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  1. Between this thread and the blackface one, I'm learning all kinds of things that I hadn't thought deeply about before. Thank you for engaging with me on these issues. I'm still not sure where I would draw these lines for myself, but I do have much to think on much more deeply than I have in the past. Would it be overly dramatic to say that I can feel myself evolving a bit today? In case you're curious, if my daughter wants to braid her hair like her cousins', or if they offer and she wants to accept, I will let her but we will be having some conversation about it first. I'm also going to be doing some thinking about my own practices, where they come from, and if they're ethical for everyone involved.
  2. I'll have to come back later to expand on my thoughts, but I've been doing some googling this morning in my quest to understand, and I found this video to be very enlightening. For now, though, I have to actually educate my kids and maybe take a shower. 😁 I'll come back when I can. I hope more people weigh in. I'm really interested in this, especially because my own community can be insular and no one I know IRL is talking about this in an honest and helpful way.
  3. I used to sleep until 11 a.m. regularly, because I worked afternoons so I wouldn't get home until midnight or later, and then I would often go out with friends. Once I started having babies and stayed home, I started getting up at 5 to have coffee with Dave and make his lunch. I hate getting out of bed, but now (YEARS later) I really appreciate the quiet before the kids get up.
  4. Thank you for the link. I think that about sums up what I'm trying to think through. I always thought it was inclusive and respectful to find out more about cultural elements that were personally appealing and include them in my life. It's an appreciation thing. But then there was a big YouTube controversy about a Korean beauty blogger wearing box braids, and there's been a lot of talk on here about white privilege, and I started wondering if I'm being insensitive or even (God forbid) racist without realizing it. I don't like living in ignorance or fear, so I wanted to discuss it, and I know no better place than here for honest opinions and education on this type of thing. I understand that there are folks who will label me racist simply because I'm white and kind of clueless sometimes, but I hope that my questions will be seen as the respectful wish to understand that they are. Would I be stepping over boundaries by wearing a sari, for example, because I think it's pretty? Even if I'm doing so with an understanding of and respect for the culture? (Just an example. I don't actually own a sari.) Or if my kid wanted her hair in a certain style because her cousins wear it that way, is she being insensitive? Am I, for letting her?
  5. I let myself get swept into the sea again, and I even posted a thread of my own. I hope I don't regret it.
  6. Okay, I know I'm opening myself up to a lot of potential backlash here, but can we talk about cultural appropriation, please? I don't understand why wearing box braids or a sari as a white girl, for example, would be taken by others as proof of cultural insensitivity or even blatant racism. Maybe I'm just clueless, so please be kind, but I'm really interested in understanding this. What if I just really love the look? Am I really forbidden from adopting anything into my personal style that has a traditional association with people of color or other cultures? I'm not even really asking for myself, except that I don't like being ignorant of issues that matter. But also, my daughter has African cousins and loves how they wear their hair. Should I tell her no when she asks to wear hers the same way? And if so, why? I don't like that my understanding of this topic is so nebulous.
  7. Congratulations, Dawn! That's so exciting!
  8. Good morning! It's Friday, which means groceries, library storytime, for my littler ones, and math and language arts for my bigger ones. Plus we have chocolate cake.
  9. Thanks, you guys. I will definitely follow up with the fb group! I'll be honest, I've been ignoring it as much as possible until my doc tells me there's something found. It's probably not the best strategy, but it keeps me going. Thank you for the reassurance that even if it is preeclampsia, it isn't something I've done to bring it on. I'll keep reminding myself of that. The test is next week, and I'll be sure to let y'all know what happens. I'm under strict orders to rest, drink more water, reduce stress, and head for the ER if my vision changes or headaches get worse. So far, thankfully, it's all been pretty stable.
  10. Thank you. I am taking care of myself, I promise. My ITT friends help me remember this, too. I aim for a minimum standard and then let it go. I'll be happy to meet this little boy and put pregnancy behind me!
  11. I have to pee in a bottle over the course of 24 hours so the lab can test me for too much protein. I've been having visual disturbances and a mild but persistent headache, so there's some concern about preeclampsia even though I have normal/borderline low blood pressure. I admit, I don't fully understand all of it, but I'm doing what I'm told. I'm only 28 weeks, so I'm just trying to not freak out unnecessarily. My doc also told me it's imperative that I reduce stress as much as possible. With 4 kids under ten, three of whom are students this year and one of whom is a toddler, and working part time, I just kind of goggled at her. But I am giving myself permission to lay on the couch and hang out here more often, so that's reducing stress, right? 🤣🤣🤣
  12. Good morning! Home day today, but I'm hoping to get to the library later. The book I've been waiting for is in. Squee! Today we're house cleaning, doing a half day of lessons, and (hopefully) getting some prep work done for next term. I hope if I do it a little at a time, it will actually get done before the term starts! I think I want to do an Advent thing for the kids this year, too, but I need to keep it simple. Any ideas? I want to prep it well ahead of time, so it will a actually get done. Maize, how's your husband? Whitehawk, how's your ds today? Junie and Jean, how are you today? Slache, do we get snacks when Matt leaves, too? I scowled at my kids and said, "It's Talk Like a Pirate Day! AARGH!" Runner turned away. SuperDude and Squishy ignored me. Reader rolled her preteen eyes and said, "Aargh, me hearties," in the most teenager-y voice I've ever heard. Oy vey.
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