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  1. I want to add, that do not cost an arm and a leg, but that may be too much to ask for. Sigh. my DS (11) is very hard on shoes. DS (7) is also hard on shoes but not to the same extent. I’ve bought cheap shoes that lasted forever, cheap shoes that fell apart within weeks, had hand-me down brand names that lasted through three boys, bought the same brand name and had them fall apart within weeks. . . What shoes (preferably tennis shoes) have lasted for your kids, reliably? I don’t mind paying for quality, but I want it to actually be quality, every time I pay for it, not just half the time.
  2. Time Left: 13 days and 9 hours

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    Gaining Skill with Arithmetic set (Rod and Staff Math 5) Teacher's Manual part 1 and 2 and Student book. Condition is Very Good. The books have been used, the cover corners are bent slightly and there are a few stray pencil marks but no writing or notes inside, no torn pages. $35 including Shipping. Paypal only. Shipped with USPS Media Mail. Writing Strands : Level 3 by Dave Marks (1998, Paperback). Condition is Good. No writing or highlighting. Some water damage, as seen in photo. $6, shipping included. Shipped with USPS Media mail. Paypal only.


    Farwell, TX - US

  3. @heartlikealion Hope it all works out with VIPkid! And I hope your husband gets onboard with making it happen. Definitely sounds frustrating. I took some books to a used curriculum sale Saturday. Sold $6, spent $17, but what I did buy I’m really excited about, and I got some fantastic deals. I wish I’d just gone to shop and not bothered trying to sell anything. I need to get the stuff that didn’t sell up on EBay this week. I’d been waiting for the sale because I’d much rather get rid of it locally and not mess with shipping.
  4. We didn’t. I wouldn’t have minded a cute little cake smash, but my Dad thinks it’s majorly disrespectful so we refrained.
  5. Oh, we did, but now I’m just not gonna risk it happening again.
  6. DS is 5th grade, so maybe a bit younger than you’re talking. But I expect him to at least start making the arrangements. After an incident this year, though, I’m in the trust but verify camp. I don’t do anything till I hear from a parent. He called me from school and asked if he could go home on the bus with his friend. I was assured that said friend had asked his mom, and she would bring him back. I was busy that day, and it was the only way it would work. Then after school, when DS was already at the friend’s house, friend’s mom called and asked when i’d be picking up DS. One or the other of the boys was completely lying about what conversations had taken place/permissions had been given. She had an appointment and could not bring DS home, and the first she knew about the whole thing was when both boys got off the bus. since both of us are out of the actual school district but in opposite directions, this meant my DH driving 45 min. one way to get DS. If we lived in town, maybe I wouldn’t be so hardline about hearing from a parent. Drive 5 minutes, no one shows up, big deal. Drive half an hour, though, and I get irritated.
  7. If I had it to do over, I would definitely buy versions that matched. 🙂 I bought the binder part at a used curriculum sale and was assured by the seller that the videos were unnecessary. When I actually looked through it thoroughly, I could see that for me, that wouldn’t work. Then the new videos just didn’t fit into the budget, so I bought the used video that didn’t match.
  8. I have old edition DVD’s of Teaching Writing with Structure and Style, and a new binder. I find it requires more flipping through pages to find what section we’re on, but it’s doable. Some section names have been changed or rearranged. A lot of the examples have been changed. I do have to admit I haven’t watched all of the DVDs yet. There could be more substantial changes to the last couple of sections. But so far it has been doable though not optimal.
  9. I do lots of things online but there are some things that are easier to do in person. I tried to buy things from Wal-Mary online the other day for in-store pickup and it was s total waste of time and I never got it to work. Grrr. But I love rechecking library books online. I avoid Wal-Mart for groceries because I like my little grocery store where everything isn’t half a mile away if you forget something at the other end of the store and they will carry out to the car for you. when I do go to Walmart I prefer not to use self checkout, but ours just doubled the number of self-checkout lanes by taking out the express checkout lanes.
  10. Library/office. In my fantasy world, only a library, but in real life the “office” space on this house is in our bedroom, which I feel is less than ideal. Also I bang my hip into the desk either going to bed or going from my bed to the bathroom at night at least twice a week, so there’s that.
  11. Well, if it was really going to bust the budget I wouldn’t have bought it. I think I just got freaked out for a minute because I usually don’t make impulse purchases like this. I do for clothes, or knickknacks, but usually for smaller amounts. But for small appliances and household thingsI research, and read reviews, and overthink the process. I’m afraid to look at reviews now. 😁 Supper is cooking in it, so we’ll see. Good luck with VIP Kid!
  12. I feel like I haven’t been very frugal the last week or so - kids are doing archery, we paid entry fees and bought a used bow, still have more $$ to spend on that front too. We also have a friend getting married and bought her a gift. Then today I made an impulse buy of a knockoff Instant Pot at Dollar General. They were 50% off from $60. I have been wanting to buy an electric pressure cooker for awhile but hadn’t bought one because I just wasn’t sure I’d use it enough to justify the $100 price tag. $30 I can deal with, though. I can’t decide if it’s a frugal buy or not. On the one hand, I saved lots of money. On the other, it’s not a necessity, and we just spent and are going to spend more on archery stuff. i am looking forward to to trying new recipes, though.
  13. The library is my biggest source of free homeschool resources. Many times I’ve been looking for specific resources, thinking about buying them, then thought, Hey, I'lldo a card catalog search first . . . Mine has the complete set of The History of US, lots of DK books, the “You wouldn’t want to be. . .” Line of history books, lots of science project books, Bill Nye videos, i think even a microscope that can be checked out. There is also access via library card to Encyclopedia Brittanica Online, which we use s lot for research on short papers. At nine especially it would be good for history and science, plus reading/literature books. But sometimes it takes a lot of work from Mom’s side to coordinate, especially if output assignments are needed to monitor learning. There are also a few writing books at the library on specific topics, like poetry or descriptive writing, and also some teacher resource type books on different topics and the “What Your x-grader Needs to Know” books. Ive also used Khan Academy a lot as a supplement to math.
  14. I know that prices can vary considerably among funeral homes as well. One of ours around here is known as being cheaper and serving s lower income clientele. I’ve seen funerals from the cheaper and more expensive places around here (DH preaches, so I see a lot of funerals) and I don’t notice much difference in the outward appearance of the casket but mainly in the small touches like photocopied handouts vs. professionally printed ones, flower arrangement size, etc. Of course I’m firmly in the camp of bury me in a pine box (or cremate me, whatever’s cheap) because I won’t care anyway. I once went with a friend to the dis-interment of her mother’s remains (to be moved to a new place; the cemetery had flooded and they were all told they had to move their loved ones remains) and I am unfortunately aware of how truly. . . temporary? unimportant? Liable to decay?. . .all those fancy funeral trappings are.
  15. This is cute. DD has been doing it the last couple of days and enjoying it.
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