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    We are finished with the following items for homeschool. Items can be sold separately. Please make an offer. Shipping is additional money depending on where you live. Please contact me if you have any questions. Homeschool Curriculum Latin for children DVD, primer A and Answer key for Primer A Story of the world, Activity Book One: Ancient Times Sebastian Bach: The Boy from Thuringia Study Guide, book; Mozart the wonder boy study guide and book Companion CD for Sebastian Bach and Mozart the wonder boy Algebra 1/2 Solutions Manual: Saxon copyright 2004 Algebra 1 solutions Manual: Saxon, Copyright 1998 Saxon Math 3, Second addition, Teacher’s Manual Volume 1 and 2, copyright 2001 Saxon, Grade 2, Decodable readers 1-26 (#4 is missing) Pop for word Families Game Vowel and Vowel teams flash cards Multiplication wrap ups (x1) Right Start Math: Level B worksheets Level B for educators Level C worksheets Level C for educators Activities and Accessories Multiplication Product Card Deck Face value cards Clock Card Deck 2 plastic geared clocks Rubber bands Place Value Cards Base Ten picture Cards Corners Game Fraction Card Deck Right Start Math CD Tally Sticks 1” wooden Cubes Wooden Abacus Colored Tiles 2 geo boards Math Balance Base ten 100 3-D set Money Cards Multiplication envelopes Fix it Grammar, The Nose Tree, Teacher’s Manual Book 1 Classical Math 3, Student Workbook


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  2. We reviewed word families and the major spelling at that age. You can make your our test on Spelling City and it will make games for you out of the lists you provide. Lots of fun just to reinforce and build confidence.
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