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  1. Yes, always have. My family has a strong food emphasis and I cook a big dinner every night. Lunch is usually leftovers from that dinner. When we both worked, i made both of our lunches and now I make just his. He washes dishes after dinner and I pack up food while he washes. It is an ongoing joke because the people at his office always want to see what he has for lunch because our foods are very diverse. I also pack snacks for his day since he goes in early and skips breakfast. He likes my food and appreciates his lunches and I find that gratifying. It's a big money saver and much healthier for him to take lunch to work. Our roles are split pretty traditionally with me doing much of the housework and cooking, but I like to cook. We live in a bit of a rural area and have a lot of heavy work that he does--shoveling snow, hauling garbage away, maintaining multi acre yard, hauling firewood, and so many heavy house projects that I can't do. We are both always working. Because I cook and make lunch, I'm not demeaned at all, and find that assumption irritating. We are both in the same profession actually so are very equal in that way. I don't feel I'm subservient by making lunch or dinner or folding laundry. We are both working together for our family and do the jobs we do best.
  2. I have found a lot of good information on this forum and am still actively looking too:) You came to a good place and I think you are in a good place just having read TWTM. I've recently been watching Andrew Pudewa's (author of IEW) youtube talks (just search his name on youtube) and I think his talks are wonderful to confirm the classical education philosophy and why it is important. Best luck to you.
  3. I just came back to add that maybe you should check out the free options post pinned at top of this forum. Also, maybe you could try Ambleside online (many free resources. I find some of their recommendations helpful and regularly refer to the site. It is Charlotte Mason method. How about buying pdfs and printing yourself? Then maybe your cost would be lower. FLL has this option. I have been researching a change in grammar and was looking at Beowulf Grammar, which is only available via PDF so that could be another option (for me, the cost was atrocious to print in color at our local copy shop).
  4. What were your children doing before this point? Are you using Writing with Ease? I was going to recommend but googled the complete writer and it looks like another name for WWE. Are you using level 1 for both children? How are they doing with it? Is it too easy and you are wondering if you should skip level(s)? I found it improved my reluctant writer and plan to use it for the next child this coming year. I liked that it was predictable work yet varied stories and helped them get accustomed to the physical act of writing. Have you looked at First Language Lessons? It written by the author of TWTM and is thorough. I haven't used Fixit but it seemed lacking to me and I thought that it was intended to pair with IEW's writing curriculum. Rod & Staff is recommended for grammar in TWTM. It is inexpensive and pretty lightweight so shipping may be less taxing. It has Christian content. FLL is scripted with no independent work. I believe R&S is more independent but I have only tried their spelling. Are shipping options better via Amazon or ebay?
  5. Our Bookshark package came with homeschool in woods figures and "The Timeline Book" by Avyx. Pages are cardstock, and it worked perfectly.
  6. I don't like things about LOE but my kids ended up pretty good readers and spellers after Foundations. I didn't do everything in the program. Sometimes I skipped the games or some scripting. Oh, and I just realized both had extra work. I did Bookshark reading with my daughter in first grade along with LOE C and D. My son has been doing the Abeka spelling workbook for first grade along with LOE C and D, so maybe that has helped them. I just looked at a copy of Soaring with Spelling. It has workbook activities and teaches rules. R&S spelling is similar with workbook and rules. Spelling Power also teaches rules. I didn't like Spelling Power because it wasn't challenging enough. Same issue with R&S. However, I would recommend trying R&S. It is inexpensive and may be perfect if your child is struggling. I find the switch to other programs difficult because the rules are different from what we did in LOE, so I just revert to LOE rules.
  7. I do not like unmade beds and make mine as soon as I get out of it. My kids start making their own beds when they turn 5. It's a happy birthday rite of passage. The 2 older kids alternate days making the 4 year old's bed. In their rooms, they are expected to pick up toys and put books on shelves and put any clothes either away or in laundry room hamper. Before any event, like having a snack or lunch or going somewhere, I tell them to clean up. This includes, picking up toys or books, and especially the throw pillows that they throw on the floor. This takes 5 minutes and is always a big improvement. I don't have a chore list. In the kitchen, they help with putting silverware away and anything that goes in drawers. They help set the table and they are sometimes asked to vacuum (they like that) . They take their dishes to sink when done eating. They clean mirror and counters in their bathroom. They help with sorting laundry. They dust. So my older kids are 7 and 9 and I just ask whoever is near to help or I call both and give each jobs. Our house doesn't get very messy, and I think those little quick clean ups really help. I am more on the perfectionist side though. Week before last, I was sick with the flu. My husband stayed home 3 days so I could be in bed, but Friday he went to work and I still mostly was in bed. When he came home he asked incredulously, "Why is the house a mess?" lol. I was in bed all day and never reminded kids to pick up... It gets bad fast when you don't stay on top of it. I think a list is a good idea but haven't gotten around to that. I think yours is pretty reasonable. Drawer inspections seem much but then again, I am currently annoyed with my daughter for shoving her clothes in drawers without folding. Now everything is wrinkled and needs rewashed. Maybe I should start drawer inspections.
