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  1. You're all invited to visit and hold Cheeto! He's a squishable lil bundle of babiness and joy. And I might be a bit drunk on love hormones. 🥰 Seriously, I would have a dozen if I didn't have to do labor. It seems like each pregnancy and labor gets harder. Fortunately, recovery gets easier, because Dave and I finally figured out a good rhythm while I'm down so everyone gets what they need and I actually get rest. I told him if he wants any more, he's having the next one. There is something incredibly attractive about a man so besotted by his child, though. The family budget is definitely an area of work in progress for 2020, along with getting below the obese range, if possible. I think our word for the year is Health. I'm not looking to win any awards, but getting to a healthy place in the different areas of life would be wonderful.
  2. He's cute. I don't think he's done anything but nurse since birth, and I had forgotten how toe-curlingly sensitive certain body parts are! Other than that, Cheeto and I are healthy and happy. He has eyes, too, I just haven't been able to get a picture.
  3. It wasn't as bad as expected, but I can't say I'd recommend it. Still, my doc didn't even offer the gel. I like that she's conservative. This is true, but not what I was thinking about at the time, lol.
  4. From my limited understanding, an epidural is a continuous drio, whereas a spinal block is a one-time thing.
  5. We named him Malachi Stephen. 🥰 He's a good nurser and a precious boy. I already can't imagine life without him. Dave brought all the kids down to see us this morning, and everyone agrees we've got a good baby. The induction went well. They did the balloon thing and the Pitocin, and for about four hours I didn't notice much of a difference from the prodromal labor I'd been having for a week. Then I started getting really uncomfortable, so they turned off the Pitocin so I could take a shower. The next three hours were a blur, but I remember deciding I'm never doing this again and there will be no more babies for me, thankyouverymuch. (Dave reminded me I always say that, but I was not amused.) I also demanded an epidural, because holy God in heaven, I thought I might die from the contractions. They were every three minutes and lasted about a minute and a half each. The anesthesiologist had to poke me 3 times, and he gave me a spinal block instead of an epidural, but all I knew was a relief so intense that I fell asleep for about an hour. I woke up when the block began wearing off and I could feel the contractions again. I was not pleased, but it worked out okay because by then it was time to push, and I could feel enough to really dig deep and push hard. He was posterior along with the ginormous shoulders, but he turned a bot on entry and his shoulders didn't get stuck. Malachi joined us at 7:10 p.m. Dave bought me Chinese food and marveled over our baby while I ate like a horse. Malachi and I are healthy and fit, and will hopefully be going home tonight. Thank you for your prayers. I thank God for this boy, and his safe arrival. I love that he's a pamphlet. 🥰
  6. Introducing Baby Boy Zablocki! 9 lbs 13 oz and 22 inches long. No name just yet, but perfect in every way. More pictures and the story tomorrow. I'm tired.
  7. Good morning! It's baby day! I should still be asleep, as I don't have to be to the hospital for two and a half hours. But I couldn't sleep much last night, and I got tired of staring at the ceiling. So Dave and I are drinking coffee and waiting for time to pass, lol. Hopefully I can check in when I'm there, too.
  8. Thank you for the prayers, you guys. I'm off to bed. I hope to have a cute picture of a squishy boy soon!
  9. Hello everyone! I asked Renai to post for me too soon. Due to an unexpected increase in spontaneous labors today, there wasn't any room for me at labor and delivery tonight. I'll be in at 5 a.m. tomorrow morning. Please pray for a successful induction and healthy boy. I'm still not in the ideal place for induction, but they're going to try it tomorrow, anyway. Doc says if the Pitocin isn't working well, we'll try the cervical ripening tomorrow afternoon/evening instead. I'm hoping it all goes well. I also don't think I'll have internet while I'm there, but I'll check in here before I go to bed tonight.
  10. Thank you! For me, the first two that come to mind are TWTM and Teaching from Rest, followed closely by For the Children's Sake. I have a HUGE list of books I *want* to read, though. I remember reading Beyond Abundance (I think?) by Debra...Somebody, way back in the days when my oldest two were babies. That one I'd like to find again, because it was encouraging and inspirational about homeschooling being a family *lifestyle* that could benefit everybody. I also read a lot of old threads on here, for inspiration and advice and rabbit trails and book lists. 🥰
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