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  1. I'm just happy to hear that there's someone else in the world who thinks the site is confusing.
  2. The MPOA will have summer courses for middle schoolers. Some will be review courses for Latin, while others should be literature, etc. You could always shoot them an email to see when their summer class list will be posted. It shouldn't be too long.
  3. With the MP Books of Crafts, you can find ideas from pre-K through second grade. They're designed to go along with the enrichment guides, but you could do them stand alone as well. You can see a craft sample and snapshot of the enrichment guide for K here.
  4. I was just coming here to say the same. Plus, it's CHEAP.
  5. I'm really put off by the cost, to be honest. It seems like they've been discussed in the dyslexia FB groups I'm in, but to mixed reviews.
  6. We HAVE used pieces of SC, because my twin boys have dyslexia, dysgraphia and auditory processing disorder between the two of them. 😉 They track ahead of the levels, but I purchase the SC manuals for teaching helps/ideas. We used the MP preschool program with DD#5, and while I thought it was lovely, it wasn't getting done in my house, since I was juggling the olders, working, a baby, etc. I'm 75% sure that SC A and the preschool package are the same. There's a fine motor section in every level of SC (A-C), and there's fine motor work in MP Preschool and JK. Can you just look at all 5 (that sounds daunting), and pick which one fits best? I think SC is a MARVELOUS program, but like the standard MP cores, I don't use them 'as prescribed'. I've used MP for 9 years (!), everything from preschool to 9th grade, with pieces of SC pulled in as well. I pick and choose what we can do, and do well.
  7. We just finished up a whirlwind vacation to Florida, where we spent a day at the Navy Seals/ UDT Museum. My twin boys could have spent the entire day there, enthralled. I'm looking for books and documentaries about the military/wars/etc for them to explore. They're 11. Looking forward to creating a list based on your help!
  8. I'll agree with you that it is ABSOLUTELY incredible to make that journey with your children. It's even MORE rewarding when they struggle, once you can look back and say, "Look what we did!" But --- for me, phonics is not enjoyable. Kind of like pulling out my eyebrows v.e.r.y. 😂
  9. I'm so glad you all are pleased with MS Science! We puffy heart love Mrs Peterson. ❤️
  10. Oh, we've done MPOA on vacation before, so I know the drill. This year is just a whirlwind and we've barely even started. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's recently as well, so fatigue is slowing me down physically and mentally.
  11. My K son did this today. "Hey, I'm gonna turn that zero into a chicken!"
  12. Sending up a vote for Tiner's ---- but if he loves Astronomy, he may be fine with the Book of Astronomy. We dropped out after 3 weeks, but I was also pregnant and stressed! My daughter really enjoyed the Tiner Astronomy book back in 6th grade.
  13. Which Latin level were you using? Prima? In the Nashville HLS Cottage School, they bump Prima up to 3rd grade, which is a wonderful idea, in my opinion. There's something about that extra year of maturing that is golden.
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