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  1. Level 5 is being written/tested now; the plan is that it'll be ready for the fall, I believe. :)
  2. Neither are HWT. You should look at the samples to see which fits better for you. The "vertical" book has manuscript and the newish font that is being called "vertical" but has also been called "hunter" at various times. The "slant" book has basic italic and a slanted cursive. The samples are your best bet for figuring out which you want to pair with HWT; you can see a teeny example on the table of contents on the 4th page of each of them (teeny!). :) Anabel
  3. I can understand why it seems like an odd question. Here's the story: my 10yo is currently learning to type, and is doing typing practice every day. She has been studying French for 6 years, and we've started having "French Fridays" where we do our best to speak French & do what we can in French (movies are in French, games in French, read to the baby in French, etc). She is still typing that day, and I thought it would be fun for her to do her typing in French too. We are using typingweb.com in English, and I tried registering a second account that would be in French (since they offer that), but ended up having to contact customer support to do that. They said that all the menus and interface would be in French, but that the typing practice would still be English-based (so like the nonsensical "dkdk fjfj dfjk" stuff is regular, but when words are incorporated it would be English). So I thought I'd ask here. Does that make more sense? Thanks!
  4. Hello! I was wondering if anyone knows of a free typing program that is in French? I searched for one but kept coming up with programs where the menus would be in French but the actual typing was in English. Thanks!
  5. But you're using Just So Stories? I'm trying to figure out what we're going to do with that... Kipling was such a colonial racist that dh really doesn't want us using him at all. I suppose it depends on the story, all in all, but that's what I've found with Dr. Doolittle too. Some parts are racist, and others aren't so bad. I totally get what you mean, though. Good for you, staying on your toes. If you're in a racism-heavy area, you probably have plenty of chances to talk with your kids in everyday life and don't need literature to open up the conversation. :) Anabel
  6. But you're using Just So Stories? I'm trying to figure out what we're going to do with that... Kipling was such a colonial racist that dh really doesn't want us using him at all. I suppose it depends on the story, all in all, but that's what I've found with Dr. Doolittle too. Some parts are racist, and others aren't so bad. I totally get what you mean, though. Good for you, staying on your toes. If you're in a racism-heavy area, you probably have plenty of chances to talk with your kids in everyday life and don't need literature to open up the conversation. :) Anabel
  7. And I don't know about other folks' experience, but so far it's been Ok if dd hasn't done the reading yet when we have done the lesson (I hate to mention that for fear of someone feeling off the hook when they really need the hook :leaving: ). But we're doing one of the upper levels available, and this week dd has been slow about getting her readings done (I blame Pyle's King Arthur and Robinson Crusoe, she NEEDS to be reading her Oz assignment) but we've plugged along and it's been Ok. So if I had a story I wanted to skip for a reason like scariness, I'd just skip the reading and do the lesson anyway. HTH!
  8. Hey... has anyone combined Kitchen Table Math with Living Math books for elementary math? If someone were to do this, would there be good worksheets or something to fill it out? I kinda wish that Math on the Level's record book were available by itself, but would it help? Thanks! I know this like a non-post non-questiony thing that is pretty specific, but wouldn't be awesome if that could work out? :)
  9. For the greater glory of God, my daughter is heating her beans and rice in the microwave. Is that like being Jewish and saying a blessing every time you eat bread? Just less specific? Hmmm...
  10. I have a cough. I strongly dislike those. The baby is having a hard time getting back to sleep after being untimely woken from his nap. His fingernails are really sharp. We're having beans and rice for dinner. They're "Alice Beans" as opposed to "Melissa Beans" or "Jennifer Beans". If you have an awesome bean recipe I'd love it, and we'll totally name it after you, at least for our family. :)
  11. Dh just got home with the groceries. Yay milk! Yay eggs! Yay chocolate! Tissues -- my mom is the Queen of Kleenex. Her philosophy is that there should always be a tissue available within reach of wherever you are in the house. And an associate trash can should also be in range. We've gone the single-wash handkerchief route. We have rectangular pieces of fleece and flannel (flannel is nicer on the nose during a cold, but more trouble to make) that get used once and then washed on hot. When I have a baby or toddler with a cold, I do carry a multi-use handkerchief, but it's just for them, and I like the silk ones best (Dharma Trading Company has them) because they dry really quickly and aren't nasty and goobery like the cotton kind get. Dh is feeding the girls salad for dinner. Burgers to follow. You know, reading this thread, you'd think my husband has a thing for hamburgers. But he's really a veggies kinda guy. Weird. :)
  12. Hey, can someone post a link to a sample of a different type of markings than RLTL has? I'm new to the O-G world (ok, we started AAS, but it was t-o-o s-l-o-w) and I'd like to see what other marks we're missing out on since we'll be doing RLTL. cassafraz, about cursive-first I've only read this but it was interesting: http://www.donpotter.net/pdf/cursivefirst.pdf I wasn't planning on cursive-firsting with my middle child, but she really wants to learn cursive and we're enjoying LLTL, so it looks like we'll start that soon. I don't think I consider myself to be a cursive-firsty though In the fall, my plan is to do LLTL1 or 2 (wherever we're at), RLTL for spelling (we finished OPGTR), and keep working on HLTL. We'll also be starting SOTW1 with associated readings, and we'll likely do BFSU with the books from that too. I'm still considering whether or not we're going to use the AO suggestions; I really like some of them, and it'll be fun to read them with this child. But many of the history and science books won't be read-alouds for us; dd will likely read them on her own. In the CM style, I'm not worried about having multiple read-alouds going at once; my kids have absolutely no trouble keeping up with multiple story lines. :)
  13. I haven't run into anyone who used AMDG in conversation, though another one that folks use is "JMJ" (Jesus, Mary, Joseph) at the top of papers, and I *have* heard that in conversation. Not often, but it has happened. :)
  14. My 8mo has outgrown his carseat (tall boy!) but we can't get him a new one until next month. I have no idea what my bra size is... I think of myself as a B cup, but I think I'm actually like a G or something. I have this huge frame... the ladies would have to be like volleyball sized before it would make me look chesty. The flu sucks. We had it Christmas week. My kids liked chicken broth with ramen noodles after it, I liked chicken broth with a TON of garlic after, and my husband liked a bacon-avocado-cheddar burger after it. (Not kidding. He cooked it too.) The baby seems to have a cold, or at least snot in the back of his nose. He is playing with the sounds he can make using said snot. While latched on.
