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  1. Ds attends a local classical study center. Starting in 7th grade the history teacher sets the class up like a college classroom. There are detailed rubrics and they are required to take cornell notes. There are several You Tube videos and online free templates for cornell notes. I have seen a HUGE improvement in retention since he's started taking the notes. I can't recommend the cornell note process enough :).
  2. I think Condoleezza Rice would make an excellent Commander in Chief :) .
  3. So it's basically a disposable pessary?
  4. I don't know how old your baby is but these were very popular with my puzzle loving little between the ages of 6 months and 18 months :). Amazon.com: Hape - Alphabet Wooden Stand Up Puzzle: Toys & Games Amazon.com: Hape - Early Explorer - Double Rainbow Stacker Wooden Ring Set: Toys & Games Amazon.com: Plan Toys Cone Sorting: Toys & Games Amazon.com : Circle Sorter : Baby Shape And Color Recognition Toys : Toys & Games Amazon.com: Guidecraft Gradient Sorter G6705: Toys & Games
  5. I really liked it..looking forward to seeing how the characters develop and how they continue on with the storyline :).
  6. Keep working to strengthen her fine motor skills and just keep providing her with the materials to try...lots of paper, crayons, markers, etc.. :). You might also provide her with a large magnetic white board and a ton of magnetic letters so that she can form words and sentences on her own without having to actually "write" :).
  7. Oh my, I'm in love <3. I've always wanted to learn how to felt..I'd love to create a collection of little felted mice :).
  8. I dabble in a lot of artsy/crafty things...I'm most happy when Im creating something :). I'm relatively new to crocheting..but I really do enjoy it :). I made this little mouse.... ...and this baby blanket for my sister in law...I wasn't crazy about the colors but the choices were limited in the yarn I wanted to use. I've played around with felt play food as well. I made this little farmer's market basket for my niece... ...and this for my little guy the Christmas we bought him a play kitchen :). I like to draw every once in awhile too..not as often as I used to since I took up photography..but drawing was my first love and I still like to crack out the pencils and paper every once in awhile :).
  9. The cause of death was actually asphyxiation which the autopsy determined occurred anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours after the blow to the head. That's the biggest piece that doesn't fit and the one thing they never really addressed in the Sunday/Monday investigative report...if she was somehow injured..whether it be the brother or the mom or the dad and they knew she was still alive why wouldn't they call 911 IMMEDIATELY. It's likely she would have ultimately succumbed to the head injury as it was pretty catastrophic but I just can't imagine a parent's instinct and gut reaction being anything other than immediately calling 911 and talking her to the hospital. It would also mean that somebody would have needed to strangle her (and while the 9 year old brother might have had the ability to cause the skull fracture I don't think for a minute he had the knowledge and ability to fashion a garrote) ..and if the parents staged the scene then it would have had to be them who strangled her which is just too horrific to even think about.
  10. After watching the investigative show this past Sunday/Monday as well as the Dr. Phil interview with Burke Ramsey the scenario that seems to best fit the evidence is that Burke accidentally killed her and then the parents covered it up. I had a thought..that it could be possible that Burke hit his sister but didn't realize how badly he had injured her. The parents could have sent him to bed and then concocted the intruder/murder scenario to make him think that he didn't kill his sister..that after he had hit her someone else broke in and killed her. It's far fetched, I know, lol...but I could imagine two parents staging a coverup scene in an effort to protect a child from the reality of what they had done. He would have figured it out eventually...maybe that's why he's so "off" now.
  11. Old Navy carries boys slim size 18 online...they have been a good fit for my tall, gangly 14 year old :).
  12. Read to her tons (fiction, non fiction, poems, etc..). Find a good book list of picture books and begin working through it. Start reading to her from chapter books as well :) Get a copy of "The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading" and begin gently working through it Work on her fine motor skills in preparation for writing (Pinterest is a wealth of wonderful ideas!) Choose a fun hands on math curriculum and work on it when you can Go to the zoo, the aquarium, and the museum Play with paint, play dough, cut with scissors, draw with markers and crayons Send lots of time outside taking walks or at the playground Play lots of board games and puzzles Follow her interests..if she loves dinosaurs one week then find out all you can about dinosaurs..if it's ocean life the next then do the same Have fun :)!
  13. Is he planning on being sexually active over the course of the next year? If not then I'd say it's not necessary.
  14. So your husband missed his brother's wedding? I obviously don't know your situation but would it really have been IMPOSSIBLE to find a sitter for the day? If you absolutely couldn't have found a sitter couldn't your dh have just gone on his own so at least he was able to see his brother married? ETA: This really must be a regional/cultural thing because I'm having a really hard time wrapping my head around this "..our family is a package deal invite all of us or none of us will come.." mentality. I love my kids..I love spending time with them. My husband's brother was married about two months ago. The wedding was held in a town about an hour and a half away. While the wedding was primarily an adults only event the bride was very sweet and told us since we are close family the kids are of course welcome. Guess what..I got a sitter and the kids stayed home. My husband was in the wedding party so I knew he'd be occupied and I didn't want to spend the entire day entertaining and chasing my 4 year old around. I didn't want to have to possibly miss the vows if he decided to act up..I wanted to chat and catch up with folks I only get to see once a year..and sit down with a glass of wine and have nice dinner.. and dance with my husband..and enjoy coffee and cake while catching up with old friends and relatives.
  15. Meh..I disagree. I think it's juvenile to boo-hoo because your kids didn't get invited to a wedding. I think it's tacky to not show up to a wedding just because your kids weren't invited (barring situations where it is absolutely logistically impossible to make it work).
