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  1. I understand. The last several years have been hard here with crisis after crisis. I find myself withdrawing from friendships / relationships because it feels awkward to have something going on again and again. Sending you hugs and prayers for a smooth sailing year!
  2. Definitely stroller / system. She will be so happy to know that large need is taken care of. What types of things do you usually make that are gender specific? You could make simple rag burp cloths in neutral colors if you are a sewer, or neutral thank you cards for her to send if you are a papercrafter, or an IOU for something specific once the baby is born once you know the gender.
  3. Also, you mentioned you had foundation covered but for what you are looking for, you should try the IT Cosmetics CC cream. It is corrector, concealer and foundation in one. Nothing else gives me the smooth surface or evenness that product does!
  4. Urban Decay has eye shadow palettes n 3 or 4 versions - the colors are amazing and blend very nicely. There are tons of You Tube videos / tutorials - you could find a couple you like the look of and buy that palette to replicate.
  5. LarlaB, your post is very timely for me. I run several days a week and have been in a good running routine for about 10 years. 4 years ago I did my first Whole30 and had excellent results with weight loss. I didn't change anything with my running schedule. I have eaten mostly whole30/Paleo since then but bad habits / habits of convenience have crept in over the last year. The last two years have been extremely stressful in my house...job losses, IL passing, my NPD mom, and more, the scale is creeping up. Blood work has shown that my thyroid is not off, but B12 and Vit D have been low in addition to anemia and low Ferritin. I suspect my adrenals are fatigued and there are days I just do not want to adult. I'm rooting for you that you can find a plan to follow without negative affects on your health. I dread getting dressed these days and running into friends I haven't seen in a while. I can relate to so much of what you wrote. Sending you hugs and encouragement!
  6. I recruit for IT and non-IT pt and if it was my spouse, I would encourage him to list both universities / degrees and omit the dates. Depending on what level job he is going for, he will have to decide if he wants to include all of his experience or only after X date. If he's going for a Director level or above, he should include most if not all his experience even if it was before X date. JMHO
  7. I'm sorry. I totally feel your pain. DH started a new job beginning of 2016 and we found out when we did taxes that his job majorly under withheld and we owe a huge chunk. The irony is we won't have to fix his deductions with the company since he got laid off from that job earlier this year. I pray the money is replenished in your savings quickly from the bonus or promotion!
  8. I work pt from home and my oldest is 13. I work because it keeps my household "whole" in terms of what we need $ wise each month, so I really like my boss and working from home, but I work because I need to not because I love to work this job if that makes sense. For me, if the money won't change your life in a tangible way - staying solvent each month, making activities that your children dream about a reality, etc - I wouldn't do it. I feel like I have the worst of both worlds - constantly on a tight timeframe to drive the "get school done train" and hurry up and get work done train. None of my other HS'ing friends work PT or FT, so I feel like an outlier in that respect and feel like it is really hard to have any cushion of time for a fun spontaneous day or fun activity because I have a paid job to do.
  9. My ferritin has stayed at 4 for the last year despite trying to improve it. I'm also anemic and borderline low on B12 and Vit D. I've started B12 injections in hopes that it will help and I have felt better overall. Doctor didn't even want to test my ferritin at first and asked me if I knew what ferritin was. I run 15-25 miles a week and he told me if my ferritin was low, I would want to run 5 miles but wouldn't be able to run 1. Mmmkay.... The range my tests indicated as normal was between 18 and high 300's, so OP your 11 may not be as close to normal as you were told :) I don't know the impact of ferritin before surgery but I'm praying your doctor can get a plan together for you.
  10. I'm early 40's. My most favorite color is Edgecomb Gray by Benjamin Moore. It is not really a gray - maybe greige is better description? But very neutral and pretty. LOVE it. Revere Pewter is also pretty, but a shade darker. Kitchen is medium cherry cabinets with New Venetian Gold granite counters. Appliances are stainless steel. Wood color is Gunstock, but in a wider plank. For upstairs flooring, are you trying to decide for bedrooms or hallway? We have hardwood in the hallway and carpet in the bedrooms. If cost wasn't an issue, I would love hardwood in the bedroom or that super cool tile that looks like weathered wood planks. Love that!
  11. Agree with all the PP's that DH *needs* to help more. His work schedule doesn't sound unpredictable and the hours don't sound too bad. He can't work his 8 or 9 hour job, punch out and have you pull a 13 hour + day each day, just doesn't work. I would break out daily and weekly tasks into a list and sit down with him to divide it up. Really, break them down. Not just "clean bathrooms", but "clean master bathroom" "clean hallway bathroom" etc. DH also needs to take ownership of his lunch unless you make lunch ahead for everyone and it isn't any extra time to portion food for one more person. I agree it sounds like you need some help, but what would be the most helpful to you? Someone to play with / watch your kids? Help you clean? Help you cook? Based on what tasks are the most meaningful to you, I would then look around. Sorry you couldn't find someone before. Is available in your area?
