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  1. You did not mention child's age. I liked how it was presented in MCT Building Language, which would be for grade 2-5.
  2. I should have mentioned that the main reason I do not like to use Abeka is because it is faith based. I am trying to avoid faith based materials because part of our funding comes from a public school. I also find Abeka too classroom based and text heavy in other subjects. I do think their grammar is thorough but so boring and repetitive and dislike the types of sample sentences and lit they use. I have tried to use their spelling and I do like that the words are more challenging and include vocab words, but I don't really like the approach to just have kids copy a spelling list every day. I like more activities. I will look at this book, thanks!
  3. I'm way behind. I should be full time schooling through the summer so we do not fall behind in what will be a crazy year. However, I have not ordered or decided on next year's materials. I will have grades 6, 3 and K. Social studies for all - SOTW 3 was not as much fun this past year. I am going to get the SOTW 4 audio and just listen to finish the series but that is all. Main social studies will be geography with Winter Promise Children Around the World. I bought it 2nd hand and think this is a good time to use it. I will start it in the next couple weeks as soon as new set of consummable worksheets arrive. Science for all - Mystery Science was fun and easy this past year except I hate printing things so they almost never did any of the extra activities, just watched the vids. I would like to renew Mystery Science but would also like something light and workbook ish science for grades 3 and 6. I hate text heavy science, like Apologia. Language arts for grades 3 and 6 - ugh, need something else. Grade 6 is doing IEW A and likes it. Grade 3 finished WWE 1 and is 15 weeks into WWE 2, plan to also get level 3 done this coming school year as we do it a bit fast. I want new grammar for them both. I'm thinking about using IEW's Fixit for the grade 6, even though I am not keen on it, just because it is already scheduled in the writing program and seems easy. Otherwise, I have no idea what to use but need a workbook. She has been doing Landmark Grammar which is ok, and also I have a bunch of diagramming books that I've not been great at incorporating. She did FLL 3 in grade 3 and Cottage Press F&S in grade 4 and in general has a good handle on grammar. She reads a lot. Spelling right now is Spelling Power which I don't love but started again when she finished her SWS in the spring. Grade 3 guy did SWS last year too, and I was thinking of starting him in Spelling Power now just because I have it. Grammar for him... considering FLL 3, which I hate because it is so teacher dependent and scripted, but it would likely be good for him. He is not a strong reader. He is reading Henry Huggins right now but I have to sit with him and have him read aloud to be sure he is reading what is on the page. Latin - Finished GSWL last year and loved it. Then switched to LFC A and though pretty and nice chants, I rather hate it. I want to do KGWL for grade 6 and think I'll do GSWL again with grade 3. For K, he finished LOE A last year and is doing great with first letter sounds and reading words, and is begging for more. He will do LOE B and C this year. I have done Abeka math with the other kids and though I'd love to challenge him more, I think I'll stick with Abeka to make life easier. I think I will also stick with Abeka math for the older kids. I really want to get my oldest out of Abeka but I might as well finish through grade 6. We tried BA last year and did much better when we switched back to Abeka. All kids will continue Suzuki string lessons and Spanish lessons. SO... after all that, I guess I really need recs for Science, Grammar, and Spelling. I would love something easy to implement, workbook style but semi challenging. SWS was much too easy.
  4. parent

    Please pray

    I'm feeling much better. I called my dr because when I was in last wednesday, I asked them to culture my urine since I was having twinges of pain. I never heard back on results. She said, yes, I have group B strep again so I started amoxicillin again this morning. I slept much better last night and was not so crampy... I do not even know if I should call it cramping, it is sort of a constant aching low center. But I went to sleep and woke with a migraine which I felt was a sure sign of miscarriage because I typically only get headaches before my period. But maybe it was brought on by the lack of sleep on Sat night. Headache was gone by mid morning. Pelvic pain is better. Still no bleeding. I am still concerned but it is better and maybe largely from infection. I had a crazy long day on Saturday, worked out then like 8 hours in the kitchen, on my feet all day. I felt pretty great with tons of energy until Sat night when the pain hit me. Also, there were concurrent gastro issues on Sat night. I don't know. I still have nausea but I worry my breasts are less tender. I am overthinking a lot, I am sure. Please keep praying.
  5. Good heartbeat at 8 weeks on Wednesday. Bad cramping last night and today. No bleeding. Please pray. Don't quote.
  6. If you are a good shot. Pellet gun, not a BB gun.
  7. Yeah, our schools went on spring break mid march and never went back. Now closed through end of term. State shut down fairly early. Case numbers are not that high a %, not many cases are serious and lots of testing is going on. I am tired of being sequestered. We have been very careful because I am semi at risk because I am pregnant but I just read an article about a 39 week pregnant woman that was asymtomatic.... I just feel like everyone will get it sooner or later and I might as well take my chances. Most people have mild cases... what will be, will be. It is starting to feel like a huge overreaction... !! Just sick and tired of it. Not a way to live really... afraid to get groceries.
  8. I am sick of this and ready to take my chances of getting sick and getting done with it. I don't see how I will avoid sickness unless I sequester for a year and wait for a vaccine. Our numbers have been low, way under the projections.
  9. Look at recipes for pasta fagioli or minestrone.
  10. We don't have rabbit issues but use rat traps and pellet guns for squirrels. I would go with a pellet gun. And do not eat them. Rabbits have worms.
  11. I don't, know nothing about it, except I keep seeing that name posted. No TV here.
  12. You may just want to make smaller batches more often, like daily bread so the bread would work better for sandwiches. It just dries out, but old bread makes great french toast.
  13. I use splashless for laundry. We have standard bleach for cleaning.
  14. It is Red lentil dahl. I follow the recipe for amounts but used canned tomatoes and jalapeno, since that is what I have on hand. I cook onion and pepper, then add spices, garlic, ginger, then add tomatoes. I do cook the lentils separately and add in. It was good the first day, but I made a huge batch and then my pregnancy nausea kicked in and it did not appeal to me. My daughter ate it for a couple days then I threw it out. I should have frozen it, but it felt like something I would never want again. Not much appeals to me. Except a teriyaki chicken sandwich, which I did not have time for today. Maybe I'll be able to make it tomorrow. I have to marinate the chicken and make brioche buns... should probably thaw chicken over night to accomplish it. But more than likely, by tomorrow it won't sound good at all. Nausea in the time of covid confinement. Bleh. Eta: Oh, I just read your last post. Make oatmeal cookies. Or grind up oatmeal in processor for choco chip cookies.
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