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  1. Can I use the original DVDs with the current edition books (for teaching DVDs and SWI)? Has video content changed or is it just repackaged?
  2. Slightly off topic... I remember seeing something posted about teaching a child to recognize syllable breaks. Is that just by locating the vowels? Can you point to a resource for this? So tonight, my son actually did want to read, but the book he chose (Violet the Pilot) had a lot of tricky words. I wanted to go to bed so we alternated reading sentences which may have been one of my best ideas. It was less intimidating, and he tried to keep up with my rate. When he came to "reassembled", it was really a struggle and I had to read it syllable by syllable. It is a weird looking word when you consider that he has learned "ea" as a phonograms. I guess, just with time, he learns about common prefixes and where syllable breaks are? I don't remember having this issue with my older child.
  3. I ended up pretty happy with Cottage Press Fable & Song. My daughter was able to do a lot independently. It was consistently structured. They also have a primer level for younger kids. Our school considered it secular. It does contain 4 famous parables of Jesus, but as literature not religious direction. The rest of the content is from Aesop's Fables and Robert Louis Stevenson's poems. I loved the literature content and everything is based on the lit selection, diagramming, vocab, etc. I do think another spelling program is needed. I believe the primer levels have picture study. ETA: we are trying MCT next year. I felt CP Bards & Poets was too advanced for my young upcoming 5th grader. It might be good for your 7th grader. Check out samples online, and email them any questions. The author was very helpful to me because I, too, was concerned about religious content right after a recent bad curriculum purchase late last summer. CP was also very reasonably priced. It was just what we needed this year, and I'm so grateful everything fell into place and we found it.
  4. SOTW is more interesting than MOH. We have used SOTW books with MOH audio in the car. Recently tried SOTW audio again, and it is great. You would be surprised how much listening can be done in the car. I'm going to buy last year's cycle just for review in the car. I would try the audio for SOTW because it's worthwhile if you end up using something else. Then just discuss after each chapter. Maybe she can write about what she learned. Are you afterschooling or homeschooling?
  5. My son is also 7 (in Oct) and old for his grade and also never wants to read. He wanted to read when he first began, but no longer does. I think it just takes too long and he doesn't want to sit. I get frustrated because he tries to guess words just to hurry up the process. Then I have to send him back to the word and it slows him down. I'm not happy with his wpm. We use LOE, and the spring rate for grade 1 is something like 75 wpm. My son is closer to the fall rate, which I think is 40 wpm. He does read with expression and looks at pictures but it doesn't slow him down that much. I'm firm on having him read twice a day from now on. I'm also having him follow the words with his finger. It helps him not get lost. What is your son reading? Can you get something enjoyable? We are reading Dodsworth books now and my son thinks they are funny. I would let him choose some in the beginner section of the library. Does your library have a summer reading program? Ours charts books read and gives prizes so is motivational.
  6. The cost of the car camper we would like isn't realistic for the amount it would be used so we tent camp. I think the cost is about $80k and probably used for a total of 1 month out of the year. We do camp a lot in the summers, often every other weekend will be a long weekend camping and will take a week occasionally. We have a large tent which fits 2 sets of bunk bed cots (saw some at Costco recently), which save a lot of space. We have a P.E.T. (portable, environmental toilet) which you set up like a little stool and put bags under. We only use it for numbers greater than 1. The woods are used for #1 (we camp in pretty remote areas so this is not a problem). We have a little outhouse/shower tent (like This) for the PET and also take a camp shower. We have a propane tent heater but don't let it burn while asleep. The worst thing about tent camping is needing to go potty on a cold night, or maybe it's trying to nap on a hot day... Anyway, we need to endure a little hardship to build character. And it is so fun to watch bugs crawl on outside of the tent! ETA: we also put a thermarest over cots which makes it super comfortable. Anyone on the ground would also get a thermarest. Right now, we can fit small kids head to toe on one cot so it works with no one on the ground. Oh, the other worst thing about tent camping is kids rolling out of their sleeping bags, being cold and crying in the middle of the night. Maybe that is the worst, because it never only happens once in a night. However, it is not as bad with cots because there is less freedom to roll. To answer the title question, I would choose the camper trailer. If you are at commercial camp sites, you can leave the camper behind and just drive your car.
  7. Not in abbreviations list. Please translate 🙂
  8. Sinus rinse solutions really help when I get a sinus infection. I like the bottles and easy mix pack at Costco. But you can find recipes on Google for saline nasal rinse recipe. It is boiled water (for 3 min so you don't get brain eating amoeba), salt, and baking soda. Go easy on salt because too much can be irritating. Mix, cool, and tip head and pour into nose while still warm. It helps clear a lot out. I usually do steamy shower, then nasal rinse, then flonase. Flonase takes several days to work, so maybe you would do better with other sprays recommended. I start flonase as soon as I star feeling off or if any kids start sniffling. Sudafed helps dry things out, and I take ibuprofen to reduce inflammation. And I drink a lot of water and tea with fresh ginger. And antibiotics always help me, so I would recommend seeing doc. I hate the misery of a sinus infection. Take care and feel better!
  9. It's unclear to me, has he already been attending. Does he fly out by himself to these sessions? In first post, one of the reasons you mentioned holding him back is maturity. I would have serious hesitation over an overnight camp because I don't trust anyone. But if your son has maturity issues and is very innocent, I would not be inclined to send him to camp with full fledged junior high kids. It's crazy we have to worry about other children being predators, but it happens. I would only let the child attend if he was at the top end of the age bracket.
  10. This is my first year trying true year round schooling. I hope it goes well. I will probably be looping subjects a bit more during good weather. We'll see. I'm really inspired and excited about everything so I hope I stay that way. I hope to be done with most of the current work by the end of May. I'm doing 1.5 -2 math lessons a day because I just want to be done with these books. We are on lesson 153 and have to go to 170 so nearly there. Then we will take off a week for camp then hopefully will be using our new books!
  11. Hmm. I'm not a big fan of Magic Treehouse so if it's worse than that, I won't worry about it. And I don't see any used copies for sale.
  12. My daughter started violin at 4. My son started cello at 3, and I wouldn't start that early again, not with a boy. Next son is 4 and we will be starting violin soon, but he will be an older 4 year old. You should check out Nurtured By Love, by Suzuki, from your library. You should buy Suzuki book 1 and start listening to the CD now. After listening for a couple weeks, start trying to tap twinkle rhythms. That's great that he is interested. Generally, interest wanes when the hard work starts. Practice is work and teaches a great work ethic to the kids. However, there will likely be a point that you, as the parent will need persist. It isn't pushy, it is teaching persistence. Have you done music history, like Mr Bach Come to Call? My kids like those.
  13. I googled and didn't find anything current so bought from Mystery Science. I think the kids will like it. Glad I have one subject nailed down. Oh, science and history are both purchased. 2 down.
  14. If you find SOTW boring, I wouldn't think you would find MOH exciting. It's similar format, but stories aren't as fun and are longer.
  15. Why? I was just thinking of getting the novels for my daughter to read on her own. Is it not worthwhile reading?
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