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  1. That's how I got mine. My mom had them and I asked her to order some for me. That's why I don't know who made them or where she bought them. She is a shopper and I hate shopping. For some reason, I'm thinking JCP, but don't recall. I've had them about 12 yrs. Probably no longer made. But I think glass (tempered) is a nice looking lightweight option.
  2. It's a difficult question. I've had a couple times that I was absolutely "not feeling it". I even posting on this board asking "what do I switch to?" and then stuck it out and felt so rewarded later. I think I had been using both those programs wrong (lang arts and latin). I have had others that did not work and had to change. History is harder because it's a bigger scope subject and if you don't like how it's patterned, I can see it being completely unworkable. What are you using for history?
  3. My day time every day dishes are clear tempered glass with grapevine embossing on the underside, and with a leaf scalloped edge. Thes are the ones I have, but I cant find them for sale. I have place settings for 36. They are lightweight so I use them for cereal bowls and kids lunch plates and use the small glass mugs for the kids drinks. Occasionally, we also use them for dinner. I use them when we have a big group of people/buffet. I haven't broken many (2-3?), and only when dropped on our floor ( concrete under LVP). None have chipped. They look nice. They are thin so a lot can stack in the cupboard. I am petite with small wrists and like that they are lightweight. For our every day dinner dishes. I use Mikasa Italian countryside. Also lighter weight than stoneware. They are pretty durable and I've only have a couple chip. My kids are 10, 7, and 4. All of them can take their dishes from the table to the sink without breaking them. The older kids set the table. I just teach them to be careful.
  4. I think 14 is too young for real dating. I would encourage friendships at this age. No blankets is a very good rule.
  5. My Book House looks perfect for us. My only hesitation is the mustiness that can be present in old books. I grew up in a dry climate and musty basement odors turn my stomach. Any tricks for getting rid of that odor?
  6. parent

    Baby Names

    I'll add a couple girl names. Maeve Maeva Moira Myfanwy Deirdra Isla Una Calliope Thea
  7. The method sounds similar to my sticky date pudding recipe. We discovered it in NZ 10 yrs ago and have included it at Christmas ever since... with a lovely toffee sauce 😊 I cook mine in a water bath. What do you use for fruit? Sultanas?
  8. Are they canned in syrup/sugar? Did you heat plums before canning? Is this water bath? My guess is if they sealed, then you are good with elevation difference but I've not adjusted for elevation. Did you check the seal? I remove the ring and pick up the jar by the lid to test. A few days and they are probably fine, especially if adding sugar. You can always re process if you think it's necessary.
  9. Make time to exercise. Get up early. It may start out hard but it is so worth it. You will feel better and sleep better... and be stronger and be more fit... but really, just the boost in spirit and the help with sleep is worth it.
  10. I wish you would post the recipe. I was thinking of something like a sticky date pudding but maybe you could clarify.
  11. We interchange sultana and golden raisin. I would probably write a letter to the competition. That's very poor treatment, especially for children.
  12. Usborne has a good fractions and decimals book that my kids had fun reading. A lot of tab lifting. It was a good supplement.
  13. I'd leave one in the room and move another to the kitchen/dining table. Or could you move the more troublesome child near your husband's office? Maybe consistent chart with stickers for completing tasks on time. Or even a checklist they can mark off what is done. My kids are all super competitive. I use that to keep them working. It's probably not considered best mothering technique, but it absolutely works and they aren't mean about it. They just both want to succeed. I know that won't work with some kids because they just don't care.
  14. I learned with pieces of crackers but tic tacs is a great idea. I think it helps to wet the throat first. Swallow some water first, then take water in mouth and hold water (don't swallow). Tilt water to throat, drop in pills and swallow. I just got my 4 yr old to swallow a tablet this way. Nasty tasting steroid for croup so I was so excited that he could swallow directly.
  15. Well, I would first make the teacher books less accessible. Mine are high on a shelf in another room so cheating is less likely to occur to them. Would it be possible and could it help if the boys work in separate areas? Maybe there would be less mischief. I would also consider taking a week off and doing museums or other hands on stuff. Even get them tasked with a house project like organizing garage/basement for a couple days off of school. Maybe they need a distraction and would do better refocusing after a break? My kids really like projects (organizing something, cleaning car, baking cookies) and it gives me any easy way to be positive and praise them and improves our overall relationship. Can you get your husband involved to dole out discipline? My kids adore their dad and get very embarrassed if he has to talk to them about school behaviors. My kids don't do TV or video games either but they do have to stand in the corner. 10 min for 10 yr old, 7 min for 7 yr old, etc.
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