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  1. Happy birthday, kernal! Go, Critter, go! I hope you get in paint soon. Today was my first OB appt for Baby. I've seen the ultrasound tech a few times (there was a subchorianic hemorrhage early on, but it's gone now), but today I got to hear the heartbeat on the Doppler! I never get tired of that sound. Baby is growing well and is roughly the size of a lemon. I, on the other hand, am quickly starting to resemble the Say-Puft Marshmallow Man. 🙄 Runner is still feeling down, and Reader is acting very tired today, so we didn't get much done in the way of lessons. They're reading a lot, and every so often I ask them to tell me about it, so I guess that's enough. I have 6000 words to write and 12,500 to edit before tomorrow at 7 p.m., which is when the first 25% is due. I'm going to take a break, though, and play a board game with my kids.
  2. Happy birthday, Alex! May you have all the ice cream and sushi you can hold.
  3. I'm making tacos for dinner. No homegrown ingredients, but still yummy.
  4. Good morning! (((Jean))) Runner woke up with a wheezing, croupy cough about twenty minutes after I fell asleep last night. He and I spent a good chunk of the night steaming him and rubbing ointment on him, trying to make him comfortable enough to sleep. We won't be joining the homeschool park meet up today, but there will be several more this summer. So Runner's down, on the easy chair with strict orders to rest. Squishy is on the couch. He injured in between his toes yesterday, and I'm trying to keep him still so he can heal. Easier said than done. Today's tasks include about 6000 words toward my current project, reading and math with the board books, and some household chores. I have a houseplant that could use some root love and repotting, and I think I'm going to spend some time digging around in my curriculum closet. It hasn't been properly organized in ages.
  5. I wasn't sure if I should like that or be sad. Do you like the heat?
  6. It's unseasonably cool here, too, so I took this opportunity to use a wee bit of my own thyme, parsley, and chives. I'm making chicken noodle soup. 😁
  7. Today is book day! Today is book day! Thank you, Whitehawk. They're beautiful.
  8. I forgot to cover my plants last night and it got cold. Not freezing, but in the 40s, for sure. From what I can tell just by looking at them, my plants seem fine, but I wonder how my tomatoes will do. The rest of the week is supposed to be 54 or higher overnight, except Thursday, which will be 48 or so. Should I cover them Thursday night? Would an old bed sheet work? Just plugging along with school and work. I have a new 2 part project starting this week, and the kids and I are targeting household chores and routine this summer. I've let things slip in the last year, and I want to make a real effort in correcting poor habits (theirs and mine) before Baby comes.
  9. In an effort to procrastinate productively, I spent three hours today (cumulatively) googling heirloom vegetables that I want to plant in gardens that don't exist yet. I didn't get paid for that work, but I enjoyed myself.
  10. I want to be that person. I'll come over and we can be those people together.
  11. Good morning! I'm trying a new allowance system with the kids. They get $5 a week. $1 goes to church, $1 goes to savings, and $1 goes back to me for room and board (which is them added to their savings, but shh! Don't tell them!). The remaining $2 they can do as they like with. I'm hoping it will help them realize that all the toys they beg for actually cost something. Maybe. At the very least, it's a way for me to start those savings accounts I keep meaning to do for them. Today is my deadline, and I'm still 13,000 words short. We're doing a math, language arts, and read aloud school day (SuperDude gets the day off from K), and calling it good.
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