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  1. Thanks, Gr8lander! Question - can I follow it without doing the Shakeology shakes? I was thinking if I ordered from Amazon, I could avoid some of the MLM aspect of it by not being linked with a "coach". I would like to try it as anonymously as possible :) I'm a little intimidated because I know one person who said they couldn't walk for 4 days after the first video, but I need a "plan" like you mentioned :)
  2. I've done a few Whole30's and am having a hard time getting motivated to do another one. There are about 10 pounds that have crept on and I really want to get rid of them - this would put me back at my ideal / lowest adult weight. I think 21 Day Fix may help me with portion control / snacking that is "compliant" but not necessary if that makes sense. But, I am happy with my running routine and don't want to sideline that completely for the videos that come with the program. So, if you've taken the plunge can you share your experience? Can I keep a running routine (3 days a week about 15-20 miles total)? Thanks!
  3. DS just tested positive for Flu and I went in thinking maybe strep, lol. Your symptoms sound a lot like his so another vote to take it easy tonight!
  4. Thanks for the replies so far. Going to head out to get Elderberry in just a few minutes. He also started Tamiflu tonight too. He has a couple of things that are really important to him in the next week so praying he recovers quickly. Though, I don't play around with flu and won't risk getting others sick so we will hibernate as long as we need to.
  5. DS just tested positive for Flu A. I'm shocked. I really thought it was strep - his throat is sore and he has a temp just over 100. Was not expecting flu! If you've had diagnosed flu in your house this year, how long did it take to recover? We are just getting over a stomach bug from last week that hit everyone in the house...except the one who just tested positive for flu!
  6. I am so intrigued to know if the guest of honor knows about asking the guests to chip in for the expenses. Maybe instead of shower games they will have a laptop set up at the shower to view and contribute to the go fund me for delivery expenses lol :lol:
  7. May I ask why you don't want to try Whole30? I have done several and based on your goals, I feel like it aligns well. *To me* it is a very doable starting point - you know for sure what you can and cannot eat for just one month and based on how you feel you can add some things or steer clear of other things. The energy I feel two weeks into a Whole30 alone is a great motivator :)
  8. I completely concur with Spryte. DH is still 2 years later dealing with his Lyme and cycling through medication. It has been hard. He had many false negatives and then had a huge flare up. He saw a fantastic internal medicine doctor who felt that he needed to be treated for Lyme regardless of the test results (he also has alpha-gal so she said she knows he has had previous tick "encounters"). After a few weeks he started to feel better. He still goes through spells where he is completely without energy and very foggy. But, the right doctors have helped him manage. Hugs - I'm sure this has been a scary road for you so far.
  9. I have the forerunner 405 but my running partner has the 230 and she likes it. If you haven't had a forerunner before, I've been very happy with their customer service when I've had technical difficulties or a faulty strap.
  10. I'm so sorry for your loss. I can understand that family could be a good support to you at this time, but you may want to give yourself more time before making a costly decision. Moving the kids would be a major change for them and for you. Would it be possible to spend the summer traveling and renting through Airbnb in a couple of those locations? Maybe a month in Denver, KC and Cheyanne? Kind of a try before you buy so you could get more data and not have the pressure of getting it "right" since you haven't lived around family in so long and grief is a crazy beast. Hugs!
  11. Oh and for shoes, check out Sam Edelman flats. They are walk all day comfort and you can find them for a decent price at TJMax or Nordstrom Rack.
  12. Have you heard of Cabi before? It's a line of clothing that's sold through independent reps. Their clothes can be $ but a lot of their pieces mix and match and I've been very happy with the quality of the pieces I've bought (I am not a rep for them). The rep can be an awesome resource to try things on and give you advice on styling. They could help you put together a mini capsule with one stop shopping.
  13. I am similar weight and height to you and have had spells where I've been told my face is looking too thin. It sounds like weighing yourself has been great motivation / accountability, but your needs have changed to more maintenance and perhaps it's hard to break that relationship with the scale. It sounds like your family is well meaning, but I think it may not be realistic to put a number on how much weight you "should" gain to have you look more healthy. 5 pounds really isn't much when you think about it will be distributed all over, if that makes sense. I agree with others who suggested it could be the way your clothing is fitting too. I see in your post that you don't like snug things - I totally get it. I would encourage you to try on a bunch of jeans and find something that fits well - buy it! Well fitting does not have to = tight, and it will help you gauge where you are weight wise without a daily weigh in and it may help your family to not see you in clothing much too big for you. I hope that makes sense :)
  14. I had similar bleeding after mine to what you described. I do also suspect my period started a couple of days after the procedure. But, I tend to have heavy cycles anyway so I wasn't expecting the "light spotting" they described. :)
  15. This thread is very timely. I have three kids - two are older elementary / middle school and one just starting homeschooling this year. The middle is either the sweetest or most stubborn child depending on which way the wind is blowing. He begged us to send him to school last year for the last few weeks and he loved it. We quickly saw personality changes that were not positive and brought him home this year. Some weeks he's content enough but often begs to go back to school and can change the entire mood of the house with his demanding personality and expectations that I should sit next him the entire time he does his work. Not realistic. I worry our relationship is paying the price over this friction and I'm tired of friction to be honest. I find myself going back and forth between completely trusting the Lord (he provided so much for homeschooling to fall into place this year) and ready to drive up to the school as fast as my car will take me to enroll him.
