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  1. Have you heard of Silver Moon Spelling Rules? It's a supplemental program that is multisensory, explicit and cumulative. It was created for struggling spellers so it follows an Orton Gillingham style approach. Each lesson teaches a spelling rule and each spelling rule has a name and image to support memory. There are real and nonsense words, pre/post tests and independent practice pages. Full disclosure - I am the creator of Silver Moon. It's helped many teachers and parents make sense of teaching spelling by rule using an explicit lesson format. Here's a link if you want to check it out. http://readlearningservices.com/products/silver-moon-introduction/
  2. Hi! I'm not sure if this would help or make it worse, but are you able to use a graphic organizer tool like, Inspiration. Here's a link to see an example. http://www.inspiration.com/inspiration-language-arts-examples If not, what about the Goodnotes app for ipad? I haven't used it extensively, but I wonder if you can scan a picture of the page, crop out what is distracting and place these pieces on their own pages. Another idea for reading a "clean page" that's not too visually distracting. I use something that I call a word window. I take a half page of cardstock, cut a window in it the size of a line of text and or paragraph (or however big the are is you want to see) and put it over the page as the person reads. This blocks out the distractions that overwhelm the eye as you are reading. Hope one of these give you an idea that works! Kelly
  3. I have a lot of experience teaching students with all sorts of learning differences. I am a licensed special education teacher and dyslexia specialist. In my experience, when a student is reading great but really struggles with spelling and writing it's usually due to dysgraphia. Dysgraphia is a writing disability that can also affect spelling skills. Kids with dyslexia almost always have trouble with spelling, but generally also show poor fluency while reading and difficulty reading words in isolation - sounding out unknown words without relying on context clues, picture clues, or other work around strategies. Dysgraphia in a nutshell is spelling and writing trouble without the reading problems. As far as spelling sight words, this learning process will be different from learning how to spell "normal" words. You'll probably want to use a mulit-sensory component for this. I teach spelling by rule so it makes a lot of sense why we spell the way we spell. If you want to see an example of spelling by rule you can visit my website at: http://readlearningservices.com/products/silver-moon-introduction/ I hope this helps clarify things for you. Kelly
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