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  1. Oh but yes. I distinctly remember laser sharks.
  2. I frump it so hard my last trimester I have a reaction postpartum and feel a strong urge to gussy myself up. I went to the park yesterday in eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, tinted lipgloss, earrings, and with my hair and nails did. I liked toplay dress up with makeup as a kid and I guess I stilldo. Sparkly!
  3. The Empress set a boss baby record last night. Awake for four hours straight for no other reason than that she wanted to play. “Nighttime is stupid.”
  4. Thisis the only wayI like iced tea. WhenI went to North Carolina they couldn’tbelieve it. “You mean sweet tea?” “No, just plain tea? With ice in it?” “But...sweet? Sweet tea?” “Not sweet, just tea.” “We don’t do that.” 😂
  5. Edpo! I ordered the last of the curriculum purchases today. I can’t quite get my brain into school mode yet, though, so I’m giving myself three more weeks of “maternity leave” before I finish planning.
  6. Lego Lass was like that, very much so 6-7th grade. We ended up doing a lot of oral narration and discussion for content subjects and a challenging writing program (WWs). It helped that it had very precise rubrics. Trying to get high quality written output those years was like pulling teeth, but it’s gotten better.
  7. Yes. I used to think, this baby must be wondering if this is the way out and has decidedto pokeit tofigure it out.
  8. Baby has figured out that I’m the boring one. She was fussing and fussing for me and I handed her to dh and now she is an angel.
  9. I could really use a Mary Poppins type person right now. I am sucking royally at being “cruise director.” I’m not even good at that when the plague hasn’t shut down every air conditioned option. What I wouldn’t give for a day camp right now. So.much.minecraft.
  10. Fourth of July always makes me so paranoid it’s so dry here and lots of people buy illegal fireworks. One year my neighbor’s yard caught fire.
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