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  1. I like RR's reviews as well. I TRY to keep up with books I'm teaching or that they're reading for school, but this is getting more and more challenging. I'd love to hear your tips for this. I already utilize Audible.
  2. I thought the courses from Mr D's Math looked good --- but they didn't work for our schedule. They have live courses as well as self paced. We will be using the MPOA for pre-algebra in the fall.
  3. Memoria Press momma for eight years here. We will be perfecting our cursive skills this fall, using NAC II. I'm not convinced we will do a lot of copywork (outside of cursive work), but we will see. I LOVE the literature guides from MP for second grade. My rising second grader is looking forward to moving into 'studying big books', so this looks to be a fun year. The literature guides are very much open and go.
  4. We've had some folks pushing for this in KY as well (being able to participate in sports). Years ago, when we were brand new to homeschooling, I would have thrown my support behind this type of bill. Now that we've reached the 8 year mark of homeschooling, I have a different stance on those sorts of proposals. I don't want the headache and red tape of dealing with the school system to play a sport. I'd rather seek out opportunities on our own, especially if it meant more regulations/paperwork/rules, etc.
  5. Thank you all for these stories. 😂
  6. Let's talk more about this. We're not a high regulation state (KY), and I feel that it's homeschool friendly. I'm likely using the terms interchangeably. In my mind: high regulation=not friendly. Low regulation=friendly. I have NO clue about homeschooling history in my area, so I don't know if folks here were going to jail, operating underground, or what. I speculated that states with stronger teacher's unions/lobbying had higher regulations. Again, that's speculation. I haven't researched that, because ultimately, I'm most concerned with the laws in my own state. If we were to move, I'd research the laws in the states we were considering.
  7. Ah! I didn't know Ivy was part of a series. Thank you! Birthday gift idea!
  8. Hey hey ----- Catholic momma here! Do you have a link on the Treasure and Tradition Book? Did you just use it as a read-aloud, or as formal lessons? What about Story of Civilization? Again, a formal approach, or just listening? My boys are heading into FFL in the fall, so this makes me happy! ❤️ Re: Logic ---- what ages took this class? We're putting off Logic for our daughter until 9th grade, likely.
  9. <pops popcorn> Great thread idea!
  10. I've often wondered this too, and I've also wondered why there's such a wide variation of regulations from state to state. One of our dear friends just moved from Louisville to Indianapolis. Here in Louisville, we have a HUGE homeschooling community, but she tells me that in Indianapolis (which outsizes Louisville by about 37%), homeschooling is not nearly as common.
  11. Absolutely. We did the Memoria Press Online Academy for Middle School Science I and II, which uses the Tiner books. Next year, we are all set for Novare's Physical Science.
  12. In my daughter's literature, we work through about 4 books a year. This year, she's studied The Wind in the Willows, Treasure Island, Tom Sawyer, and is currently finishing up with A Midsummer Night's Dream. She also studied the Iliad and the Odyssey, which is classical studies for us, but could also be counted as literature. We use the MP literature guides/lessons, which is about 3 or 4 books per year. I LOVE this approach of deeper, not wider.
  13. I try to go every year .... To hear speakers, to connect with friends and this year, to work in a vendor booth. I had a blast. 😍
  14. My identical twin boys are 11. They spend a lot of time together, but also have different interests, work ethics, etc.
  15. I think you have to go to the actual Kids Art Hub site. Looks like the membership is closed for now. He may be revamping it.
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