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  1. She has seen that. I remember hearing all about it and saw part of an episode. I don't recall the name either. She also liked it better than Selfridge. I think they aired at the same time in the US. Probably my best bet is to go for something a bit older that she may not have seen. She's been watching many of the new ones.
  2. I think she also has Cranford. It sounds familiar.
  3. Love this one and she has it. Something like this though. I'll look into the others. We haven't gotten into the British Royalty stuff. It seems racier than she would like
  4. I saw an interesting period drama at Barnes & Noble last week. I can't remember the name but it was older and I think it was Masterpiece. Don't know if it was BBC. My mom is mostly house bound in another state helping to care for her mother. Last year I sent her a couple period DVD series "Lark Rise to Candleford" and something else I can't recall. She has Downton and Poldark. She likes the BBC pride and prejudice. She did not like Mr Selfridge and wouldn't want anything too dark and depressing. Any recommendations? I searched Barnes & Noble's website and can't seem to find the series I saw. I will check the store the next time I'm there, but with my luck, I won't find it. Why didn't I take a photo??
  5. Um, chlorox wipes.... I always carry them when I travel. 😎
  6. All my kids want to use the toilet wand. "Please mom, can I clean the toilet?" Just because it's the thing I don't let them do.
  7. I'm sorry that happened. I know someone who knew someone who had a bedbug infestation and they couldn't afford to get rid of them. Sounded appalling. It's absolutely a concern to me. I ask hotels when we book and when we check-in if they have had bedbugs. We stayed at a fancy ski resort a couple years ago and the uppity clerk got really huffy when I asked. Though fancier than most hotels we stay at, it wasn't cleaner. I found a beer cap and a plastic wrapper on the room floor in the open which made me think they didn't even vacuum. I don't put luggage on the hotel room floor. I always wash everything when we get home, all clothing items and kids blankets, and all the luggage goes immediately outside to storage. I will also say that in my state there have been bed bug reports. I'm just so not interested in dealing with it. My motto is basically "an ounce of prevention worth a pound of cure". ((Waiting for someone to call me OCD))😁
  8. Scabies... shudder. Ringworm sounds awful too. But scabies is mites burrowing under the skin, right? I've never known anyone who got that, but I did read a really sad news story about a case at a nursing home. Ew, ew, ew. Yes, we will keep to our fastidious handwashing routines!
  9. Isn't it awesome to homeschool? My kids never went to day care. With our first 2, my husband worked earlier in the day so he was off work by 3, and I worked part time and started at noon, so for about 3 hrs each day, my mom watched them. When we had the 3rd, I retired. Obviously so many bigger and better reasons to homeschool but a great perk that we don't get exposed to as much. My mom loves the "so relaxing" pedicures and insists that they clean the foot spas every time then seal them up, and everyone has their own packet of tools they purchase...but no... I just can't do it. The communal nail polish weirds me out too. I only had a little yellowing on one side of my big toe but that was enough. I'm glad it was easy for me to get rid of with topical med, but I know I applied it for several months, maybe even 6. It's absolutely not worth it for me. I can trim my nails myself. And I found the best pumice stone. Mr. Pumice!
  10. Dry salami smells like mold to me and turns my stomach. I don't like Genoa, but I love hard salami.
  11. The next 2 days😭 Then we'll get a reprieve until the end of spring semester. To address some above posts that I missed: And we don't butcher all our meat, but more than half. Store bought food seems cleaner than the average unknown kitchen as they have regulations and inspections to pass. A cookie swap with my friends or a dinner at my friends is not an issue. (Except the filthy people I mentioned above... who were new friends/acquaintances. We haven't done anything with them since the dirty dinner party last year, and they certainly confirm that you cannot gauge cleanliness by outer appearance)
  12. One of my son's allergies is severe, but quite uncommon outside of very Mediterranean cooking, which is my heritage but I certainly don't have it in my house anymore. I generally feel I won't encounter it because it is an expensive and unusual item but it is gaining popularity, so I do pay close attention. Last spring, one of my friends took a dip to a potluck that contained his severe allergen. So, while it's not something I expect to see or something I expect him to eat, I do watch for it and know that it is around. He also always asks about his allergens before eating. He is 8 and hasn't encountered it since he was about 2.5 yrs old but our allergist said it could kill him the next time because of his severe anaphylaxis. He seems to be our allergic kid. He has 2 food allergies, seasonal allergies and is also allergic to dogs and cats and dust mites.
  13. Me too!😀 and when I do say, hey kids, every one wash up, some adults usually do too.
  14. Hmm, the thought of bedbugs or lice is pretty disturbing. Even ticks... I've never had one. Mosquitoes are blood sucking parasites too, but I guess not a big deal because they are commonplace. Maybe it's because they don't go home with you. Apparently bed bug pesticides have been outlawed and the bugs are resistant to the legal ones, and they can be found in any hotel, there was even a US airport that had an infestation in a terminal last year or so. Anyway, the thought of coming home from vacation with bed bugs is not pleasant. I've read it's very expensive and difficult to get rid of them. I know lice is common but haven't had it. My daughter had very long hair and would have been miserable to get lice in it. Oh, and the massage comment made me think of this. I don't do pedicures. When I was 20 I got a nail fungus on my big toe. I was pretty proactive, got rid of it quickly, and don't do pedicures anymore. I did once more when my husband bought me one a few years ago, but I feel like I need to soak my feet in vinegar afterward to kill contaminents, which would proabably ruin the polish... so though it sounds nice and other tell me their favorite salon is so clean... I'll pass.
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