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  1. I've used K12 through a state VA since ds was in first grade. We are in our 4th year of using it. K12 is a strong program overall. I would like to use it without the state being involved (I seem to get more and more annoyed by the hoops they are making us jump through), but then again if I had to pay for it I probably wouldn't buy it because I think it is fairly expensive. In 4th grade K12 begins the process of student self teaching, but I am still doing a lot with him one on one. He can do the science on his own and is doing so. I love K12.
  2. I would DEFINITELY do this. In fact, you might even suggest they pay for your medical bills!
  3. Me too! Ha! I almost didn't open it because I don't plan to use a hs umbrella!
  4. I do this too....I found shorts for ds on WM clearance for $1 each and a Danskin workout shirt for me for $2. Oh and I also buy and store gifts this way. Trick is to not forget I've got stuff stored up!
  5. Hey this is mine too! I normally bake my own, but since I had hand surgery and didn't want to have to mess with raw chicken I bought a WM rotisserie on Sunday. It really irked me to pay that extra dollar for that whole chicken. :tongue_smilie: I make several recipes that call for 1 1/2 cups of chicken....so I can get 2 or three dishes out of one chicken. I freeze the chopped up chicken in 1 1/2 or 2 cup portions and it makes it soooooooo easy to throw together things like chicken pot pie or tortilla soup or chicken enchiladas...or chicken fahitas. I'm hungry now!
  6. This is what I thought too.... I'm betting he did cringe. :D Is ok Kathleen. :lol: Everyone gets an off day.
  7. Now see....I think Terry Hatcher looks great! I always look at her because years ago a friend told me I look like her---back when she was playing Lois Lane..Later she told me it isn't that I LOOK like her so much but rather have her....energy. LOL
  8. I reuse ziplocks unless they've had meat in them. I buy cheap shampoo, (but expensive conditioner) I buy whole chickens, bake them and take every smidge of meat off the bone to use in recipes. (I can get over 4 cups of chicken out of one $4 chicken---4 cups good for two chicken dishes AT LEAST) I've started coloring my own hair. $3 vs. $45. I've let my mom cut ds's hair several times this summer....Eventually I take him in for a professional cut, but mom does great between cuts. Free vs. $11.
  9. I can't get that link to work....anyone else? Edited to add----Oops working now.
  10. Nice explanation. I am printing it out for reference. Thanks!
  11. I'm with you. I recently lost weight on the divorce diet and although I do see more wrinkles in my face I much prefer to be thin. And yes there is a limit. I am 5'6" and got down to 112.....too thin. I'm up to 120 and feel great. Just gotta figure out how to stay at that weight.
  12. Oh and my escape artist was barely four and leaving the house during the night and the yard during the day. It was a nightmare.
  13. My son also did this when he moved to a booster. My solution was to move him back to the 'baby' seat until I could trust him not to unbuckle himself. It didn't take long. I'm gathering though that your 3 year old is still in the harness type seat?
  14. Kathleen I depend on you to know these things.....:tongue_smilie: My first thought is it should be lay since it is 'times' that is referred to. Then, as always, my second thought is but what do I know.
  15. Same here. Maybe it is just that I don't normally go to places where it might be said...not sure.
  16. Ok, Valerie, your edit made me LOL. How about I tell you all the ones I have trouble with. Or is that How about I tell you all the ones with which I have trouble? I can't spell congradulations. Is it a T or d? I never know. I often say 'Congrats!' instead. So now you all know. I'm sure there are more. The one that bugs me is bring and take, brought and took. My SIL and now my niece and nephew use those words incorrectly All. The. Time. And then I get myself confused. Does a third person of which I speak bring or take cake to that party? Shrugs. Better to change sentenc
  17. I agree. And to further someone else's thought, the sooner you get back to a normal relationship with this woman the quicker things will heal for YOU. I have a friend who has put it this way before. You have a family/friend outburst. To get 'over' it requires enough normal interactions to cancel out the outburst. The first few interactions after a fight may seem strained...but they will pass and things will go back to normal for all involve. And I agree it is selfish to hold on to our mistakes. :grouphug:
  18. I have no idea. LOL....That made me laugh to realize I don't know! I was thrilled to finish just ahead of this young 20 something IN SHAPE girl. Heck I was thrilled to finish at all! The route was VERY hilly though. Near the University of AR in Fayetteville for anyone who knows that area.
  19. Wow....:grouphug: Hang in there. Let us know how you are.
  20. I have a special fondness for Koalas ever since ds was about 2. I read him an ABC book over. and. over. and over. You know. Anyway, the "K" word was Koala and he pronounced it Ku lala. Sooooo precious.
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