topics first and didn't just set them loose on a worksheet. BA still seems more time consuming and with less obvious progress, but the evolution of BA is interesting. My math loving 7 yr old loved it at first sight. My 10 yr old, who has no problem doing math except thinks it's tedious, did not like it initially. I thought she would keep resisting the problem solving with extra thinking but she seems to like it. It's still new, but if her interest continues, it will be staying in some form. Math is also a priority for me. I know my problem is that everything is a priority. They have been taking Spanish lessons for 5 yrs but I did not do anything at home last year except review what their teacher did. Only my 10 yr old is doing Latin. So far she isn't confused but I will watch for it. I do like that MCT discusses both the Spanish and Latin in the vocabulary. I guess the problem with teaching both the kids in MCT is that my kids are competitive and my 10 yr old loves to show the 7 yr old that she knows more. She'll answer quickly before he can. I worry it will be a problem. This is not a problem in history. The 7 yr old listens better and has better narrations. I don't have my home computer with my curriculum spreadsheet with all my possibilities. My brain is fried and I can't remember them without my spreadsheet. My kids do seem a bit revived with new materials. Mystery science seems fun and will hopefully be a timesaver. I feel like I need to get organized. Actually, my biggest issue is I just need to get home and get in the swing of the school year. 2 more weeks and I'll be home and hopefully everything will slide into place.
  12. Ooh. I bought a lot of dice and their big and small cards. I love the dice. I went to a class on how to play the games. I didn't buy the books because I know I would never read them. The class was enough to give me an idea of what to do. But they were great ideas and I love all the dice. I spent around $70 on the dice and cards. I love them and so do my kids.
  13. So the best laid plans are going awry... I am feeling that BA and MCT are too time consuming to add both to our life. The first 2 hours of our day is music practice. I practice 30 min with 10 yr old, 30 min with 7 yr old, another 30 min with 10 yr old and I will be adding 15-20 min with 4 yr old. I like to give the older kids something to do during the other's music practice. For example, last year, my daughter would work on her spelling, some English (with Cottage press) and math worksheet (with Abeka) during her brother's practice. My son would also do copywork, spelling and math during his sister's practice. So, we have been trying BA and while they like it, it seems very slow going and they get stuck and ask a lot of questions. It isn't that they can't do it, it's that they aren't sure what to do. I explain the directions and they do it, but it causes interruptions and takes extra time. We are away from home for a couple more weeks and are working in fewer subjects to fit in the luggage. I did not bring MCT, but I'm very concerned that when we get home and add it to the schedule, it will be too much. I lean towards dropping MCT more than BA, but am not sure. I have the Island level but haven't bought Town because it's so expensive and I was hoping to find a deal on used. We have dabbled in Island doing Building Language over the summer. Obviously, it's not independent and doing a two levels, one for each child, sounds like a lot. We are currently reading Sentence Family. Other subjects are SOTW history, Mystery Science, 10 yr old has SWS and IEW SWI A, and Latin (finishing GSWL then moving to LFC A) , and 7 yr old has WWE 1 and spelling (haven't decided what yet). We are also reading through LOF math. Oh! and my pre k has LOE A and math games this year. We are also trying talkbox mom and getting started with Spanish to supplement their ongoing weekly Spanish lessons. Also, my favorite time is reading good books aloud. I know people have 8 kids and homeschool but I'm feeling rather stretched and not knowing how to do it all. Am I right in feeling that adding IEW, BA, MCT and a pre-k into the mix is too much? Or am I stressing over something that is doable? I could read Island to both kids, then supplement my 10 yr old with a workbook type grammar. Or maybe I should drop MCT entirely. Maybe I just fell into hype of gifted child, different approach curriculum and maybe its not worth the time for our situation. Or maybe I should go back to Abeka math or maybe try Math Mammoth as the more independent math spine, and just supplement with BA. I love the geometry content in 4A and even my daughter is seeming to enjoy it She was hating math by the end of last year. Late night rambling a bit, but I'm just getting concerned😕
  14. I do not mind my kids taking time to work problems and do not consider that loitering. I consider daydreaming, playing with pencils, doodling, etc to be loitering. They haven't been put in a situation to do this so don't yet, but I remember my nephew dawdling forever and not doing his homework. My kids have sneaked away when I'm occupied with other kids, and go play or read or something. I'll try it and see how it works.
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