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  1. Susan, we got the pencil sharpener you recommend ed and now all the pencils are sharp enough to assassinate Julius Caesar.
  2. This sounds like the kind of thing my kids would do. Dd9 was upset this morning bc Lucretia isn't pronounced "Lu-cer-etta".
  3. Baby wants big people food so bad. She was sitting on dh's lap while he ate a piece of cheesecake just quivering and bouncing with excitement. She cried when it was gone and he hadn't shared. 😭
  4. I just want to check out today. Beyond lackawanna. It just feels like there's no point to most of the things I do.
  5. It takes a saint to live with a martyr. Not feeling very saintly right now.
  6. Ellie's answer seemed pretty textbook (lol) Holt to me, and he's the guy who coined the term and started the movement. 🤷. I think in this context I agree with the value of precision. Unschooling isn't just a different method, it's really a different lifestyle. The OP didn't really seem that interested in it for it's own sake so I have misgivings she would be happy with it. I like Another Lynn's and frogger's suggestions. 🙂
  7. Maybe I ought to start recording myself so I can have someone to sing with. 😕
  8. I might have to watch it just for the costumes. 🙂 Interesting: the costume designer had a hard time making Cavill's clothes look right bc he's so broad shouldered and buff. That was not the Victorian stylish male silhouette.
  9. I do think the TTapp is working a little bit. My arms look less lumpy. I didn't have the heart to measure myself when I started but I measured yesterday so I guess we'll see in a week or two if there's any difference.
  10. So here is a great line from The Scent of Water to give you a little taste of why I love it so much (describing a child): "The other two with their happy, objective minds would always be absorbed in the moment but she would look backwards and remember, and look forward and be afraid, and the present would always confuse her because she would never entirely live in it "
  11. Ah, well the library only had the one, which is probably just as well bc even one is optimistic right now, lol. 😁
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