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  1. Hello! I'm hoping someone here will have a good suggestion for me. My fabulous 11yo is an interesting duck (pronouns they/them). Their ADHD (combined type) is winning a LOT right now. Their math is at the right level for them, but almost every day they struggle to actually apply their brain to the math. They just took a quiz that I KNOW they can do the math on, but only got 10% right. I know that being 11 can mess with ADHD (hormones 👾). But what should I do? I can't just stop math because the charter school requires it. I can't just stick them on Khan because they do the same thing there. If
  2. This. Definitely. And I'm loving the new abridged version of BFSU1 - I might actually get through the whole thing! I would talk to Dr. Nebel. I think it's ok to sell stuff based on someone else's product, but I also think he'd be open to someone doing it if they asked. Would you put it on ebay or etsy? I've thought of the same thing several times, but my ADHD makes it exactly the wrong kind of project for me to do.
  3. I'm curious, did you try CSMP? I know it's crazy, but I've heard good things about it from VSL folks. I've only tried the K level with my Ker and he loves it, but I can't say they've done all that much yet.
  4. There's a bit of marine biology and info about some fish in this book: Of Fish And Friends. The main characters are homeschooled, too :) ?
  5. We've been using the Archangel ones, because we like David Tennant and he's in a bunch of them. The other thing we've done, that has been a HUGE hit, is to take a video version that we like and to make an audio file from it that we can listen to. All three of my kids adore Much Ado About Nothing and quote it regularly. Our favorite version is from Digital Theatre, with David Tennant as Benedick. ? :) Anabel
  6. I finally found the list of approved vendors, and you're so right, it's really helpful. This school is interesting to me because they've said some Life of Fred books are Ok to buy through the school, but others are Ok. My old school found out that there was religion in some LoF, and all purchases were cancelled and all previously bought copies were locked away. I used AAS when my oldest was in 1st grade. I'll look at AAR; thank you! I think it was just coming out right after my 2nd child learned to read, so I never really looked at it. :) Anabel
  7. Hello all! Our family moved north a bit, and now we're in a new home-based charter school, which has different opinions than our old one did about curriculum. I'm not sure yet (haven't talked to our teacher-person yet) but I think this one is pickier. I was looking through their suggestions and came across two that intrigued me that I haven't really encountered before. They're the Bravewriter Language Arts program and the IEW packages "Primary Arts of Reading" / "...Writing". I know of both of those companies from their writing programs, but I haven't encountered them much for (almost) full la
  8. I've already gotten sucked into one of the linked threads... I'm following the crowd and posting so I can find this again. :)
  9. I'm appreciating the rain, and I'm very excited that our ES meeting wasn't a chore despite taking the month off. :)

  10. There are good French cursive apps available on iPad, in case that's handy. My kids like doing those. :)
  11. :lurk5: I'll be looking for this thread again next summer, when I have a rising-6th grader about to do Modern history. I'm so excited for all these suggestions! Could you put up or link to what you finally decide on? (If you have your 5th grade reading list around, I'd appreciate that too!) Thanks!
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