  12. What are the other medical insurance options? We've always carried health insurance through an employer. DH was laid off recently and we were planning on extending our coverage through Cobra. We've already met the deductible for the year so it made sense. Today we found out based on the size of the company and not living in the same state as their office, he will not be eligible for Cobra. He is not having a lot of luck in his search. I am freaking out. Thanks for any suggestions.
  13. Sending you hugs. I'm glad you were able to reach the vet, but my heart is breaking for you and your poor dog.
  14. Yeah, I have thought about trying to remember it could just be a season. I'm so anxious about everything - especially giving up my super flexible PT job because it has made hs'ing workable. My oldest is 13 and youngest is 5. Leaving them while I work in an office all day to then homeschool at night would not be fair, afterschooling probably wouldn't be realistic given the schedule we have with sports in the evenings. Sigh...DH and I need to find a way to get on the same page and align our priorities.
  15. Thanks for the replies so far. DH does not feel called at all to homeschool. His perfect would be that we both work FT.
  16. Welcome to the world little Rosemary! Congratulations!
  17. Can you please share your experience with me? DH was laid off a few weeks ago and he is aggressively looking for a job. I've been working PT for several years. It is hard to juggle with hs'ing - especially as the kids get older - but I love hs'ing them and bringing in some income has made this HCOL area manageable. With DH out of work, and the insane cost of health insurance, it makes sense for me to look for a FT job since it took DH several months last time he was laid off. What I do is pretty "in demand" and I have interviews lined up for next week. I'm really struggling with this. I know it's the "right thing" from a financial perspective but would be heartbroken to give up hs'ing. Sooo.....if you went back into the workforce FT because of circumstances, can you share your experience with me? The good and the bad? I think hearing from those that have done it could be helpful. Thanks :)
  18. I agree with the PPs that suggest you need to be more direct about it. I would probably reply back to the email invitation versus giving a direct response in a group setting when it isn't directed at you per se. My reply would be something along the lines of "Thank you for thinking of me. This isn't something that I am interested in right now. If my needs change in the future, I will definitely let you know! I hope these continue to be a success for "Mary" as she builds her business!"
  19. I think I'm probably the last person in my area to try R&F haha and took the plunge in December by buying one of the packages. i needed to replenish the less expensive items after two months because I ran out, but I'm still using the more expensive creams - they've gone a long way. I've never spent this kind of time or money on my skin care and I've never had great skin. I am seeing results and feel more confident about my complexion. I'm a fan!
  20. I heard it was a single serving sized box 😇
  21. My goal this week is to stop trying to eat my feelings :) I'm aiming to run 3 days this week and do some 21 day fix videos on non-run days. I struggle with portion control and sugar, so hoping to get those in check this week.
  22. OP, you've gotten a lot of great advice here and I'm glad you were able to set a boundary. This board has been a wealth of information to me as I figured out just over two years ago that my mother is NPD (long time lurker before posting). It is so validating and crushing all at the same time to have so many experiences and emotions with your parent snap into place in an instant once that NPD light bulb goes off. I think it's really hard IRL to get support from close friends unless they understand NPD themselves. DH totally sees it and supports me as I figure out how to navigate this with my mom and not allow myself or my children to be sacrificed on the altar of her NPD. I do feel very blessed that MIL is so "normal" and loving. Hugs to you as you continue to go through this journey.
  23. Thanks everyone - I really appreciate your prayers, advice and support. To give more info, DH hasn't been at this job very long - less than 18 months. He's getting a small severance package, and I'm grateful he's getting something. It took him almost 6 months to find this job after his position was eliminated with his previous company, so I feel very fragile since it feels like we *just* went through this. He does have a good Linked In profile and an updated resume, so tomorrow he will start networking and applying like crazy. He works in technology though he isn't technical. The biggest thing that hurt him in his last search was not having a degree. Some companies won't even interview you without one which is discouraging going into this. Right now, he is completely set against relocating as this is the only area he has ever lived and he has family here. I work part time, though I don't have an option to go full time with this job so I will be job hunting for something full time too...sigh. I'm praying mightily. I don't want to give up homeschooling, but working part time and schooling has pushed me to the edge some days and I know I can't scale full time workand schooling. DH does not feel called himself to homeschool so swapping roles won't work. I'm just so sad and stressed.
  24. I would like to just curl in a ball and cry but that might scare the kids, so posting here for some support :)
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