  15. Ok, so this is random but dh said I really should share... I was buying some peg people from Casey's Wood (an online wood cutout supply place) and was in the "game pieces" section, and there was a subsection called "craft kits". I thought, "oooh, what kind of craft kits would they have listed under game pieces," and click in and there is one item. "Teapot and Cups Doorhanger Kit" I just started laughing. It's much more tasteful than a towel on the doorknob. Why would someone want a tea-themed doorhanger anyway, who wasn't a Hive member? :)
  16. It sounds like she's working on it, but ran out of time today. That's also why she's not on here herself... she's been writing, fixing up workbooks, teaching her children, and making Hunter happy with font. :) But she's active on the yahoo group that Hunter linked to a couple posts back. :)
  17. The workbooks are simple aids, unnecessary but helpful. They're here: http://www.lulu.com/shop/search.ep?keyWords=language+lessons+through+literature+workbook&sorter=relevance-desc and if you click into one, and choose "Preview" under the picture, there's a preview there. :) Anabel
  18. I would guess that this would work well for you. We used FLL 1/2 and WWE when my eldest was younger, and didn't like those specific questions either. Mostly we skipped them :) and I'd watch for my dd's summaries to cover the important points. If she didn't, we'd just have a conversation about it. Then we switched to a Charlotte Mason style which really emphasized narration, and it did what I'd been wanting FLL/WWE to do. We also had the same issue of wanting to read the whole story instead of the WWE snippets. And it is *definitely* simplifying our language arts/poetry/picture study work. I bought the PDF version of the books, and while we do have e-reader capabilities, I'm mostly reading it off of my computer. Someone else mentioned that you can buy a paper copy, which is what a friend is doing, but I thought I'd share the computer option. :)
  19. Don't worry... I have my Level 1 but we're waiting for a friend (who is not on the forum but I'm apparently a pusher :lol: ) to start, so our girls can do them together. Their family who were visiting for Christmas have gotten stuck here with all the flights cancelled, so they aren't starting just yet, and we're getting to twiddle our thumbs waiting for the weather everyone else is having to go away. So I may have gotten to the party sooner, but I'll bet you'll start actually partying sooner :cheers2: . :)
  20. Hello! I was wondering if anyone teaches their French speaking kids in the Charlotte Mason style, especially with the readings, short narration, and copywork? My 5th grader has been taking French for 6 years, but her teacher just isn't doing enough with her, probably because the curriculum want pretty interactive discussions so it's hard to give homework. But most of the French curricula out there is too easy. We've done Charlotte Mason style work in English, and I think she could do it in French if we just backed up a couple grade levels. I've started making copywork sheets from Fables d'Esope, but thought if someone else had already created it, I could stop :) Thank you!
  21. I'm hoping to get there... someday... :lurk5:
  22. Hey y'all! I am looking for a new way to organize our homeschool work (like workboxes, etc). What methods have worked for folks? Thank you!
  23. Thank you for more thoughts. Re: calling the stoplight "stupid"... that has been my inner description of it ever since I encountered it in 4th grade, which I switched schools midyear and ended up in a classroom that used it. My introduction to it was through being informed that I had gone down to a yellow light because I was reading at my desk. You're right that if it works, it's brilliant, but it's hard to let go of my preexisting notions about it. Re: cancelling Christmas... my husband and I seriously considered doing just this. We would likely go to church, but find ways to volunteer in the community and skip the big meal and presents. Both of us consider that to be an entirely plausible scenario, though things have calmed down enough that it is now unlikely. I encountered something else today that has been informative. I have ADHD, and dh is close to having it. I was reading Dr. Amen's newly revised edition of "Healing ADD" and there is this paragraph about not yelling at people with ADD because it releases hormones into their frontal cortex which stimulates them and gets them going, and they can get addicted to it. Oh my goodness! This huge lightbulb went on. Now I just have to figure out what to do about it. Baby calleth. Thank you!
  24. Thank you! Re: Harry Potter -- she is slowly working through the 1st one, not much more. Honestly I think she's learned worse things from her 6yo friend and some of the kids at church than she'll get from the 1st Harry Potter. Re: cookies -- we have a cake on the list, maybe I'll save that for doing with her. Good idea. And thanks for the book rec. hfjjkj -- thank you. so much. That's exactly the kind of week we've had. Dh's school (where he got his PhD, and where he is a supervisor and teaches as a prof now) is going through a massive implosion... 15 employees were laid off yesterday, none of which really make sense except that the President seems to be some sort of sociopath and the Board has handed him complete control despite protests from everyone (100% of the faculty, students, and staff minus the President). We're heartbroken and feeling sick and... it's just been a rough week. We do have a hard time figuring out what's normal for a 5yo, and she's *tall* so we're likely expecting more maturity from her than we would if she were shorter (studies show that tends to be true). I know an 8yo who is the same height she is. Anyway, I'll try to revamp expectations again. It's been a rough year with her overall, since the baby was born, but it had gotten better before this. Thank you.
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