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  1. I don't, know nothing about it, except I keep seeing that name posted. No TV here.
  2. You may just want to make smaller batches more often, like daily bread so the bread would work better for sandwiches. It just dries out, but old bread makes great french toast.
  3. I use splashless for laundry. We have standard bleach for cleaning.
  4. It is Red lentil dahl. I follow the recipe for amounts but used canned tomatoes and jalapeno, since that is what I have on hand. I cook onion and pepper, then add spices, garlic, ginger, then add tomatoes. I do cook the lentils separately and add in. It was good the first day, but I made a huge batch and then my pregnancy nausea kicked in and it did not appeal to me. My daughter ate it for a couple days then I threw it out. I should have frozen it, but it felt like something I would never want again. Not much appeals to me. Except a teriyaki chicken sandwich, which I did not have time for today. Maybe I'll be able to make it tomorrow. I have to marinate the chicken and make brioche buns... should probably thaw chicken over night to accomplish it. But more than likely, by tomorrow it won't sound good at all. Nausea in the time of covid confinement. Bleh. Eta: Oh, I just read your last post. Make oatmeal cookies. Or grind up oatmeal in processor for choco chip cookies.
  5. If you search "Italian bread recipes", you may find something that works. They are low or no sugar. I use for rolls/buns for sandwiches. They have a coarser crumb (more crumbly) and do not last as long but maybe would do better in a large loaf than my typical size (like baguette/subway bun size).
  6. Do you have honey? This is our sandwich bread. Makes 2 loaves. 2.5 c warm water 1 heaping TBS yeast 1/3 c honey 1/3 c oil (I use olive) 1 TBS salt ~7 c flour (I grind fresh from wheat) Rise once 40 min. Shape loaves, and rise 1 hr. Bake at 350 for 25 min.
  7. I should have been more clear. 2 health care workers at our small town hospital were positive for covid. But actually, since that post, now 5 have been positive and they have quarantined a large group. Yes, a true, life or death emergency, we would still go, but our motto right now is, "Don't get hurt."
  8. Do you have any little boys with toy cars/trucks? Those work great, especially the monster trucks and the kids love driving them on our backs.
  9. Our animal control takes 3 reports of attacks before they will bring action against a dog, which is ridiculous. I called animal control but did not file a complaint because we felt we should approach the neighbors first. So glad the dog did not get her face! And glad she is not traumatized. But that is a significant attack.
  10. As I ate last night, I felt safe with covid, but it ocurred to me, "What if I get food poisoning and have to go to the ER?" Everything now is about avoiding the ER. Kids doing crazy stuff and I say, "If you need stitches, Dad is sewing you up. If you need a bone set, Dad is doing it. We are not going to the hospital. Do not get hurt." 2 people at our small town hospital were positive for covid. We are not going to the ER.
  11. I would put the dog down. People are more important to me than dogs. I would not want to be liable if it happened again. ETA: our neighbor was walking her rottweiler off leash (we are rural) and it ran onto our property, up our driveway and charged my daughter who was walking to the mailbox. I am so happy that I was there. I yelled at her to get down and then started yelling at the dog. It started coming after me. It returned to the owner when called. The owner didn't know what happened as she was still further down the road. My husband talked to her husband. He was very apologetic and we never saw that dog again. Then they moved.
  12. I am sorry. Would you please post the link to that? I'd like to read the fine print. Looks like my small town is in the red.
  13. Probably yes to all. Smell the almond butter, but I'll bet it is fine. Have you had Justin's maple almond butter? It is so good.
  14. Oh, and I am a bit of a germaphobe and get it being annoyed when people touch their face and lick fingers to open bags. When all this covid was taking off, about 2 weeks ago, I was in a sporting goods store and a lady licked her fingers to open a bag. I said, "Actually, I don't want that bag since you licked your fingers." She said, "oh, sorry, I have sanitizer". I said, "I'll just get a bag myself." Also, I had already stopped allowing the kids to get costco samples awhile back because I kept seeing workers scratching their beards or noses with gloves on. So gross. But, Thai food is cooked hot, and I also microwaved it, so killed any bugs. I would not order salads or sandwiches right now.
  15. It was so delicious!! Everyone loved the dinner. Husband did curbside pickup. Restaurant workers are wearing masks. He paid in cash so she wouldn't need to handle credit card. He wiped down the bag with a chlorox wipe before putting in car. When he got home, I had bowls ready and poured each item in a bowl. Threw away original containers and sanitized counter where they sat. Washed hands after touching containers. Reheated everything in microwave. Next time, we will get a double order of the cashew beef. It was so good! And he left a generous tip. The lady said she would get change, and he said no and she was so happy. Definitely the time to tip for takeout. 6 cars in a parking lot that is usually packed. We might order again soon. We do not eat out often at all, but are saving a lot of money on gas so I do not feel badly ordering takeout.
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