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  1. My son really enjoyed Cripsin: The Cross of Lead by Avi. It was the first book he's really devoured.
  2. I probably am better dressed now than early adulthood. I'm better about pulling myself together and adding a piece of jewelry or scarf or something else to bring it together. Sometimes my kids tell me I'm dressed like a "cool teenager" and sometimes they aren't crazy about a patterned something I'm wearing. I am very selective about what I will buy / wear now - no scoop neck tops because I feel like I can't mom in them without showing too much ;) and nothing that doesn't flatter my shape even if it's "on trend".
  3. Many many hugs to you and your family. And prayers that your son has a smooth transition. Thinking of you.
  4. It did untwist itself. It was so strange - they could tell through the u/s that there was still blood flowing (I think that's what they said) through the ovary even though it was twisted. I think if it wasn't flowing they would have had to intervene. I'm hoping you feel better soon and the pain goes away!
  5. I meant this as a general statement, not directed at OP. In my own experience, I felt bad for MIL trying to make selections that she felt honored FIL even though we felt he would have been shocked at the costs and not wanted her to spend the money.
  6. Yes, completely agree that the costs are outrageous. I really wish people would express their wishes to their families for their burial plans. MIL really struggled with making choices for FIL that weren't "top of the line" out of her love for him. He would have been so angry if he was still with us to see what those choices were costing. The line item that especially shocked me was the obituary. $600 dollars. For nothing spectacular or long or with a picture. I can't remember if it ran for one day or two. Ugh.
  7. I once had an ovarian cyst once plus a twisted ovary. It was awful and ended up in the ER where it was diagnosed via internal sonogram. Appendicitis was also thrown out there as a possibility before they did the sonogram. I don't remember that they were able to do anything for it other than for me to take it easy. At the most intense point of pain, I was vomiting but within a day or two I felt much better. Hugs, I hope you feel better soon!
  8. Thanks for the advice and hugs - I really appreciate it. The biggest issue hasn't been that I'm doing most of the reaching out / making the effort. It's more of a disconnect between words and actions - telling me how important I am to her but situations where she hasn't been nice or honest (in a big way). We've had a couple of conversations addressing things that have happened, but yesterday was just a really crystalizing day for me. I suspect there will be a text "how's it going" or something equally surface at some point and I won't be rude or drama, but I really am not willing to continue to put energy into something that is so inauthentic. Thanks again for the support. :grouphug:
  9. There is someone that I've been friends with for 10+ years and they have been a "core" relationship in my life. We love each other's children, live close to each other, our lives are in many ways intwined. However, I've also come to realize over the last few months that I am putting a lot more effort into the relationship and there have been some other issues. When I type it all out to give examples, I feel like a 12 year old girl but it is very hurtful to me and I I recognize our relationship has run its course. I guess I am looking for some BTDT advice and support. I don't expect drama - I don't know if she will even notice for a while that I'm not reaching out - and she's very adverse to conflict. I'm sad - very sad - but I just don't want to feel like this. It's hard for me to walk away. I've realized over the last couple of years my mom is NPD and so it's so ingrained in me to always "work" and "try", and not feel good enough, right?! My friend isn't NPD - but I know this is part of my wiring so where others may just walk away from the relationship and not give it a second thought, it's hard for *me*. Thanks for reading and any advice / support is welcome. Thanks!
  10. Love, love, love them both. They are not interchangeable for all applications, but love them equally.
  11. I think $15 per kid sounds kinda high, but I wouldn't expect it to be less than $10. I guess it depends on how much she's spending on goody bags - you could be getting a bag of crap or maybe she's trying to do something nicer/bigger. That's probably the only part that would bug me - paying for goody bags too.
  12. With a lone star tick, you also have to be concerned about alpha gal. I would be as proactive as possible - DH has alpha gal and Lyme. It's been really hard for him.
