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  1. Can anyone give reviews of the Academy at Bright Ideas Press? I'm looking at an Equine Studies course there.
  2. DiannaKennedy

    Yet Another Equine Studies Post

    This is exactly what I needed to hear --- because I have ZERO experience in what makes up a course, etc. I spoke with her current science teacher, and she felt like Physical Science would be the logical progression for her. We will see. I need to sit down and hash some things out with my husband. We will likely look into these courses over the summer. I appreciate your help, Lori.
  3. I noticed on the public feed that you sent a public message to Soph the Vet.  She hasn't been on this board since 2013, so you might want to ask someone else. 

  4. DiannaKennedy

    Yet Another Equine Studies Post

    A HA! I meant self paced in --- you can start any time. Thank you for that clarification. Now this makes sense. I'm looking at TWO actually: The Horse Course and/or Equine Welfare and Management. I wasn't sure if I could call a six week course good enough for a year of science. Of course, let's be frank. I'm in KY, so we're not highly regulated. I could have her take the two courses, add in shows, barn work, trips to the farrier, vet, equine dentist, etc. I appreciate the hand holding. Like I said -- I've never forged out on my own, so I'm second guessing myself. I like the 4H stuff as well. Will take a closer look when I get home.
  5. DiannaKennedy

    Yet Another Equine Studies Post

    Rambling thoughts are fine and dandy! ❤️ I'm over here just spinning in circles --- "Look at ALL the things!" So, does that mean that Coursera is self paced? I'm totally down with that --- AND it saves some costs. (very important with show season coming my way) They had a suggested schedule, if I remember correctly.
  6. DiannaKennedy

    Yet Another Equine Studies Post

    Sounds like your daughter and mine would get along beautifully. She has multiple books about drawing horses --- and notebooks filled with drawings as well. Without much help from a non horse loving mom --- I'm right there with you. I think horses are beautiful, but I don't want to hang out with them all day like my daughter does. I appreciate your input! I think I'll cross WP off my potential list.
  7. DiannaKennedy

    Yet Another Equine Studies Post

    bahahahahaaha! Right? I poured over old posts here. I've always followed the MP scope and sequence, so I'm a bit weirded out by stepping outside the box. I'm also NOT skilled at devising lesson plans, etc. I'm used to opening and going with MP texts and lesson plans. In other words, I'm leaning heavily toward something where the framework is already there, and we can add to it, or delete things we don't need.
  8. Next fall, I'm planning equine science as my daughter's science selection. She'll be in 8th grade, and has been riding for 7 years; works at the barn, shows, etc. Horses are her passion, so I want to allow her to be able to dive in deeper and enjoy a science class learning about something she loves. I PROMISE, I have looked through loads of posts already and came up with some wonderful options. Now, I'm trying to narrow them down, with help from y'all. Winter Promise: I'll be honest. The sales page here doesn't impress me. #picky Is this meaty enough for eighth grade? Coursera: This looks like it would fit our needs well. Can someone chime in and tell me if this is a self paced course? I couldn't figure that out from the website. Once again, is it meaty enough for eighth grade? The Academy at Bright Ideas Press: Equine Science --- this looks like an excellent course. Anyone here taken the course before, or something similar? I'm interested in the size of the classes, how they are ran, etc. She's experienced with the MPOA, but those classes are small, and well organized.
  9. I'm glad to read a followup, Quark. This marks our eighth year of homeschooling, and instead of being MORE confident, I spend more time wringing my hands about decisions than ever before. I think it's because we're knocking on the door of eighth grade and I feel like we're in the "S&^%'s getting REAL" phase. You know, like now the decisions I make really matter, and I could be screwing this up royally. Basically, I just need reassurance. It's hard to get it from my husband --- he is completely supportive of homeschooling, but really doesn't know our ins and outs. I made a decision a few weeks ago to veer away from our recommended path (We are a MP family) for science, and I'm thinking it will pay BIG dividends for us. We'll be back to our 'school is amazing' days, instead of it being a slog --- because we're going to be doing something that my daughter LOVES, and I'm interested in learning more about. (equine studies) Thank you again for listing these. You're exactly right ---- your kids THANKING you for homeschooling makes this marathon so worthwhile.
  10. DiannaKennedy

    MPOA Latin teachers?

    This is a hard one for me. I tend to ask around in private forums re: teachers, instead of in the official MP forums. I don't want to sound like I'm bad mouthing people. But --- classes aren't cheap, and I have a certain level of expectations. For the most part, I think you can email them and ask to watch a sample class of a teacher you're considering. Unless they are brand spanking new, they should have one. Go ahead and email him! I've already sent him a handful of emails for next year. I feel like he says, "Oh! There's another email from Dianna"
  11. From a parent's perspective -- fairly well independent. I would go in and check grades, assignments, etc, because my daughter is at that stage where one day, she's a rock star, and other days, will whiff on assignments. I'm paying for this, so I'm not going to be completely hands off. :)
  12. Hello there! I have a daughter who is interested in equine studies. We're in KY (horse capital!), and I'm contemplating a visit to an equine vet for her. (she's nearly 13, with 6 years of riding under her belt, along with 2 years of actually working at the barn)

    Are there specific things I should ask about when setting up a visit? 


  13. Do you mind sharing your daughter's instructor? We may consider these classes for the future.
  14. adding more --- I'm a registered nurse, so my science background is more life science --- biology, A&P, microbiology. Having the MPOA helped me because it kept us on a schedule, and exposed my daughter to someone who loves science and can teach it well. Even this rudimentary physics is kicking my butt --- no way am I going to tackle that at home. My daughter is leaning toward equine studies, and seems to enjoy the biology based science much more than physics.
  15. We've done MPOA Middle School Science for two years now and loved it. MS Science I, MS Science II, with Mrs Peterson. They use the Tiner books as a spine, and have 6 experiments at home over the course of the year. We DID NOT do any formal science until 6th grade, when we started these classes. It was just something I never seemed to be able to have time for. Rachel did fab last year. This year is a bit more of a struggle (working on physics now - holy heck), but I think she will do fine with more prep work. She has a couple of preview classes that you can watch, I think. Please let me know if you have any more specific questions. We've been VERY pleased.
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