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  1. I also once did a meatloaf in it. I didn’t care for the way the top didn’t get browned as it does in the oven, but the recipe compensated for that by putting sliced cheese on top to cover it, and it tasted good. I had to make a foil sling to pick it up out of the cooker, but it wasn’t hard. I only did it once because I prefer the method and results of my usual recipe, but if you don’t have an oven right now, it’s an option. go to the library and see what they have for pressure cooker cookbooks. Brand really doesn’t matter that much, just find the pressure level of the recipe and time, and use the equivalent on your cooker. I have a cheap Toastmaster and no one writes recipes for it. It doesn’t even have a manual setting, but the stew setting is high pressure, so I set it to stew and adjust the time manually and so far it has worked out.
  2. I use my electric pressure cooker for beans, rice (not much faster, but leaves my cooktop free for other things), hard boiled eggs ( they peel so much easier) and various soups and stews (the stew meat gets so tender so much faster than on stovetop).
  3. Well, I’m not quite to the knocking out pushups yet, I’m still on inclined pushups. But I’ve made lots of progress since I started.
  4. I actually went to Planet Fitness today and worked out. The music was louder today, and I couldn’t find my good earbuds and had to use a cheapie pair. I was quite irritated that I couldn’t hear my audiobook well, but I found my good earbuds when I got home, so maybe next time will be better, other than that I enjoyed my visit.
  5. I would go to the GP, but if you can skip the GP and go to a physical therapist that might work too. DD had a shoulder problem when she was younger, and the doctor prescribed rest and ibuprofen for a week, then when it wasn’t better said “I don’t know, what it is, maybe the physical therapist might be able to help”. She pinpointed the problem and the muscle it was in and had DD doing exercises that helped in the first week. I don’t know if our doctor was just not very good, but the physical therapist just knew what she was looking at because it was her area of specialty. Of course, if it needs surgery the doctor might be a better first stop.
  6. This! I know myself, and it may be shallow, but novelty value keeps me interested. In the past I’ve stuck with several different types of exercise for awhile but eventually just stopped, even if I was seeing results, partly from boredom (ok, also sometimes from injury!) When I started this time I wanted to focus on slow and steady and really making it part of my lifestyle, for the long haul.
  7. That does sound fun! I have never heard of anything like that around here, but I’ll look into it. I had a blast with taekwondo, but all the kicking stationary dummies hurt 😢 thanks for the book recs. For body weight exercises I’ve been doing the exercise plan out of Body by You by Mark Lauren, adding in occasional exercises from You Are Your Own Gym by the same author. Body by You is aimed at women and starts at a lower assumed level of strength - several levels of inclined push ups moving to full push ups, for example, and a progression of “pulling” arm exercises to lead to pull ups. I like it but I want some variety.
  8. Yes, I already do at least twice a week bodyweight exercise at home. I own a bike, and there’s plenty of road for walking on. I do yoga from videos/the internet. So days I’m not at the gym I’ve got options. I just want to try equipment that isn’t feasible for my home, get out of the house, and learn new stuff. Yoga classes sound interesting to me, and the smaller gym has them, but otherwise classes are pretty unappealing to me at this point.
  9. We used to have a Y but it closed. There is a community college but it’s way way out of the way, especially for the two time slots I might reliably have in my week. Really, these two are pretty much it as far as acceptable price + location + hours. This is not an area with lots of options (Orange Theory, etc). Well, there is a community center even closer, but it costs as much as a staffed gym and is unstaffed (key card entry) and dark and just generally not a place I want to work out.
  10. I have decided to join a gym. I have some Christmas money and I have some fitness goals I feel like it would help with. I think I’d only be able to go 2 times a week, tops. Its been kind of a slow process for me . I am not a gym person. I hadn’t been to a gym in nearly 20 years until yesterday. Last week I called around. This yesterday I toured a smaller locally owned gym. I liked it. The music was loud, but it was nice and clean and they had free weights - dumbbells and barbells. The guy was very helpful and friendly. Today I actually psyched myself up to go exercise there and found I’d misremembered the hours. So since I was in town, I went to go check out Planet Fitness so as not to waste a trip. I was immediately struck unfavorably by how big the place is and how very purple everything is. But it’s quiet. And there are were more people but it wasn’t exactly crowded. The staff was equally helpful and friendly. I feel like it is geared more toward beginners, which would be good for me. But the only free weights are dumbbells; all the other weight equipment is machines. A certain amount of personal training is included, though I’m not sure how qualified the trainer is. Next couple of weeks I’m going to go exercise at each of these places a couple of times to get a better feel for each, but in the meantime, what are your thoughts? What do you like/not like about your gym? I want to weight train, I’ve read free weights are better for developing functional strength. Am I fixated on something that might not actually matter? Cost of Planet Fitness is slightly better, but not a determining factor for me. As a side note, both offered a better deal if I paid for the year upfront instead of as a yearlong contract. Like $60 better, but only after I inquired if the option of prepaying the year was available. I don’t like having monthly memberships auto draw on my account, and I do have the Christmas money.
  11. Why is it that every time I get home from the store, within the hour I will discover something that we’re out of? I mean, I’m in charge of (most of) the list making, it’s like these items hide when I’m checking to see what we’re out of.
  12. I do bullet journal, and that’s my preferred way of keeping track of did read/to read (and my bullet journal is very basic and not artistic). before that, I would keep booklists in the binder with my grade records and lesson plans. Just three ring punch them and slip them in. Some were printed out from the internet and some were compiled on notebook paper. Sometimes when o hear about a book I’m interested in I write myself a note on my phone. Sometimes I even remember to pull it out at the library and look for the book. Sometimes not. 😞
  13. For general literature - I read some of the Redwall books aloud to my kids when the youngest was about 6. I only read a couple because I don’t have the stamina for all the voices, and they are very long books, but I feel like the content is appropriate, depending on the sensitivity of the child, and your personal feelings on how much fighting and violence is acceptable. Sometimes a “ good guy” dies or is seriously injured. but I do agree with p.p. that just because he can read at an eighth grade level doesn’t mean you should push him to only read at that level. There is plenty of worthwhile children’s literature and reading at a lower level can still be enjoyable and even preferable for learning nonfiction subjects. I would hazard s guess that most adults reading for pleasure are actually reading “below level”, and when I want to get the basics of a new topic in history or science, I often start with a juvenile nonfiction book.
  14. Oh, I cry very easily, especially at certain times of the month ( multiple times, not just one). I don’t even have to be pregnant, or recently pregnant, to cry at commercials. My mom told me once she cried reading The Velveteen Rabbit. It was right after my sister was born, and she said she knew it was some hormonal thing. I cannot read the Velveteen Rabbit without choking up. It happens every. Single. Time. But I love that story.😆
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