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  1. Yes, I think companies sometimes make it bad to discourage holding very long. I spent an hour and 45 min on hold this week, and the music was bad, and staticky, but only played randomly in bursts of about 30 seconds or so, followed by the “thanks for holding message”. I hated it worse than constant hold music, I think, because In the long stretches of silence I would start to worry I’d been cut off and would have to stay over. It seemed like some sort of psychological torture. ETA - and of course, right when I got to the crucial, busy part of what I was doing (Jam making), the actual person picked up.
  2. It also depends on whether there even is Uber. There certainly isn't in my rural area. There's no way a cost/benefit analysis would ever make living where I live without a vehicle preferable to living here with one.
  3. I actually think two of my radishes are ready to pick. I've heard the tips are edible, too. Does anyone know how you prepare/eat those?
  4. I've got a larger than usual garden this year. I usually have a few things, but I've to a bit of a brown thumb, so it's very hit or miss (except for yellow squash, can't seem to stop those). I planted okra, black eyed peas, peas, green onions, radishes, yellow squash, pumpkins, cucumbers, and beets from see d. The peas aren't going to produce because it's getting too hot for them. Half died off up front for no apparent reason, anyway. The beets are planted where that row of peas used to be. (And may I mention how irritating it is that autocorrect keeps changing beets to beers!) I have been replanting liberally this year. I tend to over buy seed, and I have lots leftover from other years. Still only about six green onions have made it. I planted about seven cantaloupe and only two sprouted. Only about half of my cucumbers came up, and only one survived, so I replanted those and now have about seven. I also bought 8 strawberry plants, three tomato plants, and a watermelon. Two of the strawberries died, and another is waffling between wanting to live or die. I can usually keep tomatoes alive, it's just getting them to produce that's the problem. But one has put on tiny green tomatoes. The other two already had a few on when we bought them. I bought a mint plant. It's in a planter, and I not so secretly hope it goes crazy. They 're practically a weed, right? Also planted (and replanted) some basil. Second time is apparently the charm, there are tiny basil plants. Planted some cilantro. It sprouted, which is more than it did last year.
  5. Oh, man, those are. . . Wow. SMH. You mean you haven't been looking at huge gold chains, shag rugs, and wife beater shirts? Because those are the things that seem like they would cause those to be recommended.
  6. I’m cooking things I would normally not because they’re too expensive, or too time consuming, or too caloric, or too whatever. We have been getting takeout about once a week. I bought more flowers and garden plants than usual, including impulse purchase strawberry plants. The last couple of weeks I’ve bought a special dessert for DH and I to eat after the kids are in bed as part of an at-home date with Flavored decaf coffee.
  7. I have enjoyed a suit from Lands End (great quality) but with a lower budget I’ve ordered from Swim Outlet and been satisfied, though I had to go through a return to get the right size.
  8. Well, if I don't count friends made through church, and by extension the church summer camp we help with, I have made a good friend through my writing group. No good friends through co-op. Many friendly acquaintances, but no good friends, though if I reached out and made more effort, it might be different. I think common interests are the place to find friends. My kids have met friends through sports activities, and I've made friends with other moms at the activities, but again, these were more friendly acquaintances than really good friends. We might talk during practice, but never had each other over, never called or texted each other about anything not sport-related.
  9. Oh, I should add, about laundry - I do not buy clothes with special wash instructions for my kids. They just dump it all in one load, and they know the normal setting that is required. As DD has gotten older I am giving her more instructions on special care, but at first I keep it super simple.
  10. My kids also vacuum and sweep. They clear the table after meals. They can dust. The older two are 12 and 14 and can cook a simple meal. I'm working with 8 y.o. on cooking, but he can't do much independently yet.
  11. My 8 y.o. washes dishes, loads dishwasher, and unloads and puts them away. But there is a higher rate of breakage among the glassware than if I do it. He also washes laundry and dries it. I buy laundry pods to make it easier for the kids. My other kids are okder. They've been doing these chores for years. Maybe start her with putting away silverware, since it doesn't break. Work on adding in to small tasks a bit at a time.
  12. This can't be right, there's no snow in those pictures, and my Dad definitely walked to school uphill in the snow.
  13. I was laying on the couch with a headache, and wanted to get my DH's attention without getting up (he was sitting across the room). I said his name several times, but he was watching a video and didn't hear. Finally I resorted to throwing a pillow at him. Success! A few minutes later, my youngest DS brought a nerf gun and laid it beside me. Only after I shot DH accidentally in the leg did I realize why D'S brought it to me - so if I needed to get DH's attention again I could shoot him instead of throwing a pillow. I find it both hilarious and touching at the same time.
  14. The English muffin bread I’ve had tasted similar to English muffins but was in loaf form. There are recipes on the internet and in Beard on Bread, the James Beard bread cookbook.It’s pretty easy to make, less time-consuming than English muffins. If your baking elves are bored it might be worth trying.
  15. I use s homemade taco seasoning mix i make (the internet abounds with recipes) that is much cheaper than buying packets but requires buying lots of herbs and spices up front. I use it a lot, so I buy the larger but cheaper jars or packets of spices available in my grocery stores (sometimes in the section with the authentic Mexican products). If I bought brand names like McCormick it would probably not be cheaper.
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