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  1. Thank you so much, HomeAgain and ALB! Your responses are very helpful☺️.
  2. My daughter has taken Latin 1 and 2 through Memoria Press using Henle Latin Level 1. She actually went through Henle Latin Level 1 twice, both times quite thoroughly, doing almost all of the exercises and daily drilling grammar rules and vocabulary. She is considering going to a private school next fall, where they use Cambridge Latin. Their Latin 1 and 2 consists of going through Cambridge Levels I, II, and III, and then their Latin 3 uses Cambridge IV. They have accepted her 2 credits of Latin and wish to enroll her in Cambridge Level III. Does anyone have any advice on that? Will she be ready for Cambridge Level IV? Should she step back and take their Latin 2, which uses Cambridge Level III? Thank you so much for your help!
  3. Thanks so much, EM in AR! I showed my daughter your response, and she is so excited (and thankful!). What a blessing to have such a great science teacher in your community!
  4. Happy Friday!! My daughter is registering for the following courses at TPS and would love some feedback from anyone who has taken these courses with these instructors: Algebra 2 - Mrs. Bagazinski Chemistry - Mrs. Coppedge Contemporary Ear Training - Mr. Hammer Thanks so much!
  5. This is our tentative plan for 11th grade: Algebra 2: The Potters School AP English Literature: PA Homeschoolers with Maya Inspektor AP US History: PA Homeschoolers with Susan Richman Chemistry: The Potters School Chinese 2 (Honors): The Potters School Contemporary Ear Training: The Potters School
  6. Hi! My dd is using the "Physics in Your Life" DVD lectures from the Teaching Co. along with Hewitt's Conceptual Physics text (9th ed). I have the answers I need for the Review Questions and Exercises at the end of the chapters, but I can't find the answers to the little "Practicing Physics" exercises that are scattered within some of the chapters. Anyone know where I can find those answers? Thank you SO much! Tracy
  7. Hi, Everyone! My 16 yo dd is soon returning from a 3 week missions trip to Guatemala ), BUT she still has Modules 14 - 16 to complete in her Apologia Chemistry course. I've always had my children complete ALL of their coursework, but I'd love to be able to consider "skipping" a module (or two) if it would still give her a solid Chemistry course. She is doing well, but she leans heavily toward a literature/composition student and plans to major in these areas (not a science area). Have any of you skipped any of these Modules? If so, did you regret it at all? Thanks SO much! Tracy
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