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  1. I read an article a couple months ago that said because of the economy many people who traditionally trade their vehicles in for new every several years are hanging on to them longer. This is driving up the value of used cars as there are fewer available.
  2. I have a nephew that did this as a baby. I don't think he was spoiled or did it on purpose. They did take him in the first time it happened and were told that it is fairly common. As long as he woke up and was fine they were told not to worry about it. I would still encourage you friend to speak with someone about it just to be sure that is all it is because I have another nephew who is epileptic . the first grand mal seizure he had started with unexplainable crying and the he just quit breathing and went into convulsions.
  3. We did it. We had been thinking about it for a while and then the garage door broke. We built a wall that fit snugly inside the opening for the garage door and bolted it in. Then we painted the outside to match the house, then we taped and painted the inside. You could tell on both sides it was a conversion but we were fine with it. We didn't know we'd be moving very soon after, but knew resale was a concern.
  4. Post- human (the entire trilogy) Also I second the Wool series. These ar two recent dystopian series I've enjoyed.
  5. Standardized test scores here are broken down by ethnic origins amongst other things. I don't know if that's federally mandated or not, but I'm wondering if, as disgusting as it is, if they aren't trying to find a way to comply with some federal mandate in NCLB. Either way it's sickening.
  6. In Alaska if a woman is married at the time she gives birth her husband is the child's legal father until its contested by a possible bio father and proven otherwise. So my guess is that there are many children being raised and legally fathered by men they have no biological ties to. So it would be impossible to determine, even looking at legal documents, who was actually a blood relative and who isn't, at least with male lineage. One may or may not put an asterisk in there, but if it is the child's legal name then it belongs on the tree.
  7. :confused: These are children, you know small human beings, not animals! What is wrong with people. They are robbing their own children of dignity and self respect. Not to mention the self centered parenting. The "I dont want to be inconvienced as a parent so I'll inconvenience everyone else" attitude really ticks me off. As a young mom i was once mortified by a friend. We were traveling together and stopped to eat. First she took her 2 1/2 year old son in wearing nothing but a diaper and let him run all over the restaurant annoying other patrons and then when he did number two in his di
  8. DH is currently a full time student, but he's studying in a field that he has been very interested in for a long time so hopefully he will like what he ends up doing after he graduates. I am currently employed and while my job isnt the greatest job out there I dont dread going to work.
  9. :iagree: if you call the school and let them know your child may be attending the school chances are they would arrange a tour and allow you to peruse the materials. When we chose to put our kids in school we just walked in one day when we knew it would be open and were able to meet with the principal of one and vice principal of the other that day. They wanted our business and were more then happy to answer our questions.
  10. I had stadol with my first and third, but dont really think it had any effect on the birth experience. I've never had an epidural. I had told DH that did not want an epidural unless it became medically necessary and was glad i had. With my first they tried to pressure me into having an epidural, but because i had already had the stadol the decision was Dh's to make. He stood his ground and refused to sign the form. A half hour later I was holding my baby.
  11. In Alaska The United Way has a 3 digit number (i think its 211) you can call to find charities and services based on your needs. There is also an agency called L.OV.E inc. that connects people with charities and services based on immediate needs. There maybe something like this in your state that could help connect her with resources. Also even though she doesn't qualify for food stamps she might ask public assitance about other programs she may qualify for that help with other bills freeing up money for groceries for example daycare assistance, energy assistance, or rent assistance. I do
  12. There are no requirements for independent homeschoolers in Alaska. There are also publically funded homeschool programs with varying degrees of benefits, and requirements from relaxed to rigid for those who are interested.
  13. No, I want to them to find their own path. I hope the things we teach them will help them live honest and moral lives, but the path they follow is theirs to find. I don't wish my life on them that's for certain. My oldest DD is Nineteen and currently working full time at a good job, supports herself and doesn't ask us for anything. I do wish she would go back to school, but that is ultimately her choice and she is young so there is time.
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