  8. Wow, that sounds like a lot for 1st grade. I assumed your child was older. I would get incredibly annoyed with the school's attitude of "if you don't like it, go elsewhere". If there is huge stress and crying, yes, I would definitely consider pulling her out. Do you have someone you could invite over weekly? Or is there a playgroup you could join? A huge bonus in homeschooling is building family relationships rather than peer friendships. I know friendships are important but it seems that they get out of balance and kids often value them more than family relationships.
  9. I don't think 30 minutes of homework is a lot. I had at least that much when I was in school. My school day ended at 2:30 though. If hers ends late, then I could see how it seems like a lot of homework. I know the difficulties with friendships. My daughter (9) is the only girl with 2 brothers and would love some little girl friends. She is the only girl in her grade at church and the older kids aren't very friendly for her. They are already getting "cool" and she seems little to them (she's young for her grade anyway). They are just concerned with cell phones and the movies and shows they have seen, and we don't watch TV so my daughter is left out. She is much more mature than the kids in the grade below her. We participate in other group activities but it's hard to really form friendships in those because the kids see each other for an hour per week and are busy. Our neighborhood doesn't have many kids. Our friends don't have girls the same age. So, she is a little lonely. I feel badly, but I remember the awful "friend" culture from my private Christian school and I don't want her to have that either. I think she is coming to a critical age in a couple years when kids get immersed in peers and can't recognize if their relationships are healthy. I'm always looking for playmates but don't want to modify our life to immerse her in friendships that may not be healthy as she gets older. For me, that will be trying to do more playdates at the park or have new families over more.
  10. I have concrete floors with vinyl planks. I have 2 pairs of cushy clark flip flops that I wear most of the time. They have a light sole so I don't have to worry about them marking floors. In winter, I sometimes wear a furry Merrill clog. We don't normally wear shoes in house so these are designated house slippers that I don't wear outside. I'm also grateful for the shoes because it keep me from stepping on Legos:)
  11. I agree that we deteriorate if we do not do something. Behavior is better and life is more productive overall (cleaning, laundry, house projects, etc.) when we maintain a schedule of school work. We have done schoolwork in previous summers, but it has always been something extra and different, never the regular course work. I'm transitioning to year round this year, planning to just start our next course books as we finish this year's. As the weather is nicer and spring is here, I was thinking this morning, "How will I really implement this?" We love to be outside in the summer, and summer is so short... We do tend to wake earlier because it's lighter, so I'm hoping to get an early start and get 2 hours of school (music, math, lang arts) in the morning, then lots of play time. Then maybe a bit of relaxing reading/history/science after lunch. We are taking a couple weeks off for an upcoming trip, then we will probably have our current work until the end of May. We are at SOTW chapter 30, we have about 8 weeks left in my daughter's CP language arts, and 18 lessons left in son's LOE, and 40 math lessons left (so 8 weeks). I guess we are close to being on schedule to finish the school year, but I don't schedule it. We are behind in science (maybe only at 22/36 weeks) and Latin (only have done 35 out of about 130 lessons), so I will try to ramp up on those up in the summer. They have a week long day camp at the beginning of June, then a couple of week long class/camps later in the summer, and all the other activities to work around. I'm glad I didn't allow us to get too far behind as we transition to year round because I don't know that we could do a lot of catching up over the summer. I'm just trying to feel like I'm in control and we are not behind and that I don't need to stress. Ugh, we've had the flu and been very unproductive these past 2 weeks, then I have to take 2 weeks off for vacation... no stress...
  12. Once in awhile I get lucky! I saw a Winning with Writing book at our homeschool office today and asked a teacher if she was familiar with the Soaring with Spelling program. She had several sets so gave me the level 5. I love free curriculum! I think it is on the easy side but I think my daughter would like the word puzzles and it's probably better to be a little easier since I would like it to be mostly independent. I will try it but will also continue to work on any words she misspells and reinforce our LOE rules.
  13. I haven't heard of your top choices before but will be looking them up. I use SOTW but also listen to MOH audio in the car. It meshes well at least for books 1 & 2. I don't know if that helps that you don't have to choose just one, or you might like MOH audio to complement whatever you end up choosing. There is a lot of church history included.
  14. Have you ever tried A Child's History of the World? It is a bit lighter but better story form and might be better tolerated. It skips a bit so would rather gloss over the rest of your year with ancients. Why is she trying to memorize names? I emphasize them but don't try to memorize. I would drop it if it's the issue. Or maybe just listen to SOTW audio instead of you reading and doing a lot of activities?
  15. It sounds much like LOE except rules differ a little. "F, L, and S are often doubled after a single vowel at end of root word." Too bad they don't have a separate spelling book. It sounds similar enough that it might work with LOE rules but I don't want to use a multi subject manual.
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