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  1. An idea I had for my boys recently (8 and 13) Is MREs (meals ready to eat). They are both into army stuff and survival, and I think they’ll just get a kick out of them. My sister told me around my nephew’s birthday that he (age 12) was fascinated by the idea of backpacking and survival food and would like some. anyway, a little offbeat, but I like the idea of it not creating clutter, and I know when I was a kid, I’d have thought it was cool.
  2. I have 3 mixing bowls without lids and 1 that has a lid. It is a Pyrex bowl with a pour spout and handle, so not pretty for serving. My other bowls are pretty enough for serving, and I really wish they had lids too.
  3. I have a neighbor vent too. I live in the country, and they’re far enough away no noise reaches us. But we have to drive by every time we go anywhere. A year and a half ago or so their dog they’d had for years was run over chasing cars. Since then, they’re on their third puppy. They keep getting run over (so glad it hasn’t been by me!) but they never put up a fence or do anything to prevent it from happening, just get a new puppy. It makes me so sad and mad! I worry every time I drive by. My husband stops the car and yells at the puppy every time it comes out to chase him, so it seems to avoi
  4. How about “The Song that Never Ends” or the Barney song? Invest in good earplugs for yourself , though. 😁
  5. What about Malcolm in the Middle? It’s been a long time since I’ve seen it, but I remember it being funny.
  6. If you go the dress route, dresses made of a knit fabric - jersey or tee shirt material, are comfiest. And some look like giant sleep shirts and are too much like pajamas for me, but some have more elegant styling and can look really nice.
  7. Why - because they’re scavengers and will eat anything, and sometimes if they figure out eggs are full of food, they get into a habit of stomping them to access the tasty treat inside. They’re too dumb to realize/care that if they do that they can’t pass along their genes. Ive not ever tried to break one of the habit. The egg-stomper we had was a rooster, and a jerk anyway, so we got rid of him. I do still feed eggshells to my hens, and it doesn’t seem to cause egg cannibalism, but maybe in some cases it could.🤷‍♀️
  8. My most favorite feature is the closets - a walk in in each of the kids’ rooms and two in the master. Next is the garage. We only had a carport before. Now we can have a deep freeze, there’s more storage space, and it’s just more comfortable in inclement weather. i like the patio, the ample counter and cabinet space, and the fireplace, but if we had to move, I wouldn’t insist on replacing them...well, maybe counter space but we have more than really necessary here.
  9. Yeah, I still end up rolling them a bit in my hands, but I think it saves a little bit of time and helps me size them more consistently.
  10. I use an ice cream scoop. It helps some. Not a perfect solution though. Maybe if I had one that you squeeze the handle and the scoop of ice cream pops out it would help more. i also bake mine and then freeze them fully cooked.
  11. Another thought - depends on your area, but pavement. The road by our house is dirt. We have four wheel drive vehicles, And it’s a pretty dry area, but a few times a year we really have to minimize trips in and out because of the mud, and if I have people invited for a visit and it rains I have to cancel unless they also are country people with four wheel drive.
  12. If you aren’t on city water, wells can be a big expense if something goes wrong.
  13. Well, we Live on 15 acres but only do upkeep on the yard and once in awhile pull weeds along the fence next to the road, so that’s a more individual thing, I think. DH does his own mowing with the tractor and shredder on the field, but not nearly as often. So I guess figure out how much you would feel necessary, or how much people in your area do, and figure out if it would be worth it. For me the big disadvantage to the country is the driving to do anything. Every activity has 30-40 minutes driving time tacked on, 15-20 there, 15-30 back. If you get there and something is canceled or clo
  14. There was also the time when other DS was in about 2nd grade at public school. They were doing a health problem-related fundraiser, and his teacher saw me in town and said “Did Daniel have surgery for this health problem?” No, no he didn’t. But he told the whole class that he did. I think it was more of a confusion than a Deliberate whopper; he does have a minor related health problem.
  15. Oh, I had the exact same thing happen, except we were at church. I was talking to a visitor when I look up and see my darling little boy, bare butt and all, peeing on the corner of the church building, right next to the “Everyone is welcome!” sign. He wasn’t embarrassed at all, though.
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