  16. I'm so sorry and sending you many hugs. I'm going through a similar situation right now and it just really stings. I'm sorry :(
  17. I'm finishing wrapping for my side of the family tonight. That will feel good to have it done! Took youngest to the doctor because he's pretty sick, pretty sure they cultured his tongue and not his throat 😜 surprise, it was negative but between his bright red throat, red bumps, fever, and "strep" breath, doctor started him on abx while they send the culture out. Also, drove 1 hour each way to pick up a gift for oldest that he's going to go nuts for. Knowing how excited he will be made me so happy each way of the drive! Did a bunch of financial housekeeping - paid bills, made sure the money was there for said bills, etc lol I still have a couple of thank you cards to write tonight. Whew!
  18. I have not had a c-section but have had three vaginal deliveries. The first one was an induction and I got the epi because I was really struggling with pitocin contractions. Then, the epi didn't take on one side and when they tried to "fix" it, the other side got double dosed. I couldn't feel my right leg until the next day. I was determined to have med-free births after that. I did Hypnobabies for the next two. I was asked both times if I was sure I was in labor when I got to the hospital and was at 8 for both when first checked in. Yes, there was still some pain but DH massaging my back through contractions made a huge difference. I can't recommend Hypnobabies enough!
  19. Have you been tested for Lyme? Keep in mind the test has a lot of false negatives. But a lot of the symptoms fit. I'm sorry you feel so crummy :(
  20. We've been to WDW twice - once before my youngest was born (not pregnant at the time) and our kids were 5 and 3 at the time. We had an amazing time but rented a double stroller for the entire week, stayed on property and took a 2-3 hour break every day back at our hotel. We just got back from our second trip about 4 weeks ago. Kids are now 12, 10 and 5. What a huge difference! They were all able to ride pretty much every ride (only one that was a no for the youngest was the roller coaster at DHS based on height requirements), we didn't have a stroller and we didn't *need* to take a break mid-day to rest. We got free dining and based on the time of year we went, the crowds were minimal. My vote would be to wait until youngest is 5+ and definitely stay on property. Try to go during a less crowded time and you can make it through many of the lines quickly. This was probably the last trip we will take to Disney and I wanted to go before the magic would be gone for the oldest. I feel like it was perfectly timed with their ages / stages. Hope this helps!
  21. Thank you all SO MUCH for your perspectives. I felt so wrung out from it all when I posted. Just to clarify, he just started PS mid-April with the understanding he would finish out this school year and we would go from there to make decisions for next year. So, we haven't lost a year academically but I feel we would next year if he went with PS in 5th because we've covered many things they cover next year and would leave off some things I think are key. DH is not a super committed homeschool dad, but has over time become a fan of the flexibility it affords our family and the positives our kids have gained academically and personally. He had a great PS experience and hears and understands our middle child's desire to be around kids all day long. I recognize that it would be better for him to be committed or convicted, but I'm working with what I have and I pray for the Lord to grow his heart for homeschooling. I am not bashing him, just trying to state where he is. At the end of the day, he is not against homeschooling and does support me - he just isn't going to research curriculum or help with the heavy lifting on concrete teaching. God completely answered my prayers today and made a homeschool group option available that had been unavailable before. A friend also told me today about a group that meets another day that would be another significant "plus" to our homeschool next year. So, I feel that He is providing what we need for next year and I am just in awe of his timing. I don't know how DS will feel about it, but I feel very certain next year homeschooling is the right thing for him and our family. I have a lot of peace tonight!
  22. I recently posted an update about my middle child who started public school a few weeks ago. Bottom line is he really enjoys it because he was feeling "lonely" at home even though he plays with neighborhood kids every day and we do a ton of groups, sports, etc. His driver for going to school is to find his "people" and enjoy the social aspect. We had completed most of our curriculum so he's been able to coast academically and focus on enjoying what brought him to public school. He has said he thinks he wants to go to PS next year but then come home the following year when he would start middle school. He feels like next year his grade is the shining star of the school and he wants that experience. The school plays up the "graduating class" with a lot of different things throughout the year. But, I really feel like he gets such a better education at home and he has this light and sweetness about him that we've been able to maintain from being home. I don't think PS is a bad place, per se, but I'm starting to see him come home and argue more intensely with his siblings and I don't like it. I also know there are many things academically that I feel are important for his grade next year that the PS does not cover. I'm feeling stressed because money is due in about 4 weeks for HS activities and co-ops I had committed us to before he started PS. Also, there is one group I had signed him and my youngest up for and I don't know if I want to do it or not with just the youngest if middle goes back to PS. DH is telling me to not spend any money when it is due for these classes because DS doesn't want to be home next year. So, WWYD? I keep praying that the Lord will lead him home because I don't want to crush his desire to return to PS next year. As the parent and adult, I feel like he's better off at home but I don't want this child with a hurting heart.
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