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  1. We have visa/ debit cards, but only use the credit side if debit isn't an option and only when we know the money is in the account to pay it.
  2. We had three recess breaks all through elementary school and when my oldest went to PS for K and first they had three. For elementary I would say this is very reasonable and a positive thing. If young kids are given regular breaks for physical activity I believe they are more prepared to sit still and pay attention during class time. Oh, the thing I hated most about my schooling were Dick and Jane readers. I was reading real books before I started K. Our K class was broke up into reading groups and even the most advanced group was still using Dick and Jane readers. I can not stand the styl
  3. Well they outnumber the people. 3 cats 2 dogs 1 guinea pig 1 slider turtle 1 Beta and the oldest has ordered triop eggs
  4. :grouphug: I'm so sorry. :grouphug: They really do capture your heart and become members of the family, don't they?
  5. Cujo scared me the most because the story is possible. The Shining remains one of my favorites because it was the first King novel I read. Insomnia was just an excellent story. Same with Eye of the Dragon. The Gunslinger series was very good, although I was a bit disapointed in the final book.
  6. My older DD (17) has never shown any interest. My younger DD got hers pierced for her 10th birthday and was very good about taking care of them during the healing process, but after a couple months she went without wearing any earrings too long and the holes closed. She's 12 now and hasn't yet asked to have them redone, but if she does I will take her to have it done after stressing to her the need to wear earrings all the time for those first six months or more.
  7. I think he's become very curious as to whether or not other passengers have had similar experiences to his and Charlies. After his conversation with Danial's mom (forgot her name) and Danial he knows something is going on and is now trying to figure out what.
  8. As hard as it may be you need to become her friend before trying to give advice or your opinion otherwise you risk being viewed as the overbearing mil. Invite her to have lunch or go shopping, any of the things you would do with your girlfriends. Once she feels you are a friend and can be trusted she will more than likely come to you. By the way I agree with you about the midwife. While some bleeding can be normal it should always be taken seriously and investigated, but I have never heard of contractions or cramping being normal that early in a pregnancy. :grouphug:
  9. I would start with an internet search. Alaska has practice tests online that cat can be printed and used for practice. The exact contents of the current test being used is highly confidential.
  10. Yes! There is hope! My brother was an alcoholic from the time he was 17 until his late 20's. It took his wife packing herself and their 3 kids up and leaving to get him to check himself in to treatment, but he did it. His wife returned home 2 weeks later. He has been sober for 16 years this month. It hasn't always been easy and for the first couple years he attended AA meetings several times a week and continued to attend them fairly regularly up until they moved out of state last fall, although in the last few years I think it was more to lend his his support to newcomers. Don't t
  11. Well, these days if I try to sing to them they beg me to stop but when they were babies I sang Hush Little Baby, You are My Sunshine, Baby Mine, Goodnight My Angel (I think this is the title it's the lullabye by Billy Joel), and whatever my tired mommy brain could remember the lyrics to, but never ever ever Rockabye Baby. I've always thought that song was creepy. Who puts their baby in a cradle in a tree?:confused: ETA: To my younger DD who's name is Sarah I sang Journey's "Sara" alot and to my son I sang "My Little Man".
  12. I guess I'd call myself a "spiritual seeker" who is fairly disgusted with "religion" and I have no desire or inclination to tell anybody else what they are or aren't. By the way this post fascinated me and has me curious to learn more about Quakers:
  13. My maternal grandparents were awesome! My mom always worked when I was young so I spent a lot of time with my grandma. I remember walking with her (she didn't drive) just about every where and her teaching me silly rhymes. Often my great aunt would come get us to go to lunch at Woolworths. Riding on the fold down arm rest in Aunt Wanda's car (before carseat and seatbelt laws of coarse). Watching her decorate cakes. Building forts out of blankets and couch cushions. Turning the breakfast bar stools upside down and sitting inside the legs while she spun me around. Playing Rummy. Dipping oreo coo
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