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  1. TCB How long did it take your student to complete DO precalc each day? Wondering if I should have my daughter go into the regular or honors. Thanks. Deb
  2. MamaSprout Thank you! Does Derek Owens do a lot of Trig in his Algebra 2 classes? I was hoping for a course that combined Trig and Pre Calc. Deb
  3. Which is better for Pre Calc . Chalk Dust or Derek Ownes or Thinkwell. Thanks!
  4. yes, I think that they are. But, check the BJU site because I believe they are selling books and class videos combined for a very low cost.
  5. Doing AP Biology at home. Suggestions on purchasing a AP lab kit? Thanks! Deb
  6. What program did your daughter use prior to Laurel Springs? Thanks.
  7. Any suggestions for history text that follows the four year cycle? Thanks.
  8. Looking for a class that will focus on writing all types of essays.
  9. Any suggestions for an online writing program/class. Thanks!
  10. Lori D. Thank you so much! The breakdown was perfect! Deb
  11. I'm putting together a Stock Market Challenge club. I'm wondering how many hours per year would be needed to list it as a club on high school transcripts. Thanks! Deb in NJ
  12. Would love to see French. Since it is an online class would it be possible to obtain a native speaker from France? Would LOVE to see French offered during the school year as well (French 1, French 2 etc).
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