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  1. Someone at church made Kent Rollins’s Cowboy Chili a few weeks ago and it was really good. A little spicy, but if you replaced the Rotel tomatoes with plain canned tomatoes that would help a lot. The adobo chiles gave it a really interesting flavor.
  2. Whoops! 🙂 yes, I did not notice you were in Florida!
  3. Not maybe so cool, but my kids need gloves pretty much every year because they lose them. Beanie hats might be good, or ear flap hats. Lots of fun winter hats are out there.
  4. My first thought is maybe an inexpensive mp3 player, but if they have a phone that probably wouldn't be very good. My two kids are so different. The actual teen (female) would love anything cute. She would use scrunchies, colorful pens, journals, etc. She loves card games as does her whole friend group. She doesn't card about name brands.. The slightly preteen boy is pickier. He likes name brand stuff. He is obsessed with Rubik's cube right now, but doesn't care for cards, and a couple of sets he was given would go unused if the rest of us didn't play. Both of them have recently enjoyed gifts that let them play their music and audio books - a radio/CD player in one case, a speaker to book up a n mp3 player to for the other. But they're stuck in the stone age with no phones.
  5. Yeast rolls, green bean casserole, and pecan pie. Now if he doesn't like sweets, you can probably skip the pie. But if you make sweet potatoes, pecans go great with those, even when they're not the super sweet candied kind of sweet potatoes. Find out what kind of stuffing he likes. People in my husband's family have strong opinions on each side about whether dressing should be made with cornbread or not. In my family we don't really do dressing, because we have ham, not turkey. ETA: We are Texas panhandle folks, if that matters. When I went to college in Maine, I remember being most shocked that my roommate's family did not have rolls at thanksgiving.
  6. I have in the past and a friend and I were thinking about it this year but decided we really had too much stuff going on. We’re going to try to focus on writing daily, though, just not for the high word counts. DD and I may do some fiction writing for a break from more formal essays, since I know she’d enjoy it. And it makes a good excuse to go get fancy coffee or hot chocolate and sit in the coffee shop to write for awhile.
  7. Someone gave us this book, because she loved reading it with her kids, but I always thought it was creepy too (and the picture of the mom driving across town with a ladder on top of her car, prepared to break and enter the home of her adult child, if I remember right)
  8. Mine occasionally scream like that during outside play. I ignore it, but once I ignored it and it turned out to be a bloody injury requiring a Dr. visit and X-ray, and I felt really bad. That’s when I started to tell them don’t scream like that if there’s not blood or broken bones involved (or a fire! Fire would also merit screams)
  9. My mom wrote “fabric only!” In block letters on her sewing scissors with sharpie and tied them to her sewing table with a piece of yarn. There were also riot acts read, if I remember right.
  10. Cakes, in my experience, get a little soggy when they thaw, or crumbly. I haven’t been totally pleased with freezing/thawing cake. i freeze quick breads a lot and just set them out to thaw on the counter the night before I want them, and that has always worked well. Ditto freezing/ thawing yeast breads.
  11. also I make beef enchilada casserole, exactly like I make enchiladas only I don’t roll them, just layer the ingredients like lasagna. I don’t have a recipe for that, I just use the canned sauce, corn tortillas, ground beef, and onions and cheese.
  12. I stumbled across a blog and thought of this thread: The post is several years old, but she has a series of 11 cooking/eating frugally posts (40 cents a day per personat the time it was written). I’m going to go back to look at recipes for salad dressing because I know that’s one thing I could do cheaper at home if I just had any good recipes.
  13. Yes, and I love how Amazon thinks that since I just bought something, for instance, a toaster, I must now be stocking up and so they show me every other toaster, too. Nope, Amazon, I’m good for toasters now.
  14. If money was not a problem, maybe BJU or Abeka. I’ve used individual subjects from each that I liked, but I’m afraid a whole box of either would lead to burnout. budget option: CLE
  15. We used The Principles of Mathematics last year for a bit. It was too wordy for DD but had some really interesting history of math stuff, and I would have loved to keep using it. The daily work was fairly short. It is a 2 year prealgebra program, though. It does have a schedule for completing both halves in one year. This year we are using Horizons Pre-Algebra (a one year program) and she seems to like it. There’s a lot of review, which she needs, but I cut quite a bit out if she seems to have mastered it. It isn’t quite as dry as Saxon, but it isn’t as interesting to me as Principles of Mathematics. The lessons are quite concise, and it does expect a certain amount of teaching from the teacher, not just the student using the student book. That might depend on your child. DD will always need a good bit of in-person, one on one teaching no matter what we use. Both of these programs are heavily Christian, if that matters to you.
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