  13. Congratulations to your daughter! It sounds like a great fit for her. If it's a corporate recruiter they may get an annual bonus based on different metrics such as how long it took to fill the positions throughout the year, etc, so this one placement is a piece of the puzzle. If it's a headhunter, the company may get up to 25% of her base salary as a fee, which sounds huge. But, the companies typically invest in expensive tools such as Linked In, Monster, etc to identify talent as well as salaries of the recruiters and the actual recruiter may only get a small piece of that fee.
  14. Thanks everyone for the replies. I really appreciate it! After reading through the responses and thinking a bit more about it, I'm going to go to the visitation and probably not the funeral. They are on separate days - not sure if there is a reception after the funeral but I wouldn't have stayed for that. I'm feeling like the funeral will be more "intimate" - such an important part of the family's grieving process. DS said he may want to join me for the visitation - I've told him it's his choice and was really touched he would want to be there to support his friend / former teammate. If you are inclined to pray, please lift this family up in prayer. He was the same age as my DH and reflecting on what they have been through in a few short years is just heartbreaking.
  15. My heart is so heavy today. There is a family that we know through sports - their son and my son played on a sports team together two years in a row and the DH was an assistant the first year. From one year to the next, the DH had lost his hair and he looked weak. We found out that right after the first season wrapped up, the DH was dx'd with cancer. I am FB friends with both of them and he seemed to do better for a while. I would run into them from time to time, but not close friends. I found out today he just passed away and the visitation and service are next week. I would like to go to at least one of the gatherings next week, but don't know if that's appropriate or if one is better than the other. When FIL and SIL passed away (not at the same time) I appreciated any one that came to anything, but am torn because I wasn't super close with either the husband who passed or his wife. WWYD?
  16. The email has put your husband in a tough spot, but since he has been asked to lie for them, he really shouldn't stay silent. It sounds like your DH wouldn't have sought out the school administration to proactively tell them the students weren't showing up, but if he stays quiet, I feel like he is condoning their behavior if the school doesn't have the bandwidth to confirm they did the work. And yes, the students will tell their friends (they may already be bragging about blowing off the assignment) that they didn't do the work and there was no immediate consequence. Your husband could also choose to reply and cc school admin with times this next week / two weeks the work could be completed so that they stay in compliance with the project even though they didn't show up the first week. But, I wouldn't reply to the student without the school copied.
  17. Oh my goodness. I'm lifting her and her family (and all of you!) up in prayer. What tough news. :(
  18. So precious! Congratulations!
  19. If your DS wants the sleepover, and you have a good amount of confidence that she will follow whatever dietary guidelines you all have established for him, I would allow the sleepover. I expect my kids to be a little out of sorts after a sleepover whether it's at a friend's house or with family. It's kind of the gift that keeps on giving, lol, but it just is how it goes :)
  20. Moonhawk, I am praying for you and your family. I have followed along and continue to be amazed with your grace and fortitude. Saying this gently, I would suggest being as honest with the oldest two as you can. Not knowing the personalities of your kids, I would hesitate to say anything that they could interpret as "their fault". *To me* hearing "Daddy is overwhelmed" could translate to "we are overwhelming Daddy and need to act different/better/etc". I may be totally off base. I like the PP's suggestion that his brain / mind is having some trouble and he needs to be somewhere else for now. I don't know what I would do in your situation besides pray a lot and come to the Hive ;) but just wanted to throw that out there.
  21. DH was constantly getting strep and it turns out his immunity was tested and he had no immunity to strep. It became comical in the doctors office because the rapid strep always came up negative but the sent out culture was always positive. I would have your immunity checked. It became more manageable when he started working from home. His old company had a lot of sick people "pushing through" and coming to work for a variety of things - strep, flu, pink eye.
  22. Thanks, everyone. DH said it went okay. He had a hard time reading the interviewers but he's hopeful!
  23. Sending you many, many hugs and prayers. What a heavy load you are carrying right now.
  24. He is in an interview right now. It would be a great job and he's excited about it. I promise to come back and update after the interview :)
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