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  1. Good luck! My older ds applied ED to a very selective LAC like that and got deferred and eventually rejected. He's happy at the school he is at now though. My younger ds just applied ED to a LAC that is much less selective. I think it's a great fit for him, and the odds of him getting in are high. Hopefully with merit aid too!
  2. With early decision due yesterday, we finished everything for the common app by 9 pm. This was a major celebration since I was convinced we'd be hitting submit at 11:59 pm. The ED school required 2 teacher recommendations. As of 7 pm yesterday, ds still only had 1. He had talked to the teacher who said he was happy to write one, and he had clearly explained the due date. DS sent a gentle email a week ago. Every time ds saw teacher in class this week, teacher said "oh, yeah, don't worry, I'll get it done." Yesterday teacher said he'd have it done by 6 pm. At 7 pm we were starting to panic. At 7:30 pm, the recommendation showed up. What a relief! I just hope the teacher did a good job. He knows ds very well, has taught him multiple classes for 4 years. And his subject is ds's potential major. So we really, really wanted this particular teacher. Now we keep our fingers crossed!!
  3. My ds is planning to apply, but hasn't actually applied yet. I was planning to do something fairly similar to what you describe, except my ds doesn't have any CC credits, just public school and AP classes. He has one science class with labs that he did at school, but his other sciences are at home, and we didn't keep any records of his labs. I'm hoping that his transcript will work as is. I was just going to add that we visited last week, and we were told that there was a specific admissions rep who deals with homeschoolers. So I was told that if I had any questions, I should contact her. I think my ds has her card, so if it would help, let me know I'll pass on the info. My vague recollection is that her name is Melissa, but I'm really not sure about that!
  4. DS had three college interviews in the last 4 days. Unfortunately he wasn't that crazy about the colleges that he visited. So we're back to refining his list again. One more visit/interview scheduled for next week. In better news, I'm making progress on the documents I need to finish: his transcript, counselor letter, school profile, and course descriptions. The only one that I haven't touched at all is the course descriptions. I don't think I'll have to do that much though because the vast majority of his courses are the same as my older ds. I really should get going on that this week.
  5. Yes! I'm struggling with the GPA business. I've personally eliminated the A+ problem because even though the school ds attends part-time gives pluses and minuses, I've stated in my profile that I round everything to A, B, C. Therefore, there is no issue. If anyone cares, his school calls both an A and an A+ 4.0. And they don't weight GPAs at all.
  6. The bolded is exactly what I did with my first ds, and I'm planning to do the same this year with the second. I did include both weighted and unweighted GPAs on his transcript. I figured that way the school can use whichever. I can't remember which I entered in the common app. I guess I'll have to figure it out again this year.
  7. Good luck, Pronghorn! I'm a bit relieved that my ds has decided not to apply to conservatory programs. It sounds very difficult. I like the idea of a regular appointment/to-do list. I'm going to talk to ds this weekend about trying this.
  8. I haven't seen Lady Bird, so I'm going to watch it soon. Thanks! If anyone else is interested, it looks like it is free through Amazon prime, but is not available at netflix. I've requested the book from my library. Honestly, I'm very stressed about this whole process. I thought having been through it once would make it easier, but it's oddly harder. And huge congratulations to those getting merit aid!!
  9. Can I say that I am wildly envious of those who already have acceptances? My ds hasn't finalized his list yet, hasn't decided if he's applying early anywhere, and I don't think he has started his common app essay. Luckily he has to write his essay for his English class, so I know he's starting on it soon. He's trying to figure out if he is doing an arts supplement (it would be music in his case), and if so, what is he doing. On the plus side, we are still talking. And he's got two college visits with interviews next week and one the following week. So hopefully he'll start to figure things out. Keeping our relationship intact through this process is really important to me, but I also don't want to let him slack off and miss things.
  10. Does your dd's college stream concerts? I have loved the fact that my ds's college does. We've been able to watch all of his concerts. We went to Parent Weekend his freshman year (last year), mostly because my parents offered to pay for it as a gift to me. It was a wonderful gift. DS loved seeing us, since he had been quite homesick. And DH and younger DS had never seen the campus. However, this year we're definitely not going because it would be way too expensive.
  11. My older ds will be a sophomore this year, but hasn't gone back yet. I'm mostly posting here to add a safety note. If your dc has a lofted bed, please make sure they have safety rails. My ds's roommate fell out of his lofted bed last year. Luckily he wasn't badly injured, just bruised. This was a big fall because the beds were up over the desks. My ds took action and insisted on the getting the optional safety rails installed on his bed and on his roommate's bed after that.
  12. Our local LAC is highly ranked, and allows high school students (and other community members) to audit courses. As far as I know, there is no path for high school students to take classes for credit. My older ds took 3 history classes there. Each time he asked the professor's permission to take the tests and write the papers. Each time the professor agreed. His last professor not only graded his papers, but met with him individually to discuss them. While he didn't get any credit for these courses, he did get a highly valuable learning experience.
  13. My ds's financial aid is affected by whether he lives on campus. We haven't yet looked into whether it would actually cost more to live off campus or not. He'd lose some money, but he might come out ahead. He's definitely living on campus next year (sophomore year). Junior year he may do study abroad one semester, so it will probably be easier to live on campus for the other semester rather than try to find an apartment for a few months. So really it's just senior year that he might live off campus. We'll run numbers at some point soon so he can plan ahead. The bottom line is that I agree - check with the school.
  14. My ds took AP music theory this year at the public school, and it was a great experience for him. Obviously, he doesn't know his scores yet, and it seems likely that he won't get college credit for it even if he does well. However, he felt like he learned a lot and had fun. This was a very small class - I think there were 5 kids - which I think made a difference.
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