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  1. I'm looking ahead a little to next year and trying to decide on a grammar/language program for my dd who will be 11 next school year. I can't decide between A Beka Language B or Essentials in Writing. I've tried to search on the forum, but almost nothing comes up or it says that the page cannot be found. So, I'm looking for input from those who have used one or both of these. I know that A Beka is very strong in grammar and diagramming and I like that, but I'm also drawn to EIW because of the strong writing component and the DVD teacher. A little background - my dd has done the JAG and Mechanics programs as well as Write with the Best Vol. 1. She is currently using Kilgallon Sentence Composing for Elementary, some coypwork and dictation as well as parts of ILL. My tentative plan for the following year when she is 12 is to do WWS (likely stretching it over 2 years). Soo, do I go with a thorough, really strong grammar or the seemingly more relaxed approach of EIW and focus more on writing? Any comments on aspects of either of these programs is appreciated. Thank you!
  2. Hello! I am looking for some input on choosing a spelling program for next year. My dd will be 10yo by then. She has done AAS 1-3, Phonetic Zoo Level A, and The Writing Road to Reading - all the lists. I had originally planned to put her in R&S Grade 5, but after I ordered it and looked at it, I wondered if it would be too easy for her. My dd is a very good speller, but I do still feel the need for her to practice spelling with some kind of curriculum. I have heard that A Beka's spelling is challenging so that is the other program I am considering. I do like how R&S makes them think and I believe all that I've heard about how the strength of the program is in the exercises. However, I would hate to start her in it and have her be bored and not learning anything new. I guess my other option might be to try R&S 6 instead. So, R&S 5, or R&S 6, or A Beka? Any thoughts? Thanks!
  3. We are in our 2nd year of using the self-paced online courses. They have been GREAT in so many ways. I also needed a subject that was more hands-off for me and this was the perfect choice for our family. We chose to do the 4th and 5th years in the cycle. We just purchased the course and the history cards. We get the literature books from the library to save $$. This year I did add in a notebook page 1x/week. I purchased A Journey Through Learning's notebooking pages that are designed to go with TruthQuest History and they have worked out perfectly! My dc notebook on Thursdays after completing all the teaching lessons for that particular week. They have learned SO MUCH from this program. I highly recommend it!
  4. Thanks for the replies! It does sound like MFW 1st is excellent and that I could move right into R&S 2nd grade phonics afterward, if I felt the need. Thanks a bunch!
  5. We have used Type to Learn 4 for several years and really like it!
  6. We just recently finished up PAL. Our favorite part was the last unit where they learn to make key word outlines, brainstorm dress-ups and rewrite paragraphs in their own words. I can see that my dc gained a lot from it! I've seen my oldest use the same method in other content area writings now too. My oldest will be moving on to Write with the Best Vol. 1 next semester and my 2nd dc will probably go through Sonlight's Diamond Notes, which teaches a method for writing paragraphs from 'scratch'. We like to use a variety of resources for writing. :) Hope that helps!
  7. Does anyone have experience using both Rod and Staff Phonics and My Father's World 1st Grade? I am currently using R&S and I think it is excellent. It is thorough and I think it does a good job of teaching the rules. However, I would really like to use MFW with my next child. Does anyone know how it would compare to R&S? I love the looks of MFW 1st, but I don't want to end up losing any of the excellence in phonics instruction by switching. Does MFW 1st take the student as far as R&S does in 1st and 2nd? I feel that R&S moves pretty quickly and yet their program is 2 years long, so I'm wondering whether MFW 1st really takes the child as far, provides adequate review, etc. Thanks for any specific comparisons you can give.
  8. I'm looking into purchasing Singapore's CWP, but I'm not sure which level to buy. My DD is in the middle of 3B so I'm debating between level 2 and level 3. I want it to be challenging, but not so frustrating that she dreads doing it. Any thoughts? How do you determine which level to use? Thanks!
  9. Thanks for the replies. My DD does work well independently. She does Horizons on her own, unless she has a question on something. We do slow down the Singapore and do some in the summer already, but it's still too much for us at this point. I like doing school with my DC, but I also want time to live life, do ministry, etc. KWIM? So, now I'm considering BJU math. Anyone have thoughts on that? I'm wondering if it will be a good compromise of a broader scope and sequence (like Horizons), but also include strong mental math and conceptual understanding components. If I can swing it, I would probably want to do with the DVDs too, as that would free me up to do more with my younger DC. Anyone have experience with BJU math and/or the DVDs? Thanks!
  10. I have been using both Horizons and Singapore math with my 8yo (almost 9yo) DD. She is ready to begin Horizons Grade 4 and is part way through Singapore 3B. I feel that using both of these programs has given her a really great math education so far. However, the trouble is that I have three younger DCs, two whom I also teach and one toddler. I am swamped! Math takes so much of our time and I would love to simplify, but I don't know which program to drop. My DD LOVES Horizons and would be so disappointed to drop it. However, I am afraid to let Singapore go because of the strong mental math//critical thinking/word problem component. I have even learned a lot from teaching Singapore! In an ideal world, I would continue with both, but if I do that I'm afraid I will be so frustrated that no one will be happy. :crying: My DD is bright and learns new things very quickly so I want to make sure that she is challenged and stretched. I have thought about using just Singapore's CWP and Mental Math books as a supplement to Horizons, but I wonder what we'll be missing if we don't actually use the text, workbook, and HIG. I've even thought about moving to Teaching Textbooks as that would free me up so much, but I've read mixed reviews on TT and I don't want to compromise the quality of her education. Help! What would you do?
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