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  1. I originally wrote that post as "the more kids we have, the less space for our personal concerns," and then I remembered that I can only speak from my own experience, so I edited it. I was much more self-absorbed and dramatic with one or two kids than I am now. It could just be getting older and more *ahem* mature (okay, no one needs to laugh that loudly 🤣), but I think it started shifting around kid 3. I just don't have time for obsessing about my feelings anymore, I guess. Or maybe the total and eclipsing drama for two years straight broke my ability to process it anymore? At any rate, I actually find the new perspective refreshing. (((JJM))) I don't know your story, but I'm sorry you went through it.
  2. I have a theory that with each kid there's less space in my head for personal concerns, so my perspective got very, very practical. Or maybe I'm just in a cushion of detachment and shouldn't question the blessing, lol.
  3. Everyone is sick! Except Cheeto, thank God. I'm cranky and tired and convinced that every spot on the windshield of my life is actually a huge mar on the landscape, but I also recognize that I feel that way because I'm cranky and tired from caring for a new baby and 4 little kids who have been sick and housebound for almost 2 weeks. Does this realization mean I might actually be an adult? Also, good morning!
  4. I'm here! I've been reading along, I just have nothing much to contribute. My kids have been passing a sickness amongst themselves for 5 days now, and Cheeto's a 2 month old baby, so I'm kinda fried, to the point that Reader is finishing my sentences and supplying missing words for me in conversations. 🤣🤣🤣 I'm doing my best to be positive or be quiet, so I've just been quiet. Still praying for everyone here, though. Every day.
  5. Both Reader and Runner's cursive lower case b looks like an l and an i next to each other. Both have lovely manuscript writing, bit cursive has been a surprising challenge. SuperDude learned manuscript in our co op's K class, with little supervision for good habits. I' correcting a lot of mistakes in forming letters now. I'm not sure I'm putting Squishy in the K class when he's old enough.
  6. Good morning, lovelies! It's Friday again. We got six inches of snow yesterday and last night, and despite all my attempts, I could not convince Dave to stay home and have a board game day with us. So I guess it's lessons and housework as per the usual, and maybe a board game tonight after dinner. We're having roasted chicken, taters, and broccoli. I have to make a grocery list for tomorrow. Oh! We're getting our taxes done tomorrow! And it's pay day today! So that means I have about three minutes to feel rich before I start paying bills. Cheeto has returned to waking up every two hours. I really cherished those three days of longer sleep. It'll come back (I hope! I hope!), but for now I'm going to focus on how good it feels to snuggle a wee one, and try mightily to ignore how tired I am.
  7. Good morning! I finished my planning project, which feels warm and fuzzy and satisfying. I'm trying not to think of using it, because that's inevitably chaotic and plate spinny and messy. I want the warm and fuzzy for at least a day first. (You know, because I didn't follow my plans today so I could finish planning, so today is shot, anyway. Anyone else do this?) Co op day today! We're having a very laid back morning, then we'll do the mad dash around the house to get out the door on time, and (hopefully) end up only ten minutes late. Gotta remember to stop at the store for Parent Room snacks and gym shoes for Runner. I hope everyone is having a most excellent day!
  8. Clarification: I wasn't actually trying to say my parenting is why my kids sleep a decent stretch. I'm sorry if it came out like that. My brain is still pretty much mush. There are things I do that i think helps, but that's not the same thing.
  9. Makes sense to me, as I've had the same thought. My daughter was by far the highest maintenance of my babies. But that might be because she was first, or because she's my more anxious one. Then again, I have Viking babies. 😁 I think it has little to do with me, even though I like to pretend it does.
  10. Yeah, my kid does sit in his chair for a good, solid stretch when we school. I wear him in a Moby the rest of the day. He would totally be chewed out by your boss baby! Lol.
  11. Wow, sorry guys. I was just trying to reassure Slache! Lol. I didn't realize how fortunate I was that my kids sleep 5 hours at a stretch at 2 months. I don't know if that has to do with me co-sleeping or having them in a bassinet so I sleep with my hand on their tummies, but I always thought it probably did. (They also only sleep a 5 hour stretch until they're 3, but they do eventually learn to go back to sleep again on their own unless they have a nightmare or an accident.) Now I feel like I was bragging or something, lol.
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