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  1. Lol, I thought you must have posted a political rant until I remembered we were talking about handedness.
  2. I have some recipes for stuff just using stevia. I don't think I can keep much in the house though or I won't be able to keep out of it. I was thinking I'd plan on making myself some overnight oats in individual Tupperware s to have as an afternoon pick me up. If I keep it down to 1/4 cup oats and only use stevia it's 23 g carbs, so not too bad. Plus oats are supposed to be good for milk production.
  3. I guess my strategy will be five servings of veg a day, no sweets, eat between 10am and 7pm. Add in three strength training half hours a week to the 4-5 walks scheduled Hopefully that will be enough. The thing about losing weight slowly is with water fluctuations you often can only tell it's working after at least a month. Booyah!
  4. It'll be the one time you don't you end up breaking ITTs most important rule. Like going to the store with greasy hair, you always see someone you know
  5. I'm thinking of doing 10-7. I'm not really even that hungry before 10 and I only want garbage after dinner anyway
  6. It worked well for me (30lbs) until it didn't. Snuggle bunny had a big medical drama that lasted for months and stress plus bingeing on chocolate during my eating window crashed it.
  7. Already mostly there unfortunately so I'm worried it might not be enough. Gluten intolerant, have cut way back on sweets but probably need to give them up entirely.
  8. Yes I think if I do IF again I need to do the kind that's twice a week. I had sleep problem s too
  9. I can't see myself giving up dairy long term tho and I don't want to yoyo by starting something I won't keep up
  10. I completely agree with this and it’s why I hadn’t actually planned on dieting until after Christmas...but the liver thing freaks me out. i’m rather attached to my liver.
  11. I’m not sure what age lit guide we’re talking but I picked the Kolbe lesson plans for high school bc the questions seemed more highbrow? than MP, which seemed more comprehension to me. I don’t know what the guides are like, I think that’s where they put their comprehension questions to help them pass their tests. Have you looked on their website for samples.
  12. No, I just burned my body out on it and ended up quitting and getting fatter than ever. So if I do it again I need to find a way to do it that that doesn’t happen.
  13. I don’t want to go full keto while Empress is exclusively breastfeeding. I’m also worried if I diet too hard I’m going to fry my adrenal glands. Last time Iquit a diet it was because I wasalways cold and fuzzy and anxious. I know people say that doesn’t happen with low carb high fat diets but it does to me. Also I’m going to be hungry all the time which is really difficult to me while sleep deprived. I can sit down and eat an entire plate of bacon and still be hungry, so that part of my brain must be broken or something. So I guess I’m trying to figure out how much to compromise so that I can lose enough weight to help my liver whithout the rest of me becoming a wreck?
  14. Weight loss for the purpose of getting my elevated liver function that showed up in the lab to go away. I wasn’t really planning on pusuing weight loss for other reasons yet bc Empress is so little (I thought I’d just try to eat reasonably healthy and exercise and hope for the best, knowing my body probably wouldn’t let go of the weight just for that).
  15. Anybody wanna play amateur dietician? Trying to decide what my diet plan will be. (if I don’t return tonight I’m trapped by Empress) chubbooyah
  16. I don’t dare do feedings in the dark. Hickies on the title page when they’re rooting blind! 😱🤬
  17. That is smart! Usually I don’t like zippers bc then their tummy gets cold and wakes them up, but this solves that.
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