  16. Perhaps it's a cultural or regional thing? l always assume a wedding is adults only, particularly the reception, unless otherwise advised. Generally if there are children that are very close tot the bride and groom..siblings or their own children..they might make an appearance for a bit but almost always leave after dinner. Perhaps some folks want a kid free wedding for the same reason I chose a kid free resort for our honeymoon..they just didn't want little kids there. I guess I always felt it was a couple's prerogative to decide who to invite to their wedding and not really my place to say otherwise :).
  17. I agree with others..aside from the english class I think you need to let the rest go. Your boys not being placed together..having math teachers with different approaches to teaching..having separate break periods that are scheduled at inconvenient times..being tired at the end of the day..not being placed in orchestra in what you feel is a fair assessment of skill for one boy..one boy being more popular than the other..honestly, those are all compromises that need to be made when the decision is made to go to public school. I would let each kid know that if they want to continue on with the public school so that they can "grow as people", graduate from a brick and mortar institution, etc..then these are the compromises that come along with that decision. I would then let each boy make the decision for himself whether he would like to continue on or return to homeschooling. Be prepared that one may like to stay in the public school while the other makes the decision to come home..it's okay if that happens :). As far as one son treating the other poorly..that's an issue of the heart and needs to be addressed as a family..it has nothing to do with the school.
  18. Could be your meds are too high..this is definitely how I feel when my dosage needs to be lowered.
  19. My plan..my hope is that ds will choose from a local college and he can live upstairs in our rental unit. Sure, we'd lose the $$ each month that we'd typically get from a tenant but the max we could likely rent the apartment out for would be $800 per month and since $26 per day seems to be a good price for room and board it seems more logical to take the hit on the rental income rather than spend more on room and board at college. Not to mention he'd be "home" but still have his own space. Does that make sense? Now to get my ds on board, lol!
  20. I haven't read through the entire thread but I'll chime in with my own experience with my two kiddos :). Both could recognize the letters of the alphabet and knew the sounds they make by 15 months just from typical baby/toddler exposure...alphabet blocks, puzzles, books, and baby TV shows that exposed them to the letters/sounds. With little instruction both could sound out simple CVC words sometime around turning 2. By 3, once again, with little to no formal instruction both could read small sentences and simple BOB type books. At some point they both had an "aha" moment..for both it was sometime between 3.5 and 4 where they just kind of took off with reading..the older kiddo was more of a sigh/whole word reader and seemed to intuit the phonics rules..the little kiddo seems to be following along a similar path although I'm making more of an effort to teach phonics with him because..I don't know..I keep reading that I'm supposed to, lol. By the time the older kiddo turned 5 he was fluently reading chapter books..the younger kiddo is currently 4.5 and while he is ready to read chapter books I'm not sure his comprehension is quite yet ready for longer, more involved story lines. So that's our story :).
  21. As a landlord (we own a double, live in the downstairs and rent out the upstairs) "no pets" includes service dogs. Being a landlord/owner who lives in a building which contains four or fewer rental units allows me to be exempt from the Fair Housing Act which means, sorry, no pets...at all. ETA: As a landlord, my honest advice would be to seek out an apartment that is pet friendly..even if it means seeking outside of your desired area. If you are left with no choice and must apply at a rental with a "no pets" stipulation then I would be up front and honest about your situation early on as opposed to waiting until later in the process to spring it on them. In certain circumstances, yes, you can always pull the Fair Housing Act card but I can't imagine most landlords would be happy to be forced into allowing an animal in their rental if they specifically requested none. It doesn't sound like a productive way to start off a renter/landlord relationship for either party involved.
  22. I was under the impression that Hopper got into the car with the agents so that they could "get their story straight" so to speak (where Will was, how did they find him, how to explain his "body") for the official report. They weren't expecting Hopper, Joyce, or Will to come out alive so now that they had they needed to create a plausible story. I don't think there is any connection between Eleven and Hopper's daughter but I do think that he somehow knows she's still alive in the upside down and therefore is leaving food for her in Mirkwood. I think it's a strong possibility that Brenner is Eleven's father and I'm not convinced he's dead either. I actually had to rewind that part because it was so quick and vague I was like "..wait...did he just die?" Will seems to have brought back some of the upside down with him and for that reason can still "see" the parallel universe while living in ours. I'm not sure how that connection will play out in the future but it will be interesting!
  23. I've just recently begun looking into this! I think it was actually one of your posts that got me looking into it :). Do you mind sharing what supplements/dosages you used when preparing to conceive?
  24. Sigh..this post is timely for me! My husband and I have been pondering the "should we have one more.." question for a while now. I was 26 when I had my first and 35 when I had my second. I'm 40 now and would love to try for one more...maybe a girl :). My biggest concerns are the higher risks of chromosomal abnormalities as well as the actual pregnancy, labor, and recovery. I read somewhere that by age 40 95% of a woman's eggs are "chromosomal abnormal"...that number scares me...
  25. My first kiddo (now 14) was a naturally good speller, read a ton, etc... We did very little spelling with him over the years and he spells wonderfully. I tried a few products but nothing seemed to fit and none lasted very long. Sequential Spelling was by far the best fit..daily word lists..no crosswords or corny activities..just spelling :). With my younger kiddo (4) I had promised myself I wouldn't drop the ball on spelling this time around..but he too seems to be a naturally good speller so here I am again not really doing anything with him with regards to spelling and kind of dropping the ball again. Sorry..I know this wasn't terribly helpful but I wanted to share our own experience, lol.
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