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  1. Oh, we've done MPOA on vacation before, so I know the drill. This year is just a whirlwind and we've barely even started. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's recently as well, so fatigue is slowing me down physically and mentally.
  2. My K son did this today. "Hey, I'm gonna turn that zero into a chicken!"
  3. Sending up a vote for Tiner's ---- but if he loves Astronomy, he may be fine with the Book of Astronomy. We dropped out after 3 weeks, but I was also pregnant and stressed! My daughter really enjoyed the Tiner Astronomy book back in 6th grade.
  4. Which Latin level were you using? Prima? In the Nashville HLS Cottage School, they bump Prima up to 3rd grade, which is a wonderful idea, in my opinion. There's something about that extra year of maturing that is golden.
  5. For 7th grade, we did the Tiner spine of Bio, Chem, and Physics. This year for 8th grade, we're doing Novare Physical Science (via the MPOA).
  6. ROUGH. We are still trying to figure out time management as a family. My 8th grader is only in two classes (Physical Science and Pre-Algebra), then takes the rest of her classes at the local cottage school. We're getting ready for a vacation too, which might have been poor planning on my part. #toolatenow
  7. Long time MP user here, and we don't do much formal science until 6th grade, then we follow the path in the MPOA. My oldest daughter did Mammals, but that was back when it was a read aloud only, without the study guide. I was pregnant with #5, so I'd hand her the book to read. Later, I'd say, tell me about it. She devoured that book. We ditched Astronomy after a few weeks, and never picked up Insects. We did Birds, but more of an independent study. No quizzes or tests. In 6th grade, we followed the MPOA track with MS Science I, which use the TIner books as a spine. On to MS Science II in 7th grade (Bio, Chem and Physics) and now Novare Physical Science as an 8th grader. I'd let her continue on in Mammals since she enjoys it, but just do the questions orally and don't worry about exams.
  8. Long time R&S user here --- it works very well in our homeschool with minimal modifications. I don't make my children do every.single.problem, and I don't read all of the heavily Christian references. (We are a Catholic family, and I don't feel like I have to discuss God during math) Pros: CHEAP Heavily scripted, which helps boost my confidence as a teacher lots of review Cons: written for a classroom, so I have to modify slightly for home use
  9. Memoria Press Online Academy has some options for third graders -- Greek Myths, Famous Men of Rome, as well as some Literature classes. If you look at the class preview pages, you could get a feel for Greek Myths and FMOR.
  10. I have these bookmarked to read before the beginning of school. I think I have a WTM forum problem. 😉
  11. THIS ❤️ If I could rewind the past couple of years, I would spend MUCH more time with this. When we get started, I'm going to be investing time right off the bat, to help teach and model these habits for all of my children. It's something that comes more easily to some children rather than others, but I really feel like it's snuck up on me the past few years.
  12. I know you said you didn't want Rosemary Sutcliff, but I thought the audio versions of Black Ships Before Troy and the Wanderings of Odysseus were delightful. I was searching for a version similar to those for the Aeneid, but I don't think it exists. We own those two Gillian Cross books and my boys enjoyed them. (You can see photos of the inside here) My daughter will be studying the Aeneid this fall, and to start getting ready, I read In Search of a Homeland. I thought it was very well done, and now I have some familiarity to be able to dive in.
  13. I don't do formal science until the 6th grade or so. For Rachel, we did the MPOA for middle school science. For our boys, we will be trying the Academy at Bright Ideas Press for them. Re: HC. I'm looking at American History for Rachel (rising 8th grader) as a recorded class. I likely will just require her to listen to the recordings, and haven't made up my mind how much written work she will need to complete. Our summer has been so busy, I haven't had a chance to sit down and look at it. American History came up in the MP layout in 6th grade but we tabled it, because of her other workload. Same story for 7th grade. I want her to have an overview, before high school Am Hist, but I'm having a hard time fitting it in. There is a FB groups you can join ----specific to Homeschool Connections parents, and that's the one that's been most helpful for me. It's frustrating, when you can't find reviews or specific information about the program. I ran into that when I was researching Academy at BIP , and I found the most help when I emailed the teacher directly.
  14. My kids (even my older ones, 13 and 11 year old twins) still enjoy Hank the Cowdog. My younger two (5 and 7 request them more often), but they are so funny.
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