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  1. I don't know much about Cavaliers specifically, but small dogs can take a while to potty over a year. I'm firm about crating from the day they come home...including my deaf GS puppy. They have to earn freedom, it took my shih-poo about 13 months to earn full freedom. Make DH go stay in a hotel for a week while you force the crate issue. (I do agree some dogs can't be crate trained, but that doesn't sound like the case with him.)
  2. We use Facebook groups and email, about 80 families.
  3. BTDT. Some kind of literature based curriculum, and Kindles. Workbook based math. Get books via Overdrive through some big-city library memberships.
  4. My son was 4 when he got his glasses. They are non-negotiable, like, it's a spanking infraction to Dad. (To give some perspective, the only spanking infractions we usually act on are life-threatening, such as running into the road, unbuckling a carseat, etc) DH is convinced the reason his eyes were so bad is because he didn't get glasses for many, many years after he needed them, so he absolutely doesn't play when it comes to wearing glasses. (DS6 is our third in glasses, and also the youngest to go in glasses. Stupid eye place, eye doc told me he should have been in them since birth, ugh) Also, "If they're not on your face, they're in the case." is/was non-negotiable. I say is/was because DS is very good with his glasses, and now we don't require cases. He did damage a pair right after we bought them this spring, I don't blame him. He was at a neighbor's house, the boys were doing jiu jitsu, so DS tried to give her his glasses....she told him to put them in his pocket........ No, I don't expect a 5 year old to know better in that situation. We have ONE spot they go at bedtime/bathtime, period. He is allowed to put them on a side table when he's on the trampoline. We have never lost a pair, and other than the pocket incident, the only time we have needed repairs is to straighten a little after normal 4/5/6 play. I buy from Walmart, and sometimes Zenni or other online, and I always get transitions now.
  5. These are physical orders only. I thought I bought a lot...some of you make me feel much better about my ordering habits. :blushing: 1998 2 1999 8 2000 7 2001 1 2002 3 2003 15 2004 21 2005 10 2006 24 2007 6 2008 11 2009 7 2010 34 2011 35 2012 97 2013 105 2014 86 2015 151 2016 160 Total 783 physical orders *eta, My table failed :crying:
  6. I'm so tired of being judged by my clothes. I have a "friend" on Facebook who frequently goes on rants about yoga pants in Target. Well, walk a mile, is all I can say. I guess I could start going naked, maybe that would please people's sensibilities. I'm guessing they would rather see my 3X self in loose yoga pants and a long loose shirt, though... I'd love to wear fitted clothing, with buttons and zippers. Hell, I'd love to not wear a bra...ever...because it hurts so damn bad. But I wear my t-shirt material sports bras and sport a uniboob, along with my yoga pants and my t-shirts and I function the best I can. You're welcome that I'm not running around naked. And no, I'm not EVER headed for any sort of exercise in my tacky exercise clothing, just moving around on a daily basis is about all the exercise I can handle.
  7. A post of Spryte's about probiotics has made a huge difference in my gut, I'm incredibly thankful for it. (And I tried to PM her thanks a while back, but it didn't go through...didn't think about a thread!)
  8. I started homemade vanilla extract this past weekend for Christmas gifts!
  9. I was in Melbourne when little bitty Erin hit in 1995....we were without power for two weeks, and flooded in our house for over a week (water didn't come in the house, but the street was flooded and wasn't drivable) and that was in the middle of Melbourne. No way in Hell would I be on the islands in Brevard County right now.
  10. I have received random things from Amazon several times. A USB record(!!!) player, twice some kitchen items, and once a $500 AV component. Each time, it's a nightmare trying to get it back to Amazon. It takes several phone calls/chats, wastes a lot of my time, but I cannot in good conscience keep something (esp a $500 something!) that isn't supposed to be mine. I've been told to keep the item, trash the item, sell the item...ugh. Anyway, I would (and do) force the issue to return it.
  11. No, because we're in a state that doesn't believe in the 2nd amendment. Yes, we own many guns, no we don't usually carry in states where allowed because of the children. All our guns are kept triple locked with no clip/bolt, and ammo is stored in separate locked containers. When DH retires, we will both get CC permits, and will carry most of the time.
  12. Thanks! Anyone have any wonderful side dishes for potluck dinners? I find I have a bunch to attend lately, and I could really use some fresh ideas!
  13. I'm looking for a website that I can check off pantry ingredients I have on hand and it suggests recipes that I could make with them? Does this exist? Also, I would love some amazing potluck/side dish recipes, please!
  14. I'm in NY with 4 already, even though a rag doll is on my wishlist. DH's head would spin in many, many circles, though :-(
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