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  1. Yes! She wants to go to Texas State University. It’s where I went and it has a program that she wants to do. But I know things could change!
  2. The college that my daughter is interested in requires World History, US history since 1877, 1/2 credits of each economics and government.
  3. That’s great! Thank you for your thoughts. What did she do for civics?
  4. I’m not sure what to do for US history. That’s my main question.
  5. That’s great. Is the US history and government listed here through Well Trained Mind?
  6. My daughter is in 8th grade, but I'm looking ahead so that we can plan out her high school for college entry. I have noticed that colleges require World History, US History, Government, and Economics. I'm not sure how to include that on her transcript if she is doing the high school level history through Well Trained Mind.
  7. I read in a Facebook group that Advanced Language Lessons will be coming out in the fall, is this correct? If so, can you tell me more about it? What grades it will cover, etc. My daughter is going to be doing FLL 4 this coming year and I've been trying to figure out what we will do after that. I've heard of good options, but nothing would be better than ALL in my opinion. Thanks!
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