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  1. Well, our Catholic faith is the fabric of our lives so it definitely plays a big role in our homeschooling. 🙂 i say five decades of the rosary every day and every time I get to the mystery of the Presentation I offer our homeschool to God and pray for wisdom in my decisions. Our school day starts with prayer : a Latin chant hymn like Salve Regina or Adoro Te Devote, morning offering, guardian angel prayer, read the gospel of the day, intentions, then I bless them and myself with holy water. We have a little prayer corner with our crucifix , some paintings and statues, holy water font, and candles. Everyone always wants the job of blowing out candles. 😉. We got out of the habit, but I’d like to re-establish it, of singing the Angelus at noon as our transition into lunch. If I get very ambitious I read saint stories during lunch. We read most of the OT of our children’s bible when we do our Jesse tree in Advent. We do different things in Lent. We have particular holy days and our name days (the feast of the saint we were named after) that we might have a special dessert or activity or prayer or reading. I like the blogs Shower of Roses and Catholic All Year for ideas. I also like OLVS religion curricula. St. Patrick’s Summer: an Adventure Catechism by Marigold Hunt and The King of the Golden City by Mother Mary Loyola are favorite read alouds. We also like Mary Fabyan Windeatt. If you are interested in the TLM, I can’t recommend Treasure and Tradition by Lisa Bergman enough. Our faith definitely impacts the history we choose. (I feel like I’m about to open up a can of worms here, so I’ll just say anyone is certainly welcome to criticize me but I’m not really interested in coming back to debate this. I’ve got a really stressful week coming up already and online debates stress me out a ton.) I think a lot of people have an implicit belief that secular history is somehow neutral, but I strongly disagree. In secular history God is treated as a belief and opinion only, impotent to act in history Himself, religion only provides motivations of humans. Also most histories have a slight flavor ofHegel(we are more moral and smarter than our ancestors, we are evolving) and Marx(the main drama of history is the struggle between oppressor and oppressed). Since I believe the truth is that God becoming man and dying for us is the greatest event in history, that He has worked miracles to change the course of history (like Lepanto), and that the main drama of history is how individuals and societies accept or refuse His grace, I think of underlying premise of secular history is just false. I don’t plan on using it until high school and then only to critique. Our faith also affects how we discuss literature. Social context can be useful, but it’s not the whole story. Human beings have a nature and we can learn and be inspired by the characters’ growth in virtue or warned by their descent into vice I don’t use CCD. As 8 pointed out, it’s not at the correct level for my kids. Also, it’s usually taught by volunteers who themselves don’t know the faith very well and who will teach inaccuracies. One of my aunts was a DRE, another was a high school youth minister, I’ve taught RE...I don’t ascribe it’s sad situation to malice. It’s usually full of a lot of wonderful people doing their best who are hampered by their own lack of knowledge or byhaving half of their class come from families who barely practice the faith and need it very, very, basic. But honestly, even if I had access to a completely wonderful RE program I don’t know that I would use it. There was an article a few weeks ago in the National Catholic Register discouraging the use of the Baltimore Catechism because it’s hard on kids with scrupulosity. Now, I love the BC. I think it’s clear and meaty. And I have a kid who struggles greatly with scrupulosity from her OCD. I don’t think I’d be doing her any favors, though, to switch to a curriculum that spent 50 pages telling her God loves you, be nice. So here’s the thing, though. I don’t just hand it to her and expect her to learn it like any other academic subject. I read it to her using the cadences of my voice to emphasize. I stop and explain and reassure and tailor my teaching to her individual needs and temperament. I really think that you have to become your child’s spiritual director. Jesus didn’t just parachute down, hand out some bibles, die, rise, and ascend, check the box git r done. He provided thirty years of just example. He lived with the apostles three years teaching in real life situations in real time. He treated everyone with love but He didn’t treat everyone exactly the same. I think the ideal religious education pairs clear and substantial catechesis with a life of formation and discipleship in an organic whole. Being a homeschool mom makes that relationship natural (though you do have to be intentional). That said, make sure you check with your pastor, some will block your kids from the sacraments unless they attend RE at the parish. God bless you. 🙂. It’s a busy week so I might not come back to this thread.
  2. I just spent like three hours saving all my important links from Pinterest so I could delete my account and there was nofield to write my reason in and no contact email to tell’s so frustrating.
  3. I hate trying to work out schedules with people. I’ve been under the 8mpression for the last two months that FLL would still be on Fridays. Been asking over and over for a planning meeting. Left that day open. Now three days before the meeting I hear actually everyone wants it on Thursday. Already registered and paid for ballet Thursday afternoons. So either sacrifice school time Thursday morning or else ask abuelos. Ask abuelos. They don’t get back to me. Meeting in two days now. Scramble scramble. Ironically the leader had asked me way back if I just wanted “dibs” to pick the day and time myself but I didn’t want to be a tyrant. SHould’ve been a tyrant!
  4. I’m so sad I can’t think of anything smart alecky to say right now. I know I’ll think of like three things tomorrow in the shower.
  5. I offered a similar deal to Snugglebunny a few weeks ago. She started crying because she thought I was mocking her but really all i wanted was to sit down for five minutes and eat Cocoa Puffs in peace.
  6. Ds just came in all muddy and asked for a pencil and paper. He says he is studying rocks because he is going to be a brain surgeon and he needs to know about them in case people get hit on the head with one. 😂
  7. Not looking forward to convincing dh that Snugglebunny needs braces.
  8. Free life lesson: pretty much everyone, no matter how wonderful they are otherwise, has one irrational opinion that they are kind of a jerk about and it’s just not worth getting upset and totally writing them off over.
  9. We have anew director! Yay! We made it to Mass complete with thank you card and thank you cakes. I only sang the polyphony bc my voice was giving out. Snugglebunny got to meet her penpal at the social. Now we’re going to have a bonfire! 🔥
  10. 👅 My tongue won’t stretch that far. 😞
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