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  1. It should be fine but I’d google crustless pumpkin pie for baking instructions.
  2. Yes! The things I used to do to use up their energy are mostly gone (grandparents, library, playground).
  3. I am so furious right now. I may even have to block my local homeschooling group! This lady just casually posted how she thinks it’s overblown so she’s still visiting her covid positive adult daughter! edited to add: a friend just pointed out to me maybe she was just badly describing caring for her, which is allowed.
  4. Midwives appt went well yesterday. When she weighed me she exclaimed, “you actually lost weight from last time. Good job!” Me thinking, well, Lent...stress...chocolate chip shortage...stomach so squished it might as well be stapled...ok?
  5. The library near me has a sign that says something like, “Clean up is an important part of play time! Big people, please help your little people remember to clean up when they are done playing!”
  6. It’s not even funny. It’s to the point I am ignoring so many people I’m feeling very isolated from people even online. Silver lining is it’s cut down my social media time dramatically.
  7. Well. Maybe for the first time I will be ahead of a trend. 😉. I was the only one wearing a mask at my midwives today.
  8. Ventpo. It may be ugly. I’m feeling bitter. I sure hope the people who have developed a brand new burning concern for the mental health of the homebound in the last two weeks manage to keep it up when they are no longer personally affected because maybe two of them gave a flying flip about mine all the times I’ve been homebound for months at a time. 🙄
  9. It’s a blog called that reviews movies and TV for historical costume accuracy. I’m not sure how you’d feel about letting your daughter loose on there because they are definitely PG-13 and even R rated sometimes in their language and the pictures they clip and some of the stuff they review you might not want her to see, so you probably want to look around a bit first. But they really know their stuff and are super interesting.
  10. Now I’m reading historical costuming blogs instead of taking a shower. Must motivate self.
  11. Junie, that dress makes me want to watch an Audrey Hepburn movie.
  12. I’ve seen some priests on social media asking people to contact them for Anointing of the sick as soon as you’re seriously ill but before you go to the hospital bc they are not